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The GMAT Official Guide Review and Highlights
June 15 2024

GMAC published the 2024 version of its The GMAT Official Guide arrangement in late June and we have the entirety of the features for the fundamental guide.

Is it worth purchasing?

Definitely. I wouldn’t study for the GMAT without using at least the main The GMAT official guide (OG) book. There are four books in all: The GMAT Official Guide (otherwise known as, the fundamental OG): Contains in excess of 1,000 issues over every one of the three different decision segments of the test (Quant, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning) just as many example paper prompts. GMAT Official Guide Quantitative Review: Contains more than 350 Quant issues that don't show up in the principle The GMAT official guide OG. 

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The GMAT Official Guide Verbal Review: Contains in excess of 350 Verbal issues that don't show up in the primary OG. The GMAT official guide Advanced Questions: Contains 300 hard Quant and Verbal issues that don't show up in any of the different OGs. The primary OG contains endless issues that I find most understudies needn't bother with the Quant and Verbal-possibly books, yet they're accessible in the event that you need more. In the event that you're going for a 700+ sort of score, at that point you may likewise need the Advanced OG (yet start with the fundamental OG except if your score is now in the upper 600s). 


How is it not quite the same as the earlier release (Official Guide 2024)?

There are 92 new issues: 32 Problem Solving 10 Data Sufficiency 19 Critical Reasoning 31 Sentence Correction There are no new Reading Comprehension sections or issues. Likewise, one Critical Reasoning inquiry was taken out from the book, so the complete number of CR issues expanded by 18, not 19. No different issues were taken out from the book. GMAC eliminated the Diagnostic Test part, which contained 100 issues, yet you actually approach these issues at their Efficient Learning on the web stage (you gain admittance to this stage for 1 year with your acquisition of the book). You'll locate the 100 Diagnostic issues in the "Online Exclusive" issue bank. And you'll approach various Integrated Reasoning practice issues that are additionally accessible just on the web. Also, as a little something extra, the online stage contains the entirety of the issues that are imprinted in the book; you can make issue sets (more on this beneath), practice time the executives, and track certain exhibition measurements.

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There's one intriguing new component this year: advanced glimmer cards to enable you to consider. I haven't attempted them yet so can't reveal to you whether they're acceptable, yet I'm a major devotee of blaze cards by and large. They're incredible for anything you have to remember—realities, recipes, and what I consider Know the Code takeaways. These takeaways come in the structure "When I see _____" (on the front side of the glimmer card) and "I'll think/do ______" (on the rear of the blaze card). For instance: When I see a comma which versus comma – ing distinction in the appropriate responses on a SC issue, I'll think "modifiers" and make sense of what the modifier is alluding to. In case you're bantering between purchasing OG2023 and OG2024, I'd go for 2024. You'll have the entirety of similar issues that are in OG2023, in addition to 92 extra, pristine issues just as admittance to the new glimmer cards.

In what manner would it be advisable for me to utilize the OG in my studies?

In case you're utilizing our examination materials, we've arranged the entirety of the OG issues by issue type and by part/content region from our books. Anybody can get to these arrangement records by making a free Atlas GMAT Starter Kit account on our site. You'll discover the OG issue records under Official Guide Resources on the left-hand menu bar. (The Starter Kit has a lot of other free assets also, FYI.) I would likewise investigate this blog arrangement on making your own difficult sets. You'll utilize the issues in various manners during various phases of your examinations and that arrangement discloses what to do when.

Are there any patterns in the new issues?

There are a ton of truly intriguing new issues! I can't, sadly, show any of them to you (copyright law… ), however I'll mention to you my opinion of some of them and you can find them yourself in your own duplicate of the book. Join Our Courses


In general, I saw a huge amount of stories and a great deal of chances to rationale something out or to appraise. There are additionally some unadulterated numerical questions, yet there is a positive pattern around the capacity to contemplate math. (Furthermore, I love that since it makes the test much simpler to take—when you train yourself to contemplate math. Reward: That capacity will help you in b-school and at work.) There were additionally some excellent snares—the test essayists truly are experts at making sense of how to entice us to go down an inappropriate way. (Truly, I think of them as specialists along these lines!) Here are a couple of my preferred Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency issues that are new to OG 2024. At the point when you have your duplicate, attempt the issues first and afterward read what I thought.


Outline: Gives us kilometers every hour and requests the appropriate response in miles every hour (alongside another estimation). Why I like it: The center answer is the appropriate response in the event that you don't change over to miles (ie, it's a snare!). From that point, you can eyeball to tell whether the appropriate response ought to be more noteworthy or not as much as that trap esteem, so that finds you down to two solutions. Also, you can utilize regular Fraction Decimal Percent (FDP) changes (0.625 = 5/8) and assessment to get down to the single right answer without an excess of difficulty.

Synopsis: What I call a Wall of Text (WoT) issue. Confounded story with information for every period of a whole year—and you do really need to ascertain benefit for the entire a year. Why I like it: You can adjust gatherings of months and simply locate the total distinction. For instance, for 3 months, you lose $32K every month and for 3 months you gain $36K every month. For each pair of win-misfortune months, at that point, you gain $4K, so absolute you gain $12K, which speaks to your benefit for a half year of the year. Prop up from that point to find your solution.

Outline: This is the hardest of the new-to-2024 PS issues. It's a parallelogram, some portion of which is part into a triangle and they need to comprehend what division the triangle speaks to of the remainder of the parallelogram (not the entire thing). Why I like it: The chart is attracted to scale, so you know quickly that (A) can't be right (too large) and (E) is in all likelihood excessively little. Down to three answers in like 5 seconds. Next, eyeball the triangle as a small amount of the entire parallelogram. That is around 1/4… yet that is not what they inquired. What's more, hello, that worth is in the appropriate responses, so check it off.

 There are just two answers left, one more prominent than 1/4 and one under 1/4. Rationale it out: If the triangle as a small amount of the entire parallelogram is 1/4, at that point the triangle must be a more prominent division of simply part of the parallelogram. Since some portion of the parallelogram is littler than the entire parallelogram. Done. DS #488: This is my preferred one of all! This appears as though a simpler issue however it's one of the most elevated numbered in the section… and all things considered. Outline: Another WoT (mass of text) issue yet the inquiry appears to be truly simple: What's the limited cost of the subsequent shirt? Why I like it: Take your time on understanding the story.

In the event that you spot what this thing is truly asking, the arrangement is clear. On the off chance that you don't, you'll very likely fall into a snare. The limited cost of the subsequent shirt is equivalent to the expense to make the shirt. The story actually portrays selling the shirt at cost! One of the two articulations gives you the assembling cost altogether and the other explanation is futile without anyone else—when you realize that you're searching for the assembling cost. 


In the Critical Reasoning section, 11 of the 19 new issues were Strengthen or Weaken. These two kinds are very continuous on the genuine test. My most loved of the new issues is a Weaken (subtleties underneath). Each Sentence Correction issue tests numerous syntax rules, as usual. I saw a ton of sentence structure issues, parallelism and correlations, and some truly intriguing issues around importance. Here are a couple of my preferred new issues. At the point when you have your duplicate, attempt the issues first and afterward read what I thought.

Rundown: Some individuals need to restrict the measure of schoolwork relegated to kids younger than 12. Be that as it may, the normal schoolwork time for understudies of this age is just around 30 minutes of the night, so the contention's creator differs and doesn't believe it's important to restrict schoolwork. The inquiry pose to us to debilitate the creator's decision. Why I like it: The right answer is so difficult to spot! You really need to acquire a comprehension of insights, so this is an incredible blend of verbal and math aptitudes.

 We acknowledge as obvious the creator's explanation that the normal schoolwork time for this gathering is ~30 minutes. However, might it be able to at present be the situation that some level of these understudies have long periods of schoolwork a night. Despite the fact that the normal for all understudies is just 30 minutes? Truly—if different understudies in this gathering have basically no schoolwork by any means. With the goal that the normal actually comes out to ~30 minutes. Furthermore, that is the thing that the right answer builds up: that a great deal of these understudies have almost no schoolwork (so a little subset of the absolute would have a lot of schoolwork).

Outline: The sentence structure of the first sentence is like this: "In spite of the fact that felines, dozing the entire day in the warmth of summer, before dinnertime they start to slink around in obscurity, chasing for prey." The real sentence is obviously more and more confounded. So it conceals the way that the opening Although condition has no action word. Why I like it: This is an extraordinary prologue to in general sentence structure issues—every one of the four wrong answers makes "unlawful" sentence structures and can be killed therefore. It's an incredible exercise in what to look like at the general sentence structure (versus focusing on one explicit/tiny/nitpicky grammar issue).

Synopsis: The sentence structure of the first sentence is like this: "Despite the fact that when a feline grooms itself, it can hack up a little hairball, it won't stifle the feline. (Overlooking the remainder of the first sentence since it doesn't make a difference for my model)." The primary pronoun it alludes to the feline yet the second pronoun it alludes to the hairball. Since you're now prepared to imagine that it = feline after the main example, it's befuddling when you get to the subsequent it.

The feline won't stifle the feline? Why I like it: In the notes I took soon after I attempted this one unexpectedly, the principal thing I composed was "Shrewd." I needed to peruse the initial aspect of the sentence twice to comprehend what it was really attempting to state. What grows a few hundred times? Probably not the fish (envision a trout extending to the size of a whale… not going to occur!), so it must be the ooze. (Also, the later, non-underlined part of the sentence affirms this translation—yet I hadn't arrived at this point.) The way that I couldn't at first comprehend the significance really demonstrates the issue with this sentence: It's uncertain. The right answer should be significantly more clear.

Something else?

That is it! In any case, I will rehash what I said toward the start. Try not to consider reading for the GMAT without getting yourself a duplicate of the OG. On the off chance that you as of now have a duplicate of the version. It's not important to buy the new release. Yet, in the event that you don't yet have a duplicate, I'd suggest getting OG 2024. Best of luck and happy studying!

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