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Books To Read For Every MBA Aspirant
May 16 2024

3 Must Read Books

Sumit Singh Gandhi (Rahul), CEO & Director of CATKing Educare had a conversation with Pratham Mittal, Founder of Masters' Union, on his recommended three books every MBA aspirant must read. Here's how the conversation began:


Asking about Pratham's Current Activities

Rahul Sir connected the students on live, "Hi everyone! Welcome on board! Let's get the party started boys and girls!" Then Pratham Mittal joined, "Hey Pratham, welcome on board." Pratham said, "Thanks! How are you doing? Long time..." Rahul Sir said, "Long time , where are you?" Pratham replied, "Right now I am in London, working from here this week." Rahul Sir said addressing the students, "He is a Founder at Masters' Union.

He is doing great at Masters' Union School of Business. He has also been to Penn State University, Wharton University and many more and also at London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)?" Pratham further said, "I finished my under grad from Wharton University. In the US there are a lot of business schools that have under grad programs, so I was in Wharton University for the under grad program. While I was there, I spent a semester abroad once in Ghana and one semester abroad in London."


Asking about his 3 Recommended Books

Rahul Sir said, "Superb! Pratham I am going to ask you some questions! Addressing the students, "He also runs his own company named Outgrow in US." "As well as in London now?", asked Pratham. Pratham replied, "Our head office is in New York City, but we have Satellites in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London." Rahul Sir said, "Great! Pratham you are a well-read person. I remember our first meeting. We spoke till 4 am in the morning. We always discuss about books and many other things.

 I will give my inputs as well! But what are your favorite books? If you have been asked that '3 books every student must read?' What are those ?" Pratham replied, "I will suggest one book. This is my favorite book! I have it everywhere around me. So whenever I am free, I pick it up and read. I have read it 3 to 4 times, but I keep reading it again and again because it is a very good reminder. So the book is by Jim Collins. The book is called 'Built To Last'.


Pratham on his First Recommended Book - 'Built To Last'

The book is collection of twenty case studies and two case studies are studied together, they will take one industry. Let's say the mobile phone industry, and they will take one company that was doing very well. That basically fizzled out later. They will also take one company that was doing really well but continued doing well, so they basically compare two companies. Both that started off at the same level, but then one went up and the other went down.

" Rahul Sir exclaimed, "Great!" Pratham continued, "For example, let's say Nokia vs Samsung. They will actually talk about different approaches the two companies took. One approach that made Samsung successful and one approach that made Nokia unsuccessful." Rahul Sir exclaime\d, "Great!"


Pratham on his Second Recommended Book - 'Kodak Vs. Fujifilm'

Pratham continued, "Then there are 20 stories like this! And also classic stories. Like Kodak vs Fujifilm. All of those brands you have grown up with and what you will realize is, out of those twenty companies ten companies everyone would have heard of, the ones that survived.

The other 10 nobody would have heard of even though at one time, they were larger than the other 10 companies! It's one of those books that gives me goosebumps. Because it's not knowledge! It's not twenty powers that you should have! It's real company's real stories! What made them successful? What made them unsuccessful? It has real data, real interview and all of that. Just read this book. I promise you, it covers a lot which is been taught in MBA.


Pratham on his Third Recommended Book - 'Life is too short to make your own mistakes and learn from other people's mistakes'

I read it somewhere, 'Life is too short to make your own mistakes and learn from other people's mistakes.' This was one of my favourite books as well which I read during my MBA as well." Addressing the students, "Students read this book, It's going to be really helpful!"


Pratham motivated students especially on CAT and other MBA exams

Rahul Sir said, "Great! I know Pratham you are a busy guy. What's the time back in London? Pratham replied, "It's 5 pm." Rahul Sir asked him about the students, "Any parting thoughts to the great people back there? In their struggle of CAT, GMAT and rest of the MBA exams.

They are very stressed. How would you keep it light? Any parting thoughts for them?" Pratham replied addressing the students, "Don't be stressed! CAT is just one exam. One exam does not decide how successful you will be in life! So don't be stressed! I know lots of people who didn't do well in CAT, but did really well in life!

 I also know a lot of people who did well in CAT, but did not do as well as they expected in life! So there is no correlation between your CAT score and success at all. So take up CAT exam! Be excited about it! Be happy! Look forward to do well in it! But don't goggled down by it! If they couldn't crack it this time, they will give it again."

Rahul Sir said, "Thank you so much for joining n boys and girls. Say a big thank you to him. It was an amazing session. I am going to keep getting you on board." Pratham said, "Sounds good! Happy to come here!" Rahul Sir said, "Thank you so much!! Everybody is asking you about your age? Let people guess.

Yes, It's 31. Thanks for joining in Pratham. And all the best for what you are doing at Masters' Union! And best for the placements! The season is picking up right now." Pratham said, "It's finished. Next year's starting now." Rahul said at the end of conversation, "This is so amazing.

Thank you for all the inputs! We will keep having you on board! He has also worked with Mckinsey as well and many more (addressing the students). Thanks Pratham! Thanks for your time! Take care! Have a good day!"

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