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Media and Entertainment Management : The fastest growing Management course
April 15 2024

What is "Media and Entertainment Management"?

The Media and Entertainment sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in India it is supposed to grow from INR 1026 billion to INR 1964 billion by 2020. Media and Entertainment Management is a post-graduation program that prepares students to fulfil management positions in the world of television, film, radio, music, events, interactive media and gaming. As a manager in the global world of media and entertainment, manage teams of people from different cultural backgrounds. These managers also manage budgets and monitor planning and deadlines.

Why choose "Media and Entertainment Management" specialization at Welingkar?

The 24 months full-time postgraduate program of Welingkar Institute of Management & Research in Media and Entertainment is a unique combination of theoretical and practical learning. In this intensive program, students learn about the technical aspects of the industry in the classroom and also have the opportunity to put this learning into practice during the 2-month internship and also through online industry projects which are part of the 9 Month Classroom Training.

 Learn from CET toppers and aim for Welingkar

Students begin their journey in the field of media and entertainment with a few weeks orientation on the media industry so that students can expose the industry and the latest events in the industry. Welingkar also fits in the fact that the program taught to students has all the required aspects to support and prosper as a successful professional in the dynamic world of media and entertainment. The course was designed and delivered with the help of industry stalwarts to provide students with a deeper understanding of the industry ultimately providing them with their own first-hand experiences. The program aims to mould aspiring media and entertainment enthusiasts in media professionals prepared to meet any challenge the industry poses.

How good the course is?

The course is divided into three quarters over the first nine months and two months of industrial training on the competition of quarters. The 9-month classroom training is divided into 50% classroom conferences and 50% in online industry projects. In the first module, students will learn the fundamentals of marketing management, the fundamentals of all forms of media vehicles (radio, television, digital film), offline (print media) and field (Events and Experiential Marketing), PR and Introduction to Arts and Entertainment. As students move on to the second module, they will learn about the main in-depth media, such as television content, youth marketing, brand integration, media laws, planning and purchasing. media. The third module will provide ideas on various vertical sectors such as celebrity management, sport management, film marketing, postal production, social media and budgeting and funding. The program is supported by practical missions and case studies. Teaching methods include lectures, role plays, a concept of business design, workshops, the interaction between industrial establishments and missions. When the program is successful, students have a plethora of career choices in media agencies, advertising agencies, channels, film production and distribution companies, PR companies, and so on. Accelerate CET Preparation with actual mocks

Career Opportunities in "Media and Entertainment Management "?

  • Film production and distribution companies
  • Advertising and PR companies
  • Event and entertainment companies
  • TV and Radio channels
  • Celebrity and Sports Management Companies
  • Top recruiters in Welingkar for "Media and Entertainment Management "

To know more about Welingkar

Top recruiters in Welingkar for “Media and Entertainment Management”

  • Zee Entertainment
  • Marcus Evans
  • Concept P.R.
  • Primetime Media
  • IDG Media
  • Milward Brown
  • Star TV
  • Sony
  • Viacom India
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