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Why Executive MBA
April 21 2024

After having an experience of more than 5 years, executive MBA provides you the perfect platform to explore more about your career and reach greater heights. In this article, we are discussing few benefits which executive MBA provides to an individual.

  1. Opportunity to learn new skills The only way to learn something is to have an attitude of 'let’s just do it'. After years of working experience, an individual develops a vast variety of skill sets but start feeling stagnant as if there are no new challenges to deal with or no new targets to achieve.  Work life sort of becomes monotonous with repeated kind of work. And that’s where the executive MBA come into the picture. It is human nature that he is always eager to learn more, to be excited by a situation that puts him out of his comfort zone.
  2. Also Read: Developing Innovation in Distance Learning Some of the new skills that can be acquired in an MBA program:
  • management skills and techniques to progress towards increased responsibilities
  • strategic thinking, critical analysis, and understanding the concept of looking at a 'bigger picture'
  • acquiring better communication and team building skills

2. Career development An EMBA can help you move into your dream job positions where you wouldn't be able to reach otherwise. The skills and the learnings that you acquire via EMBA help you to do complete justice to your role. Many of the people who did their EMBA moved out of the companies and started something on their own.

3. A different perspective Being a part of Executive MBA will provide you an opportunity to work with people from different professional background like public sector executives, health professionals, participants from NGOs, SMEs, family-run businesses, women and entrepreneurs which adds diversity of today's EMBA classrooms, enriching the overall experience. The mix of professors and classmates allows you to gain a different perspective on the world, which will help you succeed in today's global business arena.

4. Immediate reward The major difference between a full-time MBA and an Executive MBA is the immediate reward which you will get. As a full time MBA student, you will learn different skills, how to approach any situation in a holistic manner and approaching for the solution in the same manner. And then you can put all that you have learnt into practice at your job. For EMBA students, the 1 year effort is a part of the trade-off that makes them able to earn more and move ahead without interrupting their careers. The EMBA, which enables you to work and study at the same time, is particularly relevant in these tough economic times. What's included in the EMBA classroom sessions are related to the current economic climate, ensuring that the skills and knowledge you acquire don’t go to waste. Professionals and experts from other industry sectors also gain from the general management skills they have got from the EMBA experience.

5. MBA Networking The network that you develop during your EMBA time is one of the most valuable outcomes of your Executive MBA qualification. There are very opportunities where you will get to work with such a unique group of people with the potential to form life-long friendships and sometimes business partnerships. Such a network will remain with you for life long. In fact, the time spent studying for an Executive MBA is just the beginning. It is later in time when you will realize the actual benefits of EMBA networking when you will be tapping into new opportunities via your network. An Executive MBA is extremely intense; it is a challenge, a test of your personal and professional ability, and sometimes a struggle. Yet struggle generally results in growth and that’s why getting Executive MBA is an experience that is well worth the challenge.

Anisha Mukhija

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