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Section-wise tips to score 220 above in NMAT
April 27 2024

NMAT stands for the NMIMS Management Aptitude Test. Which is the computer-based exam conducted by GMAC. The NMAT exam is not that difficult with practice one could score 220 or above NMAT. Administrative claims that the exam has a moderate difficulty level. With the right exam strategy and time management, aspirants could easily score 220 above in NMAT. Every year more than 55,000 – 75,000 applicants appear for NMAT. It becoming popular day by day as colleges accepting NMAT scores increase.

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Hence this exam would be beneficial for you if you want to get into NMIMS. An ideal number of attempts and scores to clear sectional and overall cut-offs for the NMAT 2022 exam are listed below:

Exam Section

Average Time/Question (in minutes)

Ideal Attempt questions

The ideal Score you should attain to score 220+

Language Skills

69 seconds

22+ questions

54 – 57+ score

Quantitative Skills

1 minute 25 seconds

24+ questions

70 – 75+ score

Logical Reasoning

95 sections

23+ questions

65 – 70+ score



70 - 75+ questions

220+ score

Section-wise approach

Section-wise approaching is important to score 220 above NMAT 22. That would help you to analyse your strong section as well as weak section. Then you could plan your strategy accordingly. You could give more time to your weak section if you have time. Or else if you have a lack of time then you could work on your strong section and try to get full in that.

1. Get ready Language skills section to score 220 above in NMAT

As language sections contain 15 questions on Grammar. Around 8 questions in 2 passages of reading comprehension. At last 4 questions from para jumbles and 5 questions from the vocabulary. As question break up you can see in the below-mentioned picture.

NMAT Language Skills

We would suggest you attempt vocabulary questions first. Then you can attempt 4 questions of para jumbles. Most papers have passages built sometimes they give 3 passages. At last go for Grammar questions like prepositions, and sentence correction. Try to attempt a minimum of 8-9 questions correctly. Some most important vocabulary words. One should pay attention.

2. Get ready Quantitative skills Section to score 220 above in NMAT

As Quantitative skill section contains22 questions about maths. Administrative claims that maths is of 8th level. Around 20 questions of Data Interpretation. For tha,t you need to interpret data carefully as small details could change your answer. At last around 6 questions of data sufficiency. For strategies visit https://www.youtube.com/c/RahulCatking

As the question breaks up you can see in the below-mentioned picture.

NMAT Quantitative Skill

Maths topics-wise analysis

The mathematics section contains arithmetic, Geometry & Mensuration, Algebra and at last Modern Math. The arithmetic part must have one question for sure. Question-based on R&P, %ages, Profit Loss, SI/CI, TSD and Mixtures. Further some easy questions on time & work, clocks, Calendars and Log/Exponents. The exam must have questions from Number Systems. Few questions on HCF, LCM and remainder theorem.

You will question from triangles. Try to pick an easy one in the exam for example finding angle type. From algebra is little as compared to others. Harder topics for example Equations- linear, quadratic, inequalities. These questions are time-consuming. At last modern maths questions are related to P&C, Probability and AP/GP.

Focus on P&C, Probability and AP/GP and attempt questions on these topics. These are easy questions with the right approach you can easily solve these questions. I would suggest don’t waste time on algebra question hardly 2-3 questions appears in exams.

Some important Topics on which aspirants should focus are mentioned below:

Math Topics

No. Of Questions

Important Topics on which aspirants should focus



  • There is 1 question each from – R&P, %ages, Profit Loss.
  • Time & Work, SI/CI, TSD, Mixtures.
  • You may get something from Clocks, Calendars
  • Log/Exponents which are mostly easy
  • A question from Number System is 90% there.
  • And would be HCF, LCM and Remainder Theorem

Geometry &



  • 1-2 questions are definitely from Triangle and Circle.
  • Pick the easy ones such as finding angles in a given figure etc.



  • These are the harder topics like Equations- linear, quadratic, and inequalities.
  • If it is taking more than 2 minutes to solve it, mark and move ahead.
  • Time is of the essence so do not waste it.

Modern Math


  • A question is from P&C, Probability and AP/GP.
  • Focus on P&C, Probability and AP/GP and attempt questions on these topics.

Practice is most important for the quants section. Try a different types of questions and learn from your mistakes. Clear your fundamentals and make your notes. Practice with the help of mock test papers and question banks. Make a proper routine of solving questions and studying concepts. Quants most difficult and important questions for the exam.

3. Get ready Logical Reasoning section to score 220 above in NMAT

Logical reasoning contains 16 questions of verbal reasoning and 24 questions of analytical reasoning. I would suggest attempting small questions first and then attempting long questions in end it would save your time.

As question break up you can see in the below-mentioned picture.

NMAT Logical Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning questions are based on decision-making and Critical Reasoning. Critical reasoning questions are based on arguments and inferences. As verbal reasoning questions are not that lengthy questions. On hard ones, you can use guess one as there is no negative making.

Analytical reasoning questions based on Seating Arrangements, Codes, Series, Symbols, Relationships, Syllogism, Input/output and Symbols. The topics from will you will ons are Syllogism, Blood Relations, Series and Directions. And some questions from Coding/Decoding and Input/output. Questions from seating arrangement definitely exam.

Preparation strategy to score 220 above in NMAT exam

Aspirants should go for coaching or he/she could do self-study or take online classes. In spite, everyone chooses different methods for their preparations. As clearing the NMAT exam is not an easy thing. One should have a clear mindset and approach towards their exams. It is very important to have a clear understanding of fundamentals. For cracking NMAT 22 you need to brush up your skills by solving maximum questions.

If  NMAT aspirant preferred to study the self. If they can’t attend regular classes and could go for self-study. As through previous results analysis, many aspirants NMAT 22 topper choose self-study for their preparations. Else you can attend online coaching. CATKing provides the best online coaching at less rate. You could attend classes online

Why choose CATKing for online coaching?

NMAT Aspirants choose CATKing online coaching. Because they provide the best teachers for concept clarity. Provides you 24*7 support for any doubt or problem. Helps to evaluate your performance and provides you direction. For further reasons aspirant should choose them are as follows.

  • Provides Live workshops where you could connect to NMAT toppers and mentors.
  • Clear your doubts anytime. they support their students 24*7 on their dashboard.
  • Provides weekly/monthly effective study plans.
  • Provides effective strategies. So that you can increase your performance as well as your skills on their portal.
  • Work on your weak areas. Increase your vocabulary.
  • Get to know what topper strategies.


So by following the above mention tips, strategies and pieces of advice you can score 220 above on NMAT. NMAT topper also thinks time management and consistency are keys to success. Make your notes, formula sheet and journal for better results.

In a word, I would say our NMAT courses and strategies have helped many aspirants to crack the exam. And also to get admissions to the top MBA colleges of India and outside India. Thus, our team will make sure to give you the best service and resources that you need for NMAT 22 exams.

In sum CATking mentors will help you to find your path for admission to your dream college.


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