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CATKing Results

Welcome to CATKing Results! Take a look at a comprehensive overview of the academic performance of our students in the past years.

CATKing is India's first MBA Prep Institute to verify its CAT & IIM Results by KPMG Assurance and Consulting Services (CAT 2020 and 2021) and Brickworks Ratings (CAT 2022)

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College: NMAT 2023 :236+ Score
College: IIM B
College: IIM B
Siddhant Jain
College: IIM B
Sarojit Auddya
College: IIM B
Bhavesh Chaudhari
College: IIM B
Paranjay Kukreti
College: NMAT 2023 :239+ Score
College: CAT 2023: 99.06 Percentile
Shreyasee Sarkar
College: IIM C
Sahil Hanfi
College: CAT 2023: 98.51 Percentile
Navneet Kumar
College: CAT 2023: 98.57 Percentile
College: CAT 2023: 98.54 Percentile