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GMAT Preparation strategy
May 10 2024

Should I take the GMAT? 

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For students who have a chance to study for higher education abroad or in India. If you are someone whose CAT, and XAT exams didn’t go well as well but still want to get into the best b-schools of the country but have potential then GMAT is a potent option one can consider. Many colleges are taking up the GMAT right now as an option.

This is a way to get into the top 20 colleges of the country including some IIMs and also abroad where you can use the score for colleges like Oxford, Stanford, LBS, etc. Many colleges are taking up GMAT right now to get a place in top B-schools of the country including some top IIMs & other colleges from abroad. Not all IIMs take GMAT but, colleges like SPJIMR, MDI, IMT, etc. take GMAT scores. 

The verbal section of the GMAT will give you enough information to kill the CAT VARC section. The duration for completing the verbal section would take 1 month. If you consider CAT as the focus of your preparation, most importantly, IIMs, then schedule your GMAT around September- October to increase your chances of getting admission into IIMs, and if not, be assured of VARC to be sorted. Another amazing reason to take the GMAT is that it is valid for 5 long years in most universities & 2yrs in some of them. 

Also, it is considered to be “The most standard exam of the season.” More than even the CAT exam, the GMAT is officially the standard exam of all as the paper setter will give 2 mocks of the same standard pattern. (You can get more mocks if you wish to be paying for them separately). Along with all these things they provide the GMAT official Guide too. You can even download it for free, even CATKing provides you with the same. The GMAT Official Guide is the replica of the official GMAT exam.  

All the best !!  

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Anisha Mukhija

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