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MBA Scholarships offered by B-Schools 
April 16 2024

Top MBA Scholarships offered by B-school:

MBA education in India is expensive; especially when it comes to top MBA colleges in India such as IIMs, MDI Gurgaon, or IBS Hyderabad. Even folks who are financially well-off in India have to take the support of educational loans in order to join the MBA programs offered by top B-schools of the country. But does this mean that an MBA is only meant for aspirants who are rich or can afford to take education loans? The simple answer is NO! Despite the high fees, when it comes to MBA courses, India’s top B-schools have adopted a very inclusive admission process that gives equal chance and opportunity to MBA aspirants who face financial difficulties. India's top MBA institutes are offering talented MBA aspirants several scholarship opportunities to financially support them through their journey through the MBA world.


MBA Scholarships – Eligibility:

These scholarships are generally awarded based on merit and the performance of MBA aspirants in MBA entrance examinations or their academic track record. Apart from these, there are some scholarships awarded to students for their impeccable performance, who have already joined the course.

So, someone who’s really talented and passionate about joining top MBA colleges in India, they can certainly take advantage of the MBA scholarships and plan their MBA in India.

List of B-schools in India offering MBA Scholarships:

So let’s check out the various MBA scholarships offered by India’s top MBA Colleges.


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SDA Bocconi Asia Center

  1. Multiple Opportunities: Each year, multiple MBA scholarships and tuition waivers are available for outstanding candidates.

  2. Support from Various Sources: These scholarships are made possible thanks to the ongoing support of companies, other organizations, as well as the Alumni and current students of SDA Bocconi Asia Center.

  3. Foundation for Future Leaders: Student and Alumni support forms the foundation for providing scholarships to future promising young leaders.

  4. Leading Global Change: Scholarship recipients are expected to serve as models and help lead global change, starting in the classroom and extending to their future careers.

  5. Consideration for Giving Back: MBA scholarship recipients are encouraged to consider giving back to the school. This support can help conceive, design, and implement new initiatives and programs, ultimately contributing to a stronger sense of community within the institution.

  1. Timing: MBA Scholarships & Tuition Waivers for the 2019-2020 International Master in Business (IMB) program will be available in October.

  2. Previous Offerings: In the 2018-2019 academic year, SDA Bocconi Asia Center made available a total of 31 merit-based scholarships and tuition waivers for IMB candidates with outstanding profiles.

  3. Award Process: These scholarships and tuition waivers are typically awarded before the program begins. The number and criteria for total or partial tuition waivers are determined by a special Commission, whose decision is final.

  4. Notification: Beneficiaries of the scholarships and tuition waivers will be notified according to the dates indicated in each Notice of Competition, and no later than the beginning of the program.

The Tuition Waivers and Scholarships Offered by SDA Bocconi Asia Center:

  • Tuition Waivers: SDA Bocconi Asia Center is offering merit-based tuition waivers up to 80% for the IMB 2019-21 admitted candidates with an outstanding profile. The factors considered here are academic consistency, strong entrance test scores, extracurricular activities, and outstanding personal interview. The waivers are applied on the tuition fee after deduction of the scholarship (if applicable) only, thus not on the full Admission Fees.
  • Dean’s Scholarship: This can be granted to admitted students, based on the Dean’s decision only. This MBA scholarship is awarded at the time of selection and disbursed to the students if they manage to be in the top 5% in the class at the end of the first 11-month module. Its amount is of INR 2 Lac inclusive of GST, will be adjusted against the payable tuition fee of the second module, and will not be disbursed directly to the student.
  • Women’s Leadership Scholarship: It is created with the intention of supporting meritorious women candidates applying to the IMB program. The scholarship amount is INR 2 Lac inclusive of GST and is applied on the tuition fee before the Tuition Waivers. Recipients of the Scholarship are high-potential female candidates who meet our standard selection criteria and exhibit exemplary leadership skills in one or more ways: academic leadership, team leadership, community leadership, sports, and creative leadership.
  • Sports and Cultural Art Scholarship: It can be granted to those students who have been at a consistently high level in any sport (preferably at the National level) and any cultural or Art form. The scholarship amount is INR 2 Lac inclusive of GST and is applied on the tuition fee before the Tuition Waivers. The decision of awarding this lies at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee and cannot be challenged. Students have to furnish supporting documents as proof along with their documents to be considered for this scholarship.

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Beneficiaries and Requirements:

IMB candidates who meet all the following requirements will be taken into consideration:

  • Outstanding personal, academic and professional background and high motivation
  • Compliance with all the admission requirements for participation in the IMB Program. There is no separate application required for the tuition waiver or scholarships. It is evaluated based on your IMB application itself.

Incompatibility and Assignment of Scholarships:

  1. Accumulation of Support: Tuition waivers can be awarded alongside other scholarships, awards, or financial support from public or private organizations or companies. However, the total amount of support must not exceed the overall cost of the program (tuition fees). Beneficiaries are responsible for ensuring that this limit is not exceeded and must self-certify accordingly.

  2. Compliance Requirement: Beneficiaries must comply with this condition for the entire duration of the IMB Program.

  3. Program Completion Requirement: The right to the tuition waiver and scholarship is contingent upon the regular completion of the 2019 – 21 IMB Program, as outlined in the program rules.

  4. Withdrawal Conditions: Tuition waivers can be withdrawn at any time during the program as a penalty for serious disciplinary cases.

  5. Non-Combination of Scholarships: No two scholarships can be combined.

  6. Application of Scholarships: In the calculation of the final fee, scholarships are applied first on the tuition fee, followed by tuition waivers as applicable. The admission fee is separate.

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IIM Ahmedabad

MBA Scholarships IIM Ahmedabad is an apple to every MBA aspirant’s eye when it comes to the country’s management education. Being the country’s premier B-school, the institute also offers the students a number of different MBA scholarships. Keeping this in mind, we need to understand why we offer scholarships in engineering, pure sciences , mathematics and the arts. This is because the institution that gives the scholarship feels it needs to contribute to the area of expertise in order either to establish itself as a place of higher learning for that specialization or to maintain its top position in the study area. There are also occasions when the field of study doesn’t get it’s due and therefore scholarships are provided to worthy students who can pursue and keep the field alive by their contributions.

MBA is a professional course, it’s not a science by itself, it’s more like a collection of most reliable and successful scientific approaches to solving management problems.
Another factor is that the course is so well known and we’ll be accepted that it has no problem attracting scores of young students to pursue it.

  1. No Scholarships: The institution doesn't prioritize offering scholarships for its MBA program, as it views the program as a significant source of revenue.

  2. Profitability: MBA programs are considered the institution's biggest cash cow and highest profit maker.

  3. Focus on Reputation: Institutes strive to make their MBA programs well-known to attract students and generate revenue.

  4. Availability of Bank Loans: Upon admission to an MBA course, banks are willing to provide loans without requiring collateral.

  5. Loan Amount: Students can obtain bank loans of up to INR 20 lakhs.

  6. Interest Rate: The interest rates for these loans typically range from 10% to 11%.

  7. Repayment Period: Loans are payable over a period of 10 to 12 years.

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XLRI – Xavier School of management

XLRI has some good scholarships that are available externally. Also, students with weaker financial backgrounds can avail some select MBA scholarships. SBI provides very good loan facilities for all students. There are different scholarships for SC/ST candidates. There are other scholarships for the excellent performers from school with a sound overall profile. Some of the scholarships include – Aditya Birla Scholarship and the OP Jindal scholarship. The scholarship is offered to those who have performed well in the entrance exam and also have a good academic background.

Let’s explore all the scholarships available at XLRI Jamshedpur.

Scholarship Name
Aditya Birla Scholarship Top 25% of the Class in a 1st year Rs. 1,75,000
Yes Bank Future Ready Scholarship As prescribed by Yes Bank Rs. 2,00,000
O. P. Jindal Engineering & Management Scholarships (OPJEMS) Top-10 2nd year students (based on the 1st year academic performance) Rs. 1,50,000
Hindustan Unilever / T Thomas Scholarship As directed by the company, and the top 25% of the Class in the 1st year Rs. 1,00,000
Naveen Jain & Distinguished Alumni Award Merit-cum-Need Rs. 20,000
Kalyan Ganguly XEF Scholarship Merit-cum-Need Rs. 1,00,000
Alumni Scholarship Merit-cum-Need Rs. 1,50,000
XLRI Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Merit-cum-Need Up to Rs. 2.55 Lakh in 1st year, and Rs. 2.85 Lakh in the 2nd year of study
XLRI Diamond Jubilee [Seniors] Merit-cum-Need Rs. 2,85,000
Geeta Saxena Memorial Stipulated criteria by the Donor Rs. 20,000
Vasantha Sankaran Scholarship Stipulated criteria by the Donor Rs. 1,00,000
Joseph M Sciortino For ST Students Rs. 25,000
NTPC Scholarship SC / ST / PWD students based on their academic performance in 1st year Rs. 8,000 for 12 months
PMI Scholarship Best student award in project management Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000

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SP Jain

SP Jain, in its endeavor to encourage meritorious students to excel even more in their academic and career paths, is inclined (without any commitment) to offer scholarships to selective candidates joining the postgraduate programs. There are various levels of MBA scholarships granted, based on a holistic view of the candidate’s profile. Candidates who receive scholarships must maintain a required GPA and abide by the Code of Conduct during the course of the program. Scholarship decisions take place through a comprehensive, holistic review process and are at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Committee.


  • Minimum of 75% in all years of education – 10th, 12th, and each year of graduation
  • High entrance test scores: a minimum of 720 in GMAT and 95 percentiles in CAT/SPJET
  • Graduation from a top-ranked institution
  • An exceptional post-graduate qualification such as Chartered Accountant or other graduate work/certificates
  • Outstanding achievements in social service, sports, and extracurricular activities are also considered

All applicants will be considered for an Academic Scholarship at the time of selection to the program. There is no additional application required.


Most institutes give scholarships based purely on academic performance, but we believe that well-rounded students get better jobs and do better at the workplace.

In line with this philosophy, SP Jain offers Leadership Scholarships based on the assessment of prospective students during the evaluation process. This gives an opportunity to those students who may not have the best academic scores but are otherwise very worthy of a scholarship.

  • The Leadership Scholarship has three levels:

    • Level 1: USD 5000
    • Level 2: USD 10,000
    • Level 3: USD 15,000
  • Leadership Scholarships are awarded based on the following criteria:

    • Academic achievements
    • Aptitude test score
    • Interview performance

Relevant experience or Domain Expertise

Eligible students are recommended by the Interview Panel during the evaluation process. Recommended students will be asked to attend an evaluation interview with another Interview Panel. The decision to award a Leadership Scholarship and the amount will then be decided by the Scholarship Committee and advised to the student.

Students who receive Leadership Scholarships must maintain a required CGPA and abide by the Code of Conduct during the course of the program.

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Symbiosis Institute of Business Management

Symbiosis Society Foundation has instituted scholarships for students of UG and PG programmes of all the faculties in Symbiosis International (Deemed University). The scholarship policy has been approved by the Board of Management.

Two merit scholarships for the faculty of Management (SIBM-Pune, SIIB, SCMHRD, SIMS, SITM, SIOM, SIBM- Blr, SSBM) – Total free ship (no academic fee) Eligibility

  1. Merit Scholarship in the first semester of P.G. programme will be awarded to toppers of SNAP who join Symbiosis Institutes. The cut off for SNAP score (top score) for applying for the scholarship every year will be at 0.1% of the appeared number of candidates for the test.
  2. In the subsequent semesters, the scholarship would be based on academic excellence, a minimum GPA of 3 earned by the same student during the preceding semester.
  3. Only those students will be eligible for the award of Merit Scholarship who have cleared the courses prescribed for the respective programme up to the stage of award i.e. they should not have any backlog.
  4. The student who has been awarded merit scholarship by Symbiosis Society Foundation shall not be debarred from stipend or any financial assistance from any other source. However, if the student is awarded any stipend or financial assistance from any other source, he/she shall communicate the same to the Department of Student Affairs.
  5. There will be no income limit of the parents/guardians of the students for the grant of merit scholarship.
  6. In case a student is eligible for more than one scholarship/free ship by Symbiosis Society Foundation, he/she shall be awarded only one scholarship/freeship as per his/her preference.

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Alliance University


Eligibility Scholarship Amount (Per Student) No. Of Scholarships
90% and above Score in AMAT Rs. 4,00,000 5
85% and above score in 10th and 12th Standard
85% and above score in AMAT Rs. 1,00,000 10
85% and above score in AMAT Rs. 50,000 20


General Scholarships For MBA Students:

Category Eligibility Regular Tuition Fees (Per Semester) Scholarship Percentage Scholarship Amount (Per Semester)
Merit-Based A score of 99 percentile or better in CAT or a score of 725 and above in GMAT. Rs. 3,37,500 100% Rs. 3,37,500
a. A consistent scholastic record – minimum 90% marks in X, XII, and Graduation – with no repetitions at any stage.
ANDb. A score of 85 percentile or better in CAT or a score of 600 and above in GMAT.
Rs. 3,37,500 25% Rs. 84,375
a. Minimum of three years of full-time relevant work experience.
ANDb. A consistent scholastic record – minimum 70% marks in X, XII, and Graduation – with no repetitions at any stage.
ANDc. A score of 90 percentile or better in CAT or a score of 650 and above in GMAT.
Rs. 3,37,500 20% Rs. 67,500
A score of 90 percentile or better in CAT or a score of 650 and above in GMAT. Rs. 3,37,500 15% Rs. 50,625
Sports Quota a. National level player (Sports/Games).
ANDb. A consistent scholastic record – minimum 60% marks in X, XII, and Graduation – with no repetitions at any stage.
Rs. 3,37,500 20% Rs. 67,500
Differently Abled a. Certified as differently-abled.
ANDb. A consistent scholastic record – minimum 60% marks in X, XII, and Graduation.
Rs. 3,37,500 30% Rs. 1,01,250
SC/ST a. From SC/ST Community with a family income of less than Rupees four lakhs per annum.
ANDb. A consistent scholastic record – minimum 50% marks in X, XII, and Graduation – with no repetitions at any stage.
ANDc. A score of 70 percentile or better in CAT or a score of 550 and above in GMAT.
Rs. 3,37,500 25% Rs. 84,375
Karnataka State Domicile a. Domicile of the State of Karnataka.
ANDb. A consistent scholastic record – minimum 60% marks in X, XII, and Graduation – with no repetitions at any stage.
ANDc. A score of 70 percentile or better in CAT or a score of 550 and above in GMAT.



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Athena University

Athena University is offering a limited number of scholarships that cover up to 90% of tuition costs. These scholarships are for all Master’s and Bachelor’s programs and last for the full 2-year or 4-year program, depending on the program.

  • Programs: MBA & MGAD Programs
  • Original Total Tuition Cost for 2 years: $15,750
  • Total Tuition Costs With 90% Scholarship for 2 Years: $1,575
  • Cost Per Course With 90% Scholarship:
    • $157.50 for MBA
    • $143.18 for MGAD
  • Program: EMBA Program
  • Original Total Tuition Cost for 2 years: $21,750
  • Total Tuition Costs With 90% Scholarship for 2 Years: $2,175
  • Cost Per Course With 90% Scholarship: $217.50


  • All students who apply and meet the admission requirements for Athena University are eligible for scholarships.
  • Scholarships are not limited to any specific program, so any student in any program may apply.
  • Scholarships are available for both full-time and part-time students.
  • To apply for a scholarship, email inquiry@athenauniversity.org or andy@athenauniversity.org to request a scholarship application form along with Athena University’s application form.
  • Athena University representatives can also assist with any questions about the application process and the programs offered.
  • To maintain the scholarship, students must:
    • Pass all courses
    • Maintain a CGPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Stay on track for graduation
  • The scholarship may be revoked if a student:
    • Fails to meet satisfactory academic progress in the program
    • Fails a course
    • Is in danger of being expelled
    • Withdraws for a session

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IMI Kolkata

  • Program Name: Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  • Duration: Two years
  • Description:
    • The PGDM program is the flagship program of IMI Kolkata.
    • It aims to prepare and train students to become excellent managers and high-level decision-makers across functional areas with a broad strategic vision.
    • The program is designed to equip students for corporate careers across all functional areas.
    • It enables students with strong conceptual skills to manage businesses in an integrated manner.
    • The program also develops versatile managers capable of handling responsibilities across domains and responding effectively to changes in the economic, technological, cultural, and political environments in a socially sensitive manner.
    • In addition to business fundamentals, the program inculcates ethical values in students.

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Amity University

At the SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University), a sum of US$ 200,000 is earmarked to award more than 100 academic merit scholarships to high performers among international students, Foreign Origin, NRI and sponsored NRI. The Scholarship program is a transparent merit-based process, with the scholarship of up to 25% tuition fee, beginning the first year, on joining the university as a full-time degree-seeking student. In the case of the first year, this would be adjusted in the second-year fee. In the following years, renewal of the scholarship is subject to consistently high performance as per the norms set by the university from time to time.

Appropriate scholarship allocation would be made to cover the different faculties and countries.

At Amity, in their academic endeavours, they believe in rewarding the hard work and excellence achieved by worthy students. As part of this ongoing initiative, Scholarships worth 60 crores over Rs. were awarded to students on a need or merit basis in 2013. The Amity Scholarships have been initiated to inspire the talents of such students, thereby solidification the roots of our future generation. A small step towards the collective goal of making India the knowledge superpower of the world.

Criteria for Admission

  • Minimum Academic Eligibility:

    • Applicants must meet the minimum academic eligibility criteria specified in the Admission prospectus for the respective program (2018 in this case).
  • Age Limit:

    • Applicants should not be older than 23 years as of July 1st, 2018.
  • Fast Track Admission:

    • Eligibility for Fast Track admission is granted to all students eligible for sports scholarships.
    • These students are exempt from the Sports Trial & Interview process.
    • Admission is based on the assessment of their application form and sports certificates for the last three years.
  • Scholarships:

    • 100% Scholarship: Available for International Players*
    • 50% Scholarship: Available for National Medal winners*

(Gold, Silver & Bronze position only)

The scholarship is granted on an annual basis and continuation in second and further years of the program is subject to scholarship policy. To continue to avail 100 percent scholarship students must secure a top 5 percent position on the programme’s merit list. Students will have to secure a position in the top 10 per cent of the programme’s merit list to continue a 50 percent scholarship.

Mumbai Campus

  • 100% Scholarship (Non-MBA):

    • Eligibility:
      • Aggregate of 93% and above (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts / Performing Arts / vocational / non-written subjects) in CBSE / ISC / State Boards of Class XII.
      • 80% in Graduation.
  • 50% Scholarship (Non-MBA):

    • Eligibility:
      • Aggregate of 88% and above (excluding Physical Education/ Fine Arts / Performing Arts / vocational / non-written subjects) in CBSE / ISC / State Boards of Class XII.
      • 75% in Graduation.

MBA Scholarship:

  • 100% Scholarship:
    • Eligibility:
      • 93 Percentile (CAT/MAT)
      • 700 GMAT & above
  • 50% Scholarship:
    • Eligibility:
      • 88 Percentile (CAT/MAT)
      • 650 GMAT & above
  • 25% Scholarship:
    • Eligibility:
      • 80 Percentile (CAT/MAT)
      • 500 GMAT & above

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