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TSCFM Interview Experiences: All you need to know
April 29 2024

TSCFM Interview Experiences

TSCFM is an institute that makes you ready for the corporate world. Also, with its innovative teaching, international exposure, industry connects- it develops your personality. In this article, you will get to know about the real-life experiences of candidates for the TSCFM Interview.


PI Case 1:

Hi, I'm Komal. I recently applied for the UK MBA Program at TSCFM and got selected for the Final PI round. My PI was taken by the Dean of the college. 

Interviewer: Hey Komal, please come in and make yourself comfortable

  • Komal: Thank You, sir.

Interviewer: So Komal how you have been doing?

  • Komal: Good sir. Just a little excited about this interview. I was really hoping to get through the application and get selected for the final PI so yes little excited

Interviewer: Oh, that’s great! So, can you tell me about yourself? and what made you choose TSCFM to pursue your master’s degree?

  • Komal: Well, as I have mentioned in my resume, I am 22 years old and graduated from Poddar College in Commerce stream.  After finishing my graduation, I worked for an Agency in the Marketing department for about a year.

But I always wanted to study further. And I was about to go abroad for further studies. But due to the pandemic situation, I dropped my plans but didn’t want to waste or wait I would say another year.

Hence, I searched for a college providing an International degree in India and that’s how I chose TSCFM after considering a few aspects. Apart from this, I am good at sports like Basketball and Badminton.

Interviewer: Impressive! As you have mentioned about the job experience so how was your work there?

  • Komal: Yes! The agency I worked with; I was in the marketing department. It was a good experience I got to learn many things.

I have always been interested in Marketing so shall be taking Marketing specialization in my masters as well.

Interviewer: Seeing your interest in Marketing, what is your dream company you would like to work for?

  • Komal: Nooo actually not thought about it. Sorry!

Interviewer: That’s ok. Let’s talk about your interest in sports. Did you play them as a hobby or at any good level?

  • Komal: Actually, Basketball yes, I played because I was in the team during my school and Badminton I played at the zonal level.

Interviewer: Good! I think that’s it from my side. It was nice meeting you Komal! Have a good day.

  • Komal: Thank You Sir and have a good day.

PI Case 2:

tscfm interview

Hi, I am Seema. My PI took place at the TSCFM campus. 

Interviewer:  Hello Seema! How have you been doing? Also, please do sit.

(I shake my hand with the interviewer before settling down)  

  • Seema: I have been well. Even though I’m excited, but I’m also nervous.

Interviewer: There’s no need to be nervous about it. These experiences are what push us forwards, right? So, let’s get started. Tell me about yourself, Seema.

  • Seema: I graduated from Somaiya College as a BMS student in 2018. After graduation, I chose to do 3 things to improve myself before applying for an MBA. MBA was on my mind since my second year of college.

I applied for a job as a marketing executive for one year. On weekends, I used to do social service activities through the Rotaract organization. I also write a blog that mostly contains DIY creative things you can do at home.

Interviewer: Impressive. So, what type of social service activities did you do during your time at Rotaract?

  • Seema: Well I am still part of it and last year we did 2 major projects. Plantation of 1000 trees all over the Mumbai and Cleaning project at Versova Beach where the gatherings of multiple NGOs were there to help.

Interviewer: Let me ask you – did you do these things because you wanted to create a good MBA profile?

  • Seema: These are the causes I am passionate about and believe me when I say this, I have created my own garden and have planted trees in my neighborhood in the past few years.

So along with my aim to create an impressive MBA profile, all of these go way beyond that.

Interviewer: Great. Good to hear that. So, have you already decided on your major?

  • Seema: To be honest, no sir. I actually kind of know what I want to do but still giving a lot of thoughts to it. Also, don’t want to go where there is a scope. I want to pursue what interests me. That’s why still forming my own decision on a major. But mostly, I feel I’ll choose Finance even though I did BMS.

Interviewer: And why finance?

  • Seema: Because you can call me a frugal personality. Don’t know if it gives any relevance to choosing finance. But going through bills, stocks, shares, and analyzing future based situations I like. Recently I started doing derivative trading.

Interviewer:  You seem like a girl who hustles. What are the other things you like doing in your free time?

  • Seema:  I like to paint in my free time. Whenever there’s some spare time, I choose to paint or watch talk shows.

Interviewer:  Okay, great. Well, here the interview concludes. Have a good day ahead.

  • Seema: Thank you and you too Sir. Both of us shake hands again and the interview ends. I was also marked on how I carry myself, and how confident I am about myself.

PI Case 3:

Hi, I’m Taniya M. I had only a personal interview to be selected as a candidate for the MBA course. The interview was between one interviewer and me. In the beginning, he asked me some very basic questions about how I was doing, what is going on with me right now, and If I was able to find the campus location properly. This made my nervousness dip down a little.

There were two main questions at the TSCFM Interview he asked me.

First was tell me about yourself

So for which I replied that I graduated from the previous year doing a pharmacy degree, I changed my field to pursue my interest in the business. I explained my reason to why the change of heart from one field to another to the interviewer seemed to like my answer and didn’t ask me further on this topic. Because I believe I gave an answer to this question almost 10-15 minutes long.

Another question he asked was what I wish to do in the next five years.

I was ready with an answer because I kind of knew what I wanted to do. Then I explained the business course I took after completing my study in pharmacy is to gain business knowledge because I have already been working on an idea to start a business in pharmacy. I had zero business acumen or knowledge and I thought to pursue an MBA to do and go ahead with my idea after completing MBA will build up a foundation to start a business. When he asked what kind of idea I had, I said I am still figuring out and researching the main concept but I’d like to tell only after I believe I am ready to talk to others about it. He just smiled and we concluded the interview with that.


Even if the interview is short it can be very good depending upon the answers. A good personal interview does not always mean how long the interview was but how good your answers were and how confident you were.

PI Case 4:

Hi, I’m Rishi C. My PI was with the COO, Amit Sharma.

Key points from TSCFM Interview:

Always be prepared for your interview. And never try to impress the interviewer with lies or dishonest answers – you will be caught red-handed. Be honest and confident. If you don’t know any answer – be honest and let the interviewer know that you do not know the answer.

I was asked a couple of questions at the TSCFM Interview:

Firstly, about my academic background and my introduction.

I was already prepared with this answer. Also, had already created a brief summary as to how I was going to answer this question. I started with sharing my academic qualifications, key highlights from my internship and projects that I’ve worked on, and included few details on my hobbies and interests.

My next question was about what makes me an ideal MBA candidate.

I answered this with how I see myself as a creative and committed candidate and how my aim is to learn the leadership and managerial skills – needed for the start of my career. When I mentioned this – I had my internship and projects to back the statement. So that impressed the interviewer. The next set of questions was with reference to my interest in reading and writing, followed by my career and personal goal. Even though I was confident as to what I want to do next – the interview changed my perspective and gave me a reality check. While concluding, we spoke about cities – as I was staying independently here in Mumbai. My TSCFM interview ended on a positive note, and very good insights as to what I should expect and do next! All the best!

PI Case 5:

Hi, I’m a current student at TSCFM’s UK MBA Program. If you are reading this, I hope this piece of article helps you. When I shortlisted TSCFM for my MBA Program, I assumed it was going to be a cakewalk. Because there are no entrance exams required. I just had to pass the personal interview – and I was overconfident that I’ll crack it.

But it was during my interview that I realized I’ve so much to learn, it was totally an eye-opener for me. My TSCFM interview was with the Dean of the college. And trust me you, you better prepare yourself before the interview.

Few basic questions at TSCFM Interview for which you can already frame answers are –

  1. About yourself (don’t make it boring, keep it short but interesting)
  2. Why you want to pursue a Global MBA – basically your purpose in pursuing an MBA
  3. Your interests and hobbies – be honest!
  4. How your dream jobs look like – describe it in a practical way
  5. Your next 5 years' career goal!

If you are honest with yourself and if you prepare yourself with the above 5 questions – you are good to go. Also, dress formally for your interview and show up on time.

The interview really was an eye-opener for me! Hope this helps, and I see on the other side soon ?

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Anisha Mukhija

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