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How to apply for a US visa as an international student.
May 18 2024

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So you finally manifesting your study of dreams into reality. And have worked really hard throughout the year. Cleared your entrance exam. You even have your admission letter with you. All you have to do is apply for a US visa now. status how you will manifest your dreams into reality after all. However, you must keep in mind the first be requisite for you apply for US visa. Is the acceptance letter from the university you intend to study in. In addition to that you will be requiring the following documents to fetch your study abroad dreams: Forcibly in order to study abroad and apply for a US visa. You will be required to obtain the form I-20.; you can obtain it from the university you are intending to study in for your study abroad plans.

1) valid passport 2) resume or CV. 3) academic certificate from your school and college. 4) digital photo and signature 5) address of program printed on your I-20 form. 6) Aadhar card.

Also Read: https://catking.in/how-is-the-job-market-in-canada-for-an-mba-student-study-abroad/ Then comes the interviewing part. you will be required to appear for the visa interview. Post which you will be told whether if you are eligible for the visa. And whether it will be approved or not. If your visa is approved you will be notified as to whether you can pick up your visa. That is all. Once you clear this obstacle. You can simply pick up your bags and go. and manifest your study abroad dreams into reality. How to apply If you're planning to study abroad this is the biggest question. You definitely want to apply for the US visa. But how do you go about it? Let's find out. Remember since the visa printing is governed by the u.s. embassy or consulate website. Complete the online visa application. Online nonimmigrant visa application form DS 160- 1) the first step is to complete the online application form. 2) bring it to your interview as confirmation. Also Read: https://catking.in/what-is-the-scope-of-doing-an-mba-in-international-business-studying-abroad/ Photo: Remember the imperative part of a plan for the visa. To upload your latest picture of the photo as part of the form. Also, the formatting of the picture is very important. It should be the photograph apartments mentioned on the website. Schedule an interview Then comes the most important part that is scheduling the interview. Almost every visa applicant requires a process for an interview. Although there are few exceptions namely. Copy-paste: now you must also remember that you should always schedule an appointment for a visa interview at the US embassy within your country. although you can apply for the same at a US embassy in some other country as well. But then the procedure becomes quite tedious. To try doing it from India or the country live in. You don't want to delay your study about plans, do you? And the wait time varies by season location in visa category. Service right apply for Visa early. Hope you achieve your study abroad plans soon! For any of the doubt, you can go ahead and check out our website. Also read: https://catking.in/category/gre/

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