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Six Months Study Plan for GMAT
April 12 2024

GMAT is a skill-based test and not a memory based one. Thus a 6-month plan gives plenty of time for the student to prepare. Any long term plan begins with a short term. Thus in order to build a 6-month plan, you need to have a daily plan. There should be a proper balance between what you can do and what you should do. Now any plan will be different for each person as the schedule and lifestyle will be different for each person. Some will be working.


professionals trying to squeeze in time for studying in their hectic day while others will be students in college having an ample amount to prepare. Thus how do you ensure that your study plan is perfect in order to crack GMAT? We have some pointers for you.

Time Investment

You should aim to study for 1 hour on an average per day. This can be increased to 2 or 3 on weekends depending on your level of preparation. To understand your progress, keep taking the GMAT mocks and evaluate the performance carefully. Work more on the areas where you are scoring less and strategize your study time accordingly. I mean anyone would want to score more than 700 on the test right?

The 6 month GMAT study plan will well-work for you if you are someone, • who does not want to compromise on the work schedule and has personal commitments • who is not familiar with the basic concepts • who is aware that the deadline for application is 6 months away and has planned his admissions calendar well in advance.


According to the 6 month GMAT study plan, you would be expected to dedicate approximately 200 hours for your preparation, which would include 100 hours spent on learning the concepts right from the basics and 100 hours in which you would practice what you assimilated on the mock tests.

Consistent practice will not only help you retain the concepts better but will also improve your proficiency level in the test. In GMAT, there is one section on essay writing. Now if you are not confident about writing, you need to give some time to it.

You need to do a lot of reading, analyzing sample essays, understanding what all elements are required in the essay. A lot of critical thinking goes into writing and the same is judged also very intricately. The below 6-month plan would give you an idea of how to go about it and excel GMAT.

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