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Importance of Vedic Maths in CAT Entrance Exam
April 22 2024

  Introduction to Vedic Maths

Just as zero originated in India so is Vedic mathematics. Now you might be wondering how Vedic mathematics will be relevant to you - well it indeed is as this branch of mathematics can help you to crack the CAT exam, especially if you are a trifle weak in calculation and mathematics.To prepare for CAT exam you should know about Vedic Maths Techniques.


What is Vedic Maths?

Vedic maths is very effective and at the same time it is easy to learn.'Vedic Mathematics' is the name given to the ancient, unique technique of calculations based on simple rules and principles, with which, any mathematical problem can be solved be it algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic or geometry.

 Origin-Of-Vedic-Mathematics   Importance of Vedic Maths Students of Vedic Mathematics can solve very complex calculations of algebra.Also the questions of  geometry, calculus and trigonometry. Once the students understands the logic they can make their own tricks to solve the question and its not necessary to use traditional tricks. This tricks can be used in CAT.

CAT exams are already complicated so for not making it more complicated  by attempting complex calculations we should use Vedic Maths the best technique to crack CAT more easily. In CAT exam we crave for time as we all know time management is the biggest problem so by using Vedic Maths technique we an save more time and it also allows us to solve more and more questions in CAT.So you don't have to miss the questions due to  lack of time.

In two hours of CAT exam you can at least saves 10 minutes of time by applying Vedic Maths.And 10 minutes saved makes a big difference in attempting the questions as we can replace that 10 minutes of calculation time for attempting more questions and scoring good.

We can find square of numbers in 5 seconds is n't it interesting? Not only Squares even Cubes can be achieved in 6-7 seconds so it is cool to use Vedic Maths Techniques in cracking CAT.This can be also used as one of strategies in for cracking CAT as it saves time. Main issue of time can be easily solved.

There are 4 sections in CAT they are as follows:-

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data Interpretation 
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Among four of this we need to do complex calculations in two of the subject they are Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation so its good to use Vedic Maths Techniques in this two subjects which makes it is very easy for students to solve those complex calculation and helps them to save time.Students get more and more interested in doing sums which are complex because they know complex calculations will be done easily by Vedic Maths.
Anisha Mukhija

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