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Do you feel demotivated by what people think of you? | How to get over it? | MBA Motivation
May 16 2024


Sumit Singh Gandhi (Rahul), CEO & Director of CATKing Educare had a session with MBA aspirants on how to get over demotivation. Here's what Rahul Sir said: 'Some people get dejected by what other people tell them. Your haters will always be there to demotivate you. There are also those who despise God.

On YouTube, there are dislikes for videos such as Shivji's bhajan and Waheguru's shloks. You guys getting me? Whereas you are a human! There are anti-religious people in this world so there will always be those who despise you. Can you get beyond all these? People only despise those who have some potential in them. You have some potential in you.

 There is something called a circle of influence. Your family is the one who is always going to love you. And when you step out of the circle of influence, there will be a lot of people detesting you. When people detest you, they have their eyes on you. So work even harder! Thank you so much for joining in boys and girls! You guys are awesome! Stay glued! Do not forget to like this video. If people despise you, be strong and keep working hard! And your ethics should be on point. God bless you guys! Keep killing! The new batch of CATKing will start from this coming Monday. You can contact our team.' WATCH MORE :

Anisha Mukhija

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