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Tips to Ace NMAT Verbal Section.
June 12 2024

The National Level exam NMAT is conducted by the GMAC for admission to top B-schools. NMAT exam consists of three sections. Namely Quants, Logical, and verbal section. Later on, in this article, we will discuss the strategies to ace NMAT Verbal section. The Verbal Ability section includes 36 questions. And time allotted for this section was 28 minutes.

As the NMAT exam pattern has not changed it is the same as that of the Previous NMAT exam pattern. Aspirants have the option of taking the NMAT exam from both the online centre and the home-based NMAT exam. It is a computer adaptive test.


NMAT Verbal Ability exam pattern

Particulars Details
The total question verbal section contains 36 questions
Question type MCQ( having 4 choices)
Score Range 12-120
Specified time limit 28 minutes
Marking Scheme

1 mark for every right answer and subsequently there is no negative

marking on the wrong question.

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NMAT Verbal Ability Syllabus Analysis

Important Topics for CAT 2022: Expected Subject-Wise Weightage | CollegeDekho

In this section, the aspirants have to attempt a total of 36 questions with a time limit of  28 minutes. The difficulty level of questions in the NMAT Verbal section is easy to moderate. Moreover, important topics included in this section are reading comprehensive and para jumbles. Further para summary, sentence completion, grammar, and vocabulary.

Administrative state that this section has a moderate difficulty level. As there are a total of 36 questions in the NMAT Verbal section. Meanwhile, the first few questions include 3 comprehensive questions having 4 MCQ questions each. As well as 14 MCQ questions related to grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and phrases.

Grammar questions are related to identifying errors, choosing correct questions and sentence correction. Further tenses, part of speech and phrasal verbs. Vocabulary questions contain Synonyms, Antonyms, Cloze Test and Idioms.

Some Tips to Ace NMAT Verbal section.

Here are tips for preparation aspirants can follow. The NMAT Verbal section for the NMAT exam. For updates visit https://www.youtube.com/c/RahulCatking.

1. Mock test papers

You all have been aware with this phase that Practice makes a man perfect. Which states that practice will help you to solve questions with more accuracy and perfection. The test will help you to analyse your performance. NMAT Verbal section is mainly cracked by practising questions as much as you can. For good marks in this section out of 36 questions at least 30+ questions should be 100% correct.

Set a timer before starting the mock test it would help you to increase your speed. Try to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again. This would finally lead to an increase in your mock score as well.

2. Clear your basic concepts.

Clearing your basic concepts and fundamentals of grammar is important. For solving questions correctly. You should have proper clarity of concepts of tenses, part of speech and phrasal verbs. Further, you should also know to identify errors and sentence formation.

3. Time Management

During the exam, you have to solve 36 questions in the time limit of 28 minutes. That means your speed should be enough fast to solve 30+ questions correctly before the time limit ends. There is no negative making in NMAT exams this become one of the advantages for aspirants. NMAT exams not only check your ability to solve hard questions. It also tests your ability to solve maximum questions in the given time limit.

NMAT Most Repeated Words

4. Reading Habit

Your reading habit would help you in exams. Reading novels, and articles on different topics will help you increase your reading speed as well as understanding ability. This would help you in the comprehension of reading passages. It would also increase your vocabulary. Vocabulary reference to Synonyms, Antonyms, Cloze Test and Idioms. Must learn some idioms and phrases regularly

5. Revision

Make flashcards of the vocabulary and revise them twice a week. So when final exams come you can attempt vocabulary-related questions correctly. Make a journal of difficult words. Keep brushing up on your fundamental concepts of the NMAT verbal section.


Topic-wise Preparation tips of NMAT Verbal section.

Reading Comprehension mainly focused on speed. As well as the understanding level of an aspirant. Firstly try to understand the comprehensive. Then analyse the passage. Once you analyse it becomes easy to answer MCQ. The passage is not as tough as in past NMAT exams. Generally, passages are easy to moderate difficulty level. Most of the questions from the passage are direct.Verbal strategy by NMAT Topper ft Anisha

Time management is most important in reading passages. I would suggest answering passage questions in the end. Attempt passage afterwards other question from this section.

Aspirants should solve the questions in 2 rounds. In the first round, attempt the less time-consuming questions. Then after those questions which consume time. Likewise  Para jumbles and passage. Should be attempted in the second round.

Grammar mainly focused on basic concepts of tenses, part of speech and phrasal verbs. You should also know to identify errors and sentence formation. For sentence formation questions you could eliminate the choice. With the help of knowledge about grammar or structurally formation. Read the choices carefully.

Vocabulary tries to learn at least 10 words on daily basis before the exam. Vocabulary questions also contain Synonyms, Antonyms, Cloze tests and Idioms questions. A strong vocabulary is very important for a good score in the NMAT verbal section. Some most important vocabulary words.

While attempting critical reasoning questions understanding fact, assumption, argument, and inference are equally important. Firstly read all options and then conclude. Don’t assume while solving critical reasoning.


In a word practice, time management, reading habits, and revisions. Thus these tips will truly help you ace NMAT Quantitative section.

To summarize I would say join the crack course. Join the mock test series. CATKing NMAT courses and strategies have helped many aspirants to crack the exam. And also to get admissions to the top MBA colleges of India and outside India. Thus, our team will make sure to give you the best service and resources that you need for NMAT 22 exams.

In sum CATking mentors will help you to find your path for admission to your dream college.


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