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Is Self-Study for CAT Exam Advisable
April 11 2024

Is Self Study Advisable for CAT exam preparation?

Alright. So to begin with , you need to first analyze your personality traits ! Are you the self motivated one or you need a push sometimes? Are you comfortable studying alone or group studies open up your mind? Does competition keeps you on your toes, or you get laid back? According to my opinion, as CAT is a national level competitive exam so you need to be on your toes, when it comes to competition. No doubt that you can obviously study and understand concepts by yourself but you need to have the same peer group to keep you motivated throughout!So let's dive deeper to understand if self study is enough to prepare for CAT exam.

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When you join a coaching class , then almost every week you will interact with the people who are striving for the same goal as yours. The amount of motivation that you get by it will definitely enhance your potential and make you slog harder.

Also one of the most important aspects of joining a coaching class is that your are well updated about all the notification and changes happening in the structure and pattern of the exam. Also, the faculty and mentors assigned to you have been CAT toppers themselves most of the times, so you always get that extra benefit from the experience.

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Coming to test series, when in a coaching, you would always be giving mocks and result would show up weekly. For an All India Level Exam, it is very important for you to know, where exactly do you stand when it comes to your own coaching class may be amongst 700–1000 students if not more. If you are very sincerely preparing, then you will obviously have good number of doubts and you need somebody experienced to guide you properly.

Moreover, for a sincere CAT aspirant , MBA would define the next 40 years of his life, so making sure that your “HOW” is sorted is important! You can get in touch with us for any assistance in coaching.

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Anisha Mukhija

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