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Should you repeat CAT? | Is it worth it? | CAT 2024 advice for repeaters
June 13 2024

Deciding whether to repeat the CAT (Common Admission Test) is a significant decision that depends on various factors. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make an informed choice and offer advice if you decide to take the CAT again in 2024.  Join Our Courses

Factors to Consider Before Repeating CAT

  1. Self-Assessment:

    • Evaluate Your Previous Performance: Analyze your previous CAT score. Identify the sections where you performed well and the areas where you struggled.
    • Identify Mistakes: Determine if your performance was affected by a lack of preparation, poor time management, exam anxiety, or unfamiliarity with the test format.
  2. Career Goals:

    • Target Institutes: Consider if the institutions you aim to join require a higher score than what you achieved.
    • Program Requirements: Evaluate if your desired MBA programs demand a specific percentile that you narrowly missed.
  3. Preparation Time:

    • Availability: Assess if you have sufficient time to prepare more effectively this time around. Balancing job responsibilities and preparation can be challenging.
    • Resources: Ensure you have access to better study materials, coaching, and mock tests.
  4. Learning from Experience:

    • Improved Strategy: Use the insights gained from your previous attempt to develop a better preparation strategy.
    • Enhanced Skills: Focus on strengthening weak areas and improving overall test-taking skills.

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Is Repeating CAT Worth It?

  • Potential for Improvement: If you are confident that with better preparation, you can significantly improve your score, repeating the CAT might be worth it.
  • Increased Opportunities: A higher CAT score can open doors to more prestigious institutions and better career prospects.
  • Personal Growth: Preparing again can also help in personal development, enhancing skills like time management, analytical thinking, and problem-solving.

CAT 2024 Advice for Repeaters

  1. Strategize Your Preparation:

    • Focused Study Plan: Create a detailed study plan that allocates more time to weaker sections while maintaining strengths.
    • Regular Mock Tests: Take frequent mock tests to simulate exam conditions and track your progress.
  2. Improve Time Management:

    • Timed Practice: Practice questions under timed conditions to improve speed and accuracy.
    • Sectional Time Allocation: Develop strategies for allocating time to different sections effectively.
  3. Leverage Resources:

    • Coaching Classes: Consider enrolling in coaching classes if you didn’t before. They can provide structured learning and expert guidance.
    • Study Groups: Join study groups or online forums to discuss problems and solutions with peers.
  4. Stay Updated:

    • Exam Pattern: Keep yourself updated with any changes in the CAT exam pattern or syllabus.
    • Current Affairs: Stay informed about current affairs and business news, which can be beneficial for the VARC section and GD/PI rounds.
  5. Maintain a Positive Attitude:

    • Stay Motivated: Keep your end goals in mind to stay motivated throughout the preparation.
    • Handle Pressure: Develop techniques to manage stress and avoid burnout, such as regular breaks, exercise, and relaxation practices.
  6. Post-Exam Preparation:

    • GD/PI Preparation: Don’t neglect the Group Discussion and Personal Interview stages. Prepare for them alongside your CAT preparation.
    • Backup Options: Consider applying to other MBA entrance exams like XAT, SNAP, or NMAT to broaden your opportunities.

CAT 2024 Daily Preparation plan


Repeating CAT can be a worthwhile endeavor if you believe you can substantially improve your score and have clear goals in mind. By strategically planning your preparation and learning from past experiences, you can enhance your chances of success in CAT 2024.

Rahul Singh

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