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SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 5

95/98.6/88.2 - GEM Btech, Fresher.

WAT- If you would a Superhero, what would you like to do and how would you use it, without using the word powers or similar meaning word. GE- Expediting delivery of Justice. 6 Solutions: 1) increase judiciary strength 2) courts open throughout the year 3) Digitization of courts and processes 4) Additional fast track courts 5) Improved accessibility amongst stakeholders 6) Eliminate Archaic Law Filters---- Economical, Technological, and Legal Two male Panelists P1 Introduce yourself for 1.5 mins Why mba after civil engineering Why SIBM What technological aspects you learned from your engineering degree What is M25 ? P2 What are current news around in the world? (Answered Budget Announcement) What things u expect from the budget? What is stress ? Both Panelists were happy and said extremely happy speaking to you. All the best. You may leave. Also see: Life @SIBM Pune

SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 6

30.01.23 8/7/9 - GNEM BBA - 96.26 From Delhi

WAT and GE was same as everybody's else's from yesterday. PI Panel - 2M - P1 in late 30s and the P2 was Col. Sunil from ART Videos. -Were discussing voice issue as I entered -Salutation Panelist 1: -Tell me about yourself, your education, your hobbies while I go through your documents -Why MBA -(countered my reasoning for why MBA with questions like "You already had MBA in mind while doing your Undergrad, you already learned management skills in BBA, etc) -Do you know about GoMechanic? (Followed with) What are your views on it? -Which is the biggest company producing electric two wheelers in India? -India imports a lot of crude oil from Russia. Should we increase the ratio of crude oil we import from other countries? Panelist 2: -Asked me about my long-term goal as mentioned in the SNAP-C form. -What do you get when you mix black and white? -What do you get when you mix red and white? -How many rings does the Olympics symbol have? -Is Australia an island or a continent? -What is the capital of Australia? -Mention the island nation next to Australia? -What is the capital of New Zealand? -What is the capital of Karnataka? -How important is MBA for you? -Greeted and asked me to leave the meeting. 

SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 7

Group 7 Mechanical engineering, 15 months workex- Consulting (EY)

WAT - describe your one day without electronic devices. GE - Problem Statement :- Global recession. 3 filters - legal, economic, political Solution:- 1. Decrease in salary 2. Increased currency 3. Increased interest rate 4. Governemt safeguarding against crisis 5. Income support programs 6.Promote lower cost of living Interview:- P1 1.Why MBA if in consulting current 2. What do you envision yourself to be after MBA 3. Tell me your favourite poet (based on my form) 4. Can chatgpt take place of the poets and if yes how soon 5. What did you do as your role in consulting 6. Latest adani news P2 1. Proper grilling over my workex 2. Why finance 3. Last book you read (based on my form) 4. Follow up about why did you pick it up so late. 

SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 8

Profile - 10/7/8 GEM Mechanical Snap %ile- 99.78 M(50) F(35) F- you have won a prize in spell bee, tell me the spelling of hemorrhage F- which specialisation? Why? F- what is unique about you? why should we take you? F- What is STP? M- you said you have good observational skills, give two examples M- you mentioned you want to pursue entrepreneurship, have you thought of any ideas yet? F- give two examples of digital marketing campaigns in India F- which were the two most successful digital marketing campaigns in India? Thank you, you can log out. Overall very chill no grilling, had a conversation with them at most times. 

SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 9

PI interview experience Highly technical on finance What specialization would you like to take? What is a bonus issue? T1 settlement? Enterprise value? What is DCF? Effect of dividend on company? Methods of market sizing? Three main functions of corporate finance? Why tech stocks taking hit in the market? 

SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 10

Here's my experience: 1M, 1F panelists Asked about Bangalore. Where you live wagera. Then why MBA? I had mentioned ARR in my SOP. Asked about that. Asked me about Lux ads(mentioned in SOP) Asked about a recent ad I liked Asked about some policy which I had no clue about. Went back and forth on it. Ultimately understood would be foolish to reply to this anymore. Then asked me about a Nykaa ad. Described janvi wala but they were looking for some other ad. Then I mentioned, I've not worked in the field of advertising. Within secs the guy asked me around 4 questions on SEO SEM answered all Asked about your contribution to the company Finally how did they appreciate you. Byass bye bye !

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SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 11

07-02-23 P1 What gap in education ? Are you ok if fresher gets same package as you ? What’s your hobby ? ( Cricket ) Captains of India ? ( I replied Rohit and Hardik. ) Then who’s Harmanpreet ? Isn’t she captain of India ? Recently one of the teams got honoured in 3rd t20 of Ind vs Nz. What was that ? ( U-19 women felicitation ) Who did India defeated in finals ? ( England ) Which specialisation you want to pursue? What is Six Sigma? What is Median and Mean ? Explain Kho-Kho in 30 secs to us. ( university player ) P2 How often you brush and change clothes ? I replied he said reading newspaper is same as that. It’s not a hobby. What is there in pencil ? ( Graphite ) What positively charged element separates after radioactivity ? ( didn’t know ) He said alpha rays. What is another name for Hututu game ? ( kabaddi ) Suppose P1 gave you one elephant as a gift you can’t sell it what will you do ?? I said I’ll handover to wildlife dept as I can’t keep it in a home. It’s against animal rights. And lots of formal documentation is needed to keep. It unnecessarily occupies space. Now you have 40 sec entertain us go ahead we won’t say a single word. I said 2 shayaris He replied me in shayaris as well. Anything you want to ask us ? I said yes sir, who should open with Rohit Sharma in first test match ??

SIBM Pune GE-PI Experience 12

P1 Q. What are you doing currently? Q. Tell us about your family business? Q. What is the biggest challenge you faced in this business? Q you have a background in commerce so tell me what is capital budgeting? Q Can a business go bankrupt while showing profit? P2 Q. What is your plan? Q. Which specialisation? Q. What role would you like to work in? Q. What is data analytics, where it is used? Q. Why should we select you? P1 Just one more thing, you have mentioned you watch f1. then she asked 4-5 questions related to it.