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Verbal Ability
April 11 2024

Get updated yourself by few words. This can assist you in Verbal Ability.

Flagellate  – Meaning: To flog, scourge or whip

Menial  –  Meaning: Degrading, low, servile or submissive

Immutable  –  Meaning: with none variation

Quatrain  –  Meaning: A literary work or a textual matter manufactured from four lines of verse

Idolatry  –  Meaning: Veneration of idols or worship of the statues of deities

Synchronous  –  Meaning: Happening at the identical time or at the same time

Propagate  –  Meaning: To unfold, diffuse or get transmitted

Liberality  –  Meaning: The attribute of giving liberally

Limn  –  Meaning: To represent or depict by means that of a drawing or painting

Impinge  –  Meaning: To infringe, trespass or encroach

Regal  –  Meaning: referring to or characteristic of a king or monarch

Surly  –  Meaning: grumpy, rude or churlish

Provident  –  Meaning: Having a foresight or ability to form provisions for the longer term

Nemesis  –  Meaning: A supply of hurt or ruin

Drab  –  Meaning: dismal or lacking in spirit

Inordinate  –  Meaning: Disorderly, unregulated, chaotic or uncontrolled

Culprit –  Meaning: associate agent guilty of or chargeable for an associate offense

Tutelary  –  Meaning: Holding the position of being the guardian or guardian of someone, place, or thing

Rile  –  Meaning: abundant with or of the frequent prevalence

Impede  –  Meaning: To impede

Refractory  –  Meaning: Stubborn, unruly or obstinate

Malevolent  –  Meaning: Having or displaying ill-will, hatred; disposed to inflicting hurt or evil to others; malicious

Orifice  –  Meaning: a gap or passage, particularly of the body

Protract  –  Meaning: to extend the time length of, prolong or extend in house

Atrophy  –  Meaning: The atrophy of the body because of defective nutrition or the withering of a neighborhood of the body because of nerve injury

Imminent  –  Meaning: goes to happen within the immediate future

Imprudent  –  Meaning: Unwise, rash or lacking smart judgment

Sinecure  –  Meaning: employment or position that has a high wage however needs tokenish or no work

Scintillate  –  Meaning: To sparkle, shimmer or flash

Stricture  –  Meaning: associate abnormal contraction or tapering of a duct or passage within the body.

Supercilious  –  Meaning: prideful, chesty or disdainfully disdainful

Succulent  –  Meaning: Juicy or stuffed with sap

Subterfuge   –  Meaning: Deception or trickery accustomed evade or conceal things

Marmoset  –  Meaning: A monkey happiness to the Callithricidae, native to Central and South America, with clawed digits, soft-furred hair and long tails

Diorama  –  Meaning: A three-dimensional scene reproduced by inserting objects ahead of a painted background

Disingenuous  –  Meaning: calculative, not sincere or candid

Chauvinist  –  Meaning: One United Nations agency believes that his own race, position or faith square measure superior to those of others

Felicitous    Meaning: acceptable, apt or utterly suited

Vicarious  –  Meaning: subbing for an additional

Stultify  –  Meaning: To impair, cripple or render ineffective

Premeditate  –  Meaning: to think about or theme before

Schism  –  Meaning: Division of an oversized cluster or organization into smaller teams or faction.

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Rahul Singh

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