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Should I Take the GRE Again? Is It Worth It?
May 06 2024

Studying for and taking the GRE is a massive endeavor. You've likely asked, "How frequently would you be able to take the GRE?" and "How long do you have to read for the GRE?" But as opposed to starting with those inquiries, I'm going to begin this post in a somewhat irregular manner.

Try not to stress — I'll offer a reprieve down of who should (and shouldn't) retake the GRE examination. In any case, horrified over this inquiry, students dismiss the master plan: How would I boost my odds of getting into graduate school?  

 Should I Take the GRE Again? Is It Worth It?


Taking the GRE for Grad School Admissions

For some, the response to the inquiry above seems basic: amplify my GRE score. In any case, the appropriate response isn't unreasonably clear. In fact, many dismiss the ivory tower past the grave entryways of the GRE, going through a half year on GRE preparation, and, sometimes, just a day on expositions and applications.

So indeed, the GRE examination is significant, however, it is just a piece of your application. As far as getting into graduate school, you might be harming your odds by concentrating on the GRE to the detriment of your application. There are, all things considered, essays and letters of suggestion to get all together.  

How often would you be able to take the GRE?

Accounts allowing, you can take the PC based GRE examination at regular intervals, and up to multiple times inside any constant multi-day term. Regardless of whether you drop your scores for a GRE examination test, this despite everything tallies towards one of your five-year test dates, and you'll need to hold up at any rate 21 days to step through the exam once more.

Furthermore, on that note about scores: If you choose not to send a score the day of the test, you need to pay a charge to send that score—or some other dropped scores from before tests—to schools later. With respect to the paper-based GRE General Test, you can accept that one as regularly as it's advertised. However, in light of the fact that you can take the GRE examination regularly, certainly doesn't imply that you should. Continue perusing.  

Who Should take the GRE again?

As guaranteed, I'll return to the fundamental inquiry close by. It's anything but a simple one to reply to since everyone has an alternate story, various objectives, various reasons they didn't score where they trusted, and diverse time periods for when they need to present their scores to planned alumni programs. 

I would like to have the option to offer a response that is useful to everybody. Along these lines, I'm going to break this into a few unique gatherings. Snap the connections beneath to bounce to the segment that best suits your circumstance:

  1. You need more an ideal opportunity to prepare
  2. Your exhibition on test day was not up to desires dependent on your false scores
  3. Your scores aren't exactly inside the center scope of the schools you need to go to, however, are inside 5-10 purposes of these scores
  4. You prepared for some time yet you didn't utilize the correct materials or exploit all the assets out there.


  • You needed more an ideal opportunity to prepare

So you hurried into this, feeling you'd do approve. You should attack yourself for doing this, yet don't: there is nothing amiss with a retake. Actually, think about your first test as a preliminary attempt, one where you learned significant things about the test and about how you worked under tension. 

What to do: You'll need to investigate any zone in which you believe you can improve the second time around. Did you show up somewhat late to the testing community? Did you not have enough tidbit (did you eat a lot of your bite?) Was the trying focus' registration methodology nerve-wracking? Whatever it might be, consider ways you can maintain a strategic distance from this during the retake.

With respect to the substance of the test, what caused you the most issues? Was it the math segment? The papers toward the start? The length of the test? Your pace on any one segment? These?! You'll have in any event three weeks—the base time before you can retake the test. So invest your energy shrewdly before the retake, concentrating on these zones.


  • Your exhibition test day was not up to desires dependent on your counterfeit scores

Most importantly, it's a smart thought to take the PowerPrep tests, the ones that ETS makes, to sensibly set your desires. Accepting you've taken both PowerPrep tests if your test day score is a lot lower than your presentation on the test was not predictable with your expertise level. In all likelihood, you worried and got bothered. It may have been using up all available time; it may have been sheer never. Another regular reason for not doing admirably on test day is weakness.

Regularly understudies take the PowerPrep test without composing the paper. Or on the other hand, they are not prepared for the way that there is a trial area—one more whole segment—test day. It resembles preparing for a 10-mile race by failing to run in excess of 6 miles. Not a smart thought. 

What to do: The most noticeably awful activity is to state that you are only awful at tests, or something comparative. Truly, your nerves may have bamboozled you, or you may have just come up short on steam after the 450-entry about isotope dating of the Ice Age. In any case, it happens to numerous individuals—they simply don't frequently let you know. So think about your first test as a preliminary attempt in which you picked up something significant about yourself.

Regardless of whether it is stepping through a whole exam with some GREKing addresses tossed in there for the trial segment (directly before you start the GREKing or PowerPrep test) or whether it is picking up breathing methods to assist you with remaining quiet. Ensure you do it this time around so you won't let what befell you the first run-through around happen once more. 


  • Your scores aren't exactly inside the center scope of the schools you need to go to, yet are inside 5-10 purposes of these scores

You may have as of now retaken the test and you aren't exactly where you need to be. I think on the off chance that you have sufficient opportunity—and you improved by 5-10 in your first retake—you ought to think about a subsequent retake, on the off chance that it will make you a more serious up-and-comer (this is particularly the situation for those whose record may need different offices). 

What to do: Figure out ways that helped you improve the second time around. Make a point to keep at these, yet additionally, make sense of ways you can improve by and large. (Peruse "What to do" from point #1 above and furthermore perusing point #4 directly underneath).  

  • You prepared for some time yet you didn't utilize the correct materials or exploit all the assets out there

There are numerous books out there (even ones that are very much looked into on Amazon) and there are numerous Internet destinations out there that give material that is not at all like what you'll see on test day. Of course, hastily the inquiries may show up the equivalent, however, they are deprived of all subtlety.

To give you a snappy model, I'll give both of you questions, one that is a genuine GRE question and another that is one I composed that is a fake rendition of the inferior substance that tragically represents about half of the material out there (to demonstrate my point. I will discard the appropriate response and simply center around sentence unpredictability)  

  1. Shawna was vexed that her significant other Paul neglected to DVR's most loved show. Accordingly, when she returned home she ______ him.
  2. Stories are a spooky class; barely (I) ________ sort of story, the phantom story is a worldview of structure, and (ii) _________ was without a doubt one impact that Poe had as a top priority when he expounded on how stories work.

Improve your GRE score with GREKing.

In the event that your training comprises of Shawna's preferred show level of composing, you won't be prepared for manners of expression like "worldview of structure" and the unpredictable sentence structure in the subsequent sentence (which is an authority ETS question). This poor quality extends to different segments of the test, giving you a misguided feeling of dominance.

In any case, GRE practice ought to be testing and to do well you'll require questions like the subsequent one and even ones that are simpler. Be that as it may, nothing will be anyplace close to the level (which is perhaps fifth or sixth grade) of the main sentence. Unfortunately, many utilize this kind of substance and afterward are stunned at how unique the real test is. 

What to do: Don't utilize this sort of substance. It's hard now and then to tell the nature of substance since not every last bit of it is as grievously awful as the principal model. The smartest choice is to adhere to legitimate materials and authority tests however much as could be expected. I strongly suggest that you read our rundown of the best GRE books before buying any new materials.

 Should I Take the GRE Again? Is It Worth It?                        

  • You need to get an ideal score

For those scoring over the 90%, retaking the GRE examination, just to get a 170 in math (versus a 166) will just cheapen time that could be spent chasing down an old teacher for a shining letter of proposal. Indeed, even the individuals who are attempting to enter a math program. The additional knock-in focuses may not convey as incredible a centrality as one would anticipate. Obviously, I can't investigate a gem ball and perfect what graduate confirmations are thinking.

In any case, one thing to remember is that on the GRE 94% is 166. So if a confirmations program is contrasting your presentation with someone who just took the old GRE (which is substantial until August 2016), at that point basically you got precisely the same score. Would that equivalent affirmations program give more weight to the 170? Maybe. Yet, I figure it could dump them all in a similar can, as it were, and take a gander at different pieces of the application.

"Ooh, see this sparkling letter of the proposal that the 166 scorers got. Gee… it would appear that Mr. 170 composed his own letter of rec—and made a terrible display of it, at that." My one proviso: if your application is as of now solid and you are applying to a top building or material science program, at that point you should focus on that 170.  

  • You've stepped through the exam multiple occasions

It's difficult to state precisely when a lot of is a lot with the GRE examination. However, on the off chance that you stepped through the examination multiple times in under a year and a half. Even the odds are you should enjoy a genuine reprieve from the GRE. It is not necessarily the case that you ought to never step through the exam again.

Without a doubt, you might need to take a gander at point #4 above. It may come down to you simply taking a year off. Chipping away at your vocabulary and number sense in that time, and possibly getting a mentor sooner or later.  


The last evaluation is up to you. Obviously, there are numerous who are going back and forth. What's more, on this blog I've had actually many remarks asking me whether score x is an "acceptable" score. For an accommodating post read What's a Good GRE Score? In case you're as yet not certain where you stand how to go about it. Look at our Retaking the GRE examination Flowchart.

Also, in case you're searching for much more assistance in choosing, our Ultimate Guide to the GRE may help!

All the best!!

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