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Hybrid MBA : The X Factor of Welingkar PGDM
April 15 2024

What is Hybrid Online Learning course of Welingkar?

Hybrid course at Welingkar joins the online study and on campus study in one program. These can be especially beneficial for those who are not convinced by the idea of a complete online study. The hybrid concept is that half of the essential components are complemented by the campus study and half is completed online. However, the pay ratio may differ depending on the institution’s guidelines, so students should always check with their local student departments to determine how hybrid courses are balanced.

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Why to choose “Hybrid Online MBA” specialization at Welingkar?

Welingkar’s Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) can be availed in the Hybrid Learning mode, which operates on a unique hybrid structure combining effective online and offline study formats to help people learn conveniently. Due to geographical barriers and the high cost factor, students from smaller towns often find it difficult to attend a conventional MBA program. Hybrid program from Welingkar Institute of management actively diminishes the boundaries of distance and cost and helps you fulfill your Academics ambitions. New technologies offered by Welingkar institute such as Video lectures, E-learning , Online video library have made Hybrid Learning an increasingly popular option. Hybrid Programs at welingkar is tailored to enjoy ‘Continuous Learning’ while at Home, Work or Play. Hybrid Learning can provide a great career advantage for women who aspire to enter in the corporate world. Women who are able to become micro entrepreneurs receive tailored course content that will help them realize their entrepreneurial dreams. In addition, women with restricted movements due to family commitments can acquire valuable professional learning through WeSchool’s hybrid programs. Tips to Welingkar GDPI

How good the course is?

The Hybrid program provides learning through a number of tools like Elearning session, Video lectures, personal contact program, virtual classroom session, online video library etc. And, on weekends, a number of workshops, industry visits etc. are planned at Mumbai campus which can be joined by students on optional basis as per their convenience. The examination process is also having flexibility of time and location for working professionals. The course is very very convenient and flexible for the people who are confused between online MBA and classroom MBA. It is also an opportunity for educational advancement on the schedule and at one’s own pace. There is no disruption of the personal and professional life as well.

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Career opportunities in Hybrid online learning?

  • Shift in Career
  • Promotion in job
  • MBA Feather in the hat
  • Enhance personal growth

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