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Vedica Scholars Founder Talks About Running Multiple Buisnesses Successfully (Ft. Anuradha Das)
May 10 2024

“Bluer skies await you for you’re a Falcon. You are meant to fly and you will! - Iqbal  

Anuradha Das Mathur is the Founding Dean of the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women, India's first management and personal growth program exclusively for women, and is also a Founder and Director of 9.9 Media (Nine Dot Nine Media) - one of India's fastest growing niche media companies. She joined CATKing on a women’s day special where we had a wholesome conversation regarding women in corporate culture, job roles, and Entrepreneurship. Let us dive in. 

Q: How are you able to do multiple businesses together with lots of responsibilities?

Ans-  Anuradha ma’am being at ease described the process that sounds such a mammoth of a task in a very structured manner. She says, to get started, don’t keep waiting for the perfect situation, perfect moment, or time to happen. Just start with whatever resources you have because taking the 1st step is of utmost importance then only it lead to another. Now, the moment your business looks like it has potential and can be scalable, start finding the perfect people to work with you and trust them. Delegate roles to them and you won’t feel stretched.

You should never let opportunities go in your life so never cease to look for newer and better opportunities on which you can work. Allow your team some space to work at their best and trust them with their jobs. We must never take each success or failure personally because when we do, we deviate from our path and our objective then fades out gradually. So do not stretch yourself beyond the threshold. 

Q:   What advice would you give to Young Entrepreneurs?

Ans- She is not only an intellectual person but a very practical one too. She gave some real pieces of advice to the budding and aspiring women entrepreneurs which were of great value not only to them but to others too. She emphasizes that women are eternally optimistic in their lives. We need to just consider failure as just hurdles and know at the back of our minds that if God closes one door, he opens up 4 other doors for you to find your path.

The most common problem with young people is that they have too many hang-ups about things but we need to understand when we have an opportunity at hand, we must run to grab it till we’re young as these experiences mold us as a person. These experiences give depth to your personality whose learnings no other person can take from you. 

Earn the right to be an entrepreneur. She says before starting any entrepreneurship one must ensure zero dependency on anyone for their expenses. By being financially independent, you are on your own and not dependent on anyone or answerable to anyone but yourself. Financial independence can be pursued by working anywhere, gaining experience in things, saving, etc. Come what may, don’t increase the amount of dependency by entering into Entrepreneurship on the day 

To want to do what you want to do, you should have some money of your own. It enables you to live life with dignity on your terms. Moreover, you are giving yourself a runway for Entrepreneurship as you learn a lot from corporate jobs and then implement it in your entrepreneurship.  


She said there is no quick hack, secret sauce, etc. for success. The bitter truth lies in knowing that you need to put on hours, show up every day authentically, and invariably put on the hours to be successful. Lastly, Do Not Quit. Believe you are meant for success and don’t give up on your dreams. 

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