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What to Consider Before Booking Your GRE Exam Date
May 18 2024

GRE exam date:

So you have gone through all the turmoil and finally decided to book your GRE exam date. So what is it that is stopping you now? From achieving a study abroad dreams? Ok nevertheless remember whenever you are trying to fill out the form. Do not be hasty you are in the process. It might be quite attempting to just casually fill it out and miss out on a lot of imperative detail. But do not give in. Try to be as meticulous as possible. Remember it is this form that is going to direct your study abroad dreams. if you are serious about your study abroad plants do not make the mistake of being hasty during the process.

GRE exam date






On the other hand booking, the GRE exam date slot is quite an easy process. all you need to be careful about is where when and at what time is in which slot you want to give your exam at! Remember you must follow the guidelines laid down by the ETS.

Now let us look at the following points to help you finalize your process. An achiever study abroad dreams.

1) Basic guidelines and information

The ETA has laid down the policies relevant to the basic guidelines and information as follows: a. Rescheduling: the fees and the deadlines for changing your date etc. b. Registration c. Cancellation

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2) GRE test date and location

‌Now which booking the date be very precise and accurate as to which day you want to give the test on. You cannot make any compromise on mistakes in this regard. Remember you don't want to miss your exam day and money. Yes, of course, you might not get the exact date in this lot is full. But at least you'll get a ballpark figure. somehow try to choose a date that you are usually free on. So, for example, you have chosen the 15th of December as your date. make sure that your schedule is free not only on 15th but also the entire week. You must be free for the entire window. And make sure you marked the date somewhere. Also, be very precise about the location. Many times student complaint about similar centre names and confusing 2 places to be one. Choose the location wisely and look for the correct address. Try to visit the location prior to the exam so as to make sure of the location. For example, your location is techno India Kolkata. Now there are to techno India institute in Kolkata. so you must be sure as to which branch you are supposed to go in. If you want to study abroad you should definitely consider these points. ‌ ETS account Since all of this form and the gambit of ETS. you will be required to create an ETS account both for applying for GRE and TOEFL. If you have study abroad plans, creating an ETS was account is of utmost importance.

3) Complete the registration

Once you are made sure that you have meticulously felt all the required fields. You can now simply go ahead and finish your payment by your debit or credit card. On the plus side, ETS also accept payments via PayPal. so what are you waiting for go ahead and manifested study abroad dreams into reality? All the best for your future endeavours.

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