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ISME Bangalore GDPI Experiences
October 15 2023
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] ISME Bangalore ISME was founded in 2006 by alumni from CMU, Purdue and Wharton, USA. ISME’s parent organization, NVT Quality Certification an ISO accreditation body that has certified companies for over 25 years across 36 countries. ISME founders are also the founders of National Public School (NPS), Whitefield, one of the best schools in Bangalore. ISME has been ranked as one of the top B-Schools in India with all faculty having global & corporate exposure. Over 1600 ISME alumni are working in multinationals across the world. All MBA Aspirants are invited to Explore, Experience and Excel at ISME Bangalore. ISME Bangalore - Apply Now GDPI Experience 1 Joohi Bedi – PGDM 2021-23 Batch There were two rounds for the selection first is Group Discussion and the second is Personal interviews. In the GD round, I got the topic “Impact of social media on millennials” there were seven members in the group we were given ten minutes for the discussion. I have taken the initiative and I started the introduction of the topic eventually my teammates continued the discussion in between I have also put forward my views regarding the topic and there were only twenty seconds left to complete the discussion immediately I started to conclude the topic, I was so happy about my performance. In the end, I got selected for a personal interview. I was so nervous about the first interview in my life. It was an online interview I was scared about network issues and the way I present myself. I got a mail from the college mentioning the timings and the link to attend the interview and finally, my clock ticks the 4 o’clock I joined the link, and the moment I opened it I have seen Ravi sir and Sriram sir on screen. I warmly wished them and introduced myself. After that following were asked: 1. Tell me about yourself 2. Tell me something about your state 3. What your state is famous for? 4. Who are the Chief Minister and Finance Minister of my state and country respectively? 5. Which course I have taken in my under graduation 6. Questions related to accounts I did a great job in the interview; finally, I got selected and am currently pursuing my PGDM at the International School of Management Excellence. Click here to start your CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni   GDPI Experience 2 Sovna Nayak – PGDM 2021-23 Batch When I was about to complete my BBA, I was wondering what I should pursue further after BBA. Then I got to know about the PGDM course. I started searching for different colleges. I asked all my friends and relatives and I got to know about ISME, Bangalore. After that, I called the college and talked to Radhika ma’am regarding the admissions. After some days I got a call from Radhika ma’am that a personal interview will be there. On the day of the interview, I was really nervous about what all questions that will be asked of me, whether I will be able to answer the questions or not. A zoom link was given to me. I joined the link where I saw Rony sir and Shruti ma'am who were about to take my interview. At first, Rony sir asked me to introduce myself, after introducing he asked me the meaning of my name and the funniest part was that I did not know the meaning. I was nervous when sir started asking questions to me but after some time, I felt relaxed because both sir and ma’am were very friendly with me. Shruti ma’am asked questions related to my hobbies, passions, why I chose to come to Bangalore, and many more, and Rony sir gave me some situations in which I had to answer accordingly. At the end of the interview, Rony sir explained the meaning of my name as well. My overall experience of the personal interview was really nice. First, I became nervous and when teachers became friendly with me, I felt relaxed during the interview.   GDPI Experience 3 Vishwam Kedia – PGDM 2021-23 Batch My experience of GDPI at ISME was very smooth and convenient. The interview panel was very cooperative and genuine. They made us comfortable by asking ice-breaking questions. They were there at every step to guide me for admissions. All the queries and problems were handled correctly and with good time management. All the documents verification was done online with proper process and cooperation as I could not come to Bangalore. They took follow-up at every admission process with calls and Text messages. The admission process was explained in detail and clarity. No miscommunication took place in the middle of admission. Overall, everything was very smooth, and I was delighted with the experience of GDPI.   GDPI Experience 4 Megha R – PGDM 2021-23 Batch Hi, I am Megha R an Engineer. When I thought of pursuing my masters, I chose some best colleges and ISME, Bangalore was one of them. The procedure to get in here was an extremely wonderful experience, shortlisting to get an admission at ISME. The PI, GD and Written Exam was not only tricky but were filled with witty questions and certainly required a smart brain to answer all of them. Initially PI round was held in which my qualification and eligibility was looked over I was asked a few questions on my projects that I did during graduation and also regarding my hobbies and interests. It was a chance given to me to explain about myself and why I need to get in the tract of masters. My interview went on smoothly, I was confident in taking data analytics as a major and I had brief knowledge on it. Technical queries on the subject were put forth and I was able to answer a few of them confidently. Next halt was the GD round which was really interesting, here I was given a current scenario and was expected to imagine myself in that situation and answer accordingly. Other one was challenging. Three of the applicants were given ongoing news (current affairs) and we had a space to give our opinion and views on it and discuss it. In this we even had freedom to challenge each other and question their opinions to prove our own statements as right one. Last round was an aptitude exam and it was filled with questions from Maths and English, it was undoubtedly a tricky one, most of them looked complicated but were simple, some of them really needed a sharp mind. Time limit was given so I had to be quicker in understanding and solving them as fast as possible. Overall experience in the interview and selection process was fascinating. I am glad that I was a participant in the selection process and now a proud student of ISME. Click here to start your CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni   GDPI Experience 5 Sweety Anchalia – PGDM 2021-23 Batch I gave a total 3 interviews for selection but truly, ISME had the best way amongst others. Frankly, I wasn't too sure about my current affairs part but the interviewer, Ramesh sir made sure that I feel calm during the interview. It was a very nice experience. The moment I finished the interview, I became very sure about the culture and etiquettes this institution had to offer which made my decision very easy to go for ISME. My decision has proven right to me as ISME never fails to give its students opportunities in various aspects. Vinaya Kishnani – PGDM 2021-23 Batch I am Vinaya Kishnani, after completing my BHM I decided to pursue PGDM, so out of selected colleges ISME was one of them. Selection Process started with online application and after that second round was GD and third round PI. After Online application next round was GD which was exiting and interesting, in which we 6 people were asked to sit in a group and we were given one current trending topic on which we had to share our thoughts, and discuss it. It was nice experience we got a chance to challenge each other and share each other’s point of view either against topic or for the topic, overall, it was a great learning and got a chance to put it our views Infront of everyone. Next round was PI round in which my qualification and eligibility was looked over. Based on my resume I was asked few questions on my projects I did in my graduation time, and what extra-curricular activities I did, what are my hobbies, and also regarding my business and related to that they asked few technical questions. Overall, my interview went very smooth, Sriram sir and Meenakumari mam took my interview, they both were calm and they made sure that I’m calm as I was getting nervous, and they wanted to check my confidence, and I answered all the questions they asked confidently. Overall experience on interview and selection process was amazing. I am glad that I was shortlisted in selection process and now a proud a student of ISME.   GDPI Experience 6 Deepshikha Chatterjee – PGDM 2021-23 Batch Hi, my name is Deepshikha Chatterjee. After my graduation I wanted to do Post Graduation. So, I was searching for the top B-schools. I made a list of the B-Schools among them I chose ISME. Then I applied in the ISME college by filling the application form. After filling the applications form, I get a call for the interview. One specified date was assigned to me for the interview. On the day of interview, I was quite nervous as this was my first interview. But I tried my best to give all the answer confidently. My interview was started at Afternoon. In interview the first question was asked is about Tell me something about yourself. After I introduced myself, they asked me about my family background. Then they asked me about my education qualification and also asked about the project which I did during my graduation. Also, some questions were from current affairs too. I was asked some sports question as I have mentioned in my introduction.   GDPI Experience 7 Saumya Sharan – PGDM 2021-23 Batch Before making it to ISME Bangalore we had to go through procedures like filling the form, resume screening and then the interview. There were two interviewers who interviewed me. They were really good. They increased my confidence level with their positive words. The interview started with my introduction and then my strengths and weaknesses. Most of the questions were asked from resume like interests and hobbies and other projects I mentioned in my resume. The GD topic for my group presentation was “Me Too”. Everyone spoke on the topic and before ending the discussion we had heated argument on the current situation that was taking place across the world. I spoke in favour of the topic with examples from the Indian Reality shows to support my point. Lastly, I concluded the GD with whatever was being discussed in that 3 minutes and my opinion. Click here to start your CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni   GDPI Experience 8 Arpita Kesharwani – PGDM 2021-23 Batch I completed my graduation in B Com and had done a 6-month internship in CA firm. After that I decided to do post-graduation in Finance. I gave many interviews in colleges then I got to know about ISME college from my friends and counsellors Then I applied for this college and gave an interview. The interview was quite tough comparing to other colleges. My interview was taken by Sudindra sir and Ramesh sir. The first question was to introduce myself which the answers seems quite well and Ramesh sir also appreciated it and that built my confidence for further question. As I told I’m interested in finance and also had an experience So most of the questions were related to my work experience and it was going quite good and then, accounting and my graduation subjects related questions were asked, some of the answers I didn’t know and I got nervous but still tried to give answers and I felt Sudindra sir was positive towards it. Sir also asked me questions related to my general knowledge and some questions to test my thinking ability, related to family background. At the end of the interview when they asked me if I had any questions, after asking my question and I got the answer I felt good and it helped me motivate and finalizing the college. At the end they thanked me for giving the interview.   GDPI Experience 9 Navni Lachotra – PGDM 2021-23 Batch Everyone’s interview is unique. So, here is my experience when I was trying to get admission in B-schools I appeared for few competitive exams and scored qualifying marks because of which I got to select this college named INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE. According to the norms of the college to take admission, we need to qualify GROUP DISCUSSION and PERSONAL INTERVIEWS. I was little nervous and my heart was beating fast when I appear in GD which was held virtually because of the pandemic, there were number of few people in my group and we all were given a topic to speak on, where I come to know about different mindsets and perspectives. After qualifying my GD round, I appeared for PI in which I was interviewed by the dean sir himself, Dr. Rony G. Kurien. Again, I was interviewed online because of the pandemic. In my half an hour of interview Rony sir asked me practical questions and also guided me. While interviewing me, he started asking me about my family and myself, just to make me feel comfortable, less stressed and least nervous. As I was deciding to switch my stream, he guided me with the instruction that if I am changing my stream what factors should I keep in mind and to decide accordingly. I was really impressed by the way sir guided me and interviewed me, more than student I was feeling that someone from my family out of concern is guiding me. Overall, all I can say is that it was astounding experience. Moreover, now I am the part of this institute and also ISME is my SELF-MADE family where every faculty is available at any time whenever we need them. Also, they use to guide us in all expects. So, I’m glad to be the part of ISME family.   GDPI Experience 10 Darshana Kochar – PGDM 2021-23 Batch Hello, I am Darshana Kochar, a Commerce Graduate. When I was thinking of studying for my Master’s, I chose ISME among the many colleges. The admission process has two rounds which consists of GD (Group Discussion) & PI (Personal Interview). In the GD round, I was given a topic on current affairs and was expected to think I was in that situation and respond appropriately. The other was a challenge to the three applicants, in the main issues (current affairs) and we had the opportunity to express our views and opinions on it and to discuss it. In this, we even had the freedom to challenge each other and ask for their opinions in order to prove that they are right. Second round was about Personal Interview where my knowledge and qualifications were assessed. I was asked a few questions about the projects that I did during my graduation and about my hobbies and interests. It has been an opportunity for me to explain myself and why I need to get into the royal tract. My conversation went well until there was a internet connectivity issues from my end but the interviewer asked me to calm down and had a sip of water then continued. I was confident in taking finance as a major and had a brief knowledge of it. Technical questions on the topic were asked and I was able to answer a few of them with confidence. The overall experience of the interview and the selection process was impressive. I am glad that I participated in the selection process and now I am a proud ISME student. Click here to start your CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni   GDPI Experience 11 Muskan Agarwal – PGDM 2021-23 Batch My name is Muskan Agrawal and my roll number is 2111136. Since the start of my life as a kid I always felt nervous about facing interviews whether it is for a job or for academic admissions. I was very nervous in the start. First, we had a Group Discussion and then a Personal Interview Round. There were 8 people in the GD round and the topic to be discussed was - “ Social Media : Impact of social media & individual”. I believe that as every coin has two sides, even social media is bad & good as well and discussed likewise. I cleared the group discussion round and then went on for PI. When I was called for an online personal interview, I entered the zoom meeting where I saw 2 professors who asked me about my hobbies, who I am, why I want to pursue this course, if I am having any work experience, and what is my short term goal, tested my knowledge of the course by asking subject related questions and so on. I gave good answers for quite a few and for others I gave some vague answers. This GD and PI round helped me gain experience and more confidence and I also got an insight to the areas I have to work upon. Through my GD experience, I learnt how to voice out my opinion and at the same time understood the importance of team work as well as working and discussing in a group. My PI round helped me meet a lot of dignified and experienced people/faculty where I got a little glimpse of the competitive world and their kind words even if I cleared or not, will help me throughout my life. Got to meet and greet our teachers and get an insight to our curriculum. They helped me understand the flow for the coming two years and the experience would help in self-development. My overall experience was really exciting and knowledgeable. I would like to thank my interview panel for the smooth and comfortable process.   GDPI Experience 12 Devanshi Shah – PGDM 2021-23 Batch I'm Devanshi Shah of PGDM 1st year. I have written below my experience of GDPI in ISME "Last year during this time I was in search for colleges to do PGDM when I came to know about International School of Management Excellence (ISME). This B-School had a spell over me, and I decided to apply for the college. As any normal application I registered for the PGDM course with a lot of hope and nervousness in my heart. After the registration process, I was told that there would be a group discussion round and a personal interview round which will decide my admission into ISME. Due to the pandemic, they could not conduct group discussion for my batch, but I had an online interview. I was nervous and excited for my interview. My preparation was in full swing and I made sure I was thoroughly prepared for the upcoming interview. On the day of my interview, I was overwhelmed and nervous. I had two faculty members who took the interview made me feel at ease by asking questions that helped me calm my nerves. They started the interview by asking me about myself, academics and why I wanted to do PGDM. My first impression of them was that they were quite friendly and understanding. To minimize the stress and to make me comfortable they even cracked a few jokes in between. As the interview progressed, they asked me a couple of technical and subject-related questions, why I wanted to join ISME and what motivates me to do PGDM. I was elated with how my interview turned out. Despite my nervousness and inability to answer a few questions the interview went quite smoothly. My overall experience about the interview was it was a very enriching encounter that landed me into ISME."   GDPI Experience 13 Himani Macherla – PGDM 2021-23 Batch As soon I entered the zoom meeting, I was guided well by the student volunteers and professors. We had a brief meeting with the college professors and current students on the courses offered and the kind of facilities the college had. We were also given a chance to ask questions. Once the introduction was over, we were allotted the group discussion rooms and were made to wait for our turn. My group had 8 members and my topic was Is Mars mission justifiable for a country like India?” The panelists seemed friendly. They provided us with batch numbers for the GD session and the marks were allotted by the panelists for the respective batch number. The Group Discussion started, and they allotted 3-5 mins to prepare for the topic. The GD session went for approximately 20 minutes. Fortunately, my session went well. It wasn’t very aggressive and chaotic. This did boost my confidence for the next round, which was the personal interview round. I have been all prepared for this Personal interview since the day I applied for the college. There were two panelists. My interview almost went for 25 minutes. The questions were on the basis of my work experience, internships and certification courses I have done in the UG. They have also asked me about the events I was part of an organizing committee and what I had done in the lockdown for self-development. Sincethe faculty is from a finance background, she asked me a good number of questions on accounts and financial markets. The session was very interactive and I was able to answer pretty much all of them. I liked the PI process because I was able to talk about my areas of interests and hence the questions did not make me feel uncomfortable. The panelists made sure I was calm, relaxed and not tense. They asked about my family background in the beginning of the interview and ended with, why I want to do higher studies and why I prefer to study away from my home town. I was excited to embark on a new journey, indeed the journey has been nothing but eventful and full of new experiences. Click here to start your CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni   GDPI Experience 14 Suja A – PGDM 2021-23 Batch I had interview around 3 pm. I was interviewed by our professors Prof. Vikku Agrawal and Prof. Shruti Agarwal. First, I was asked about myself. They questioned why I want to take PGDM. They asked about my entrance exam score and also questions related to statistics. They were friendly and also gave me some time to think for answers. They also encouraged me to answer. They asked me if I have applied for any other college and I clearly explained them. They asked about my work-life balance. They asked me the reason behind the gap between the studies. They made me comfortable throughout the interview. They asked why I was working as Online Communication trainer after completing B.E. I explained about my situation and my interest in teaching. I had a great experience interacting with them.   GDPI Experience 15 Somin Jain – PGDM 2021-23 Batch My experience with the ISME personal interview was very good. It was my first interview in my life, and I was really excited about my upcoming college experience. My interview was taken by Prof. Sriram. At first, I was so scared because the interview was online and I didn't have any knowledge related to online interviews, so I wore a decent formal outfit. I was very nervous at the beginning of my interview. The first question asked was about my introduction. So, I answered by introducing myself and my educational background. I was having a great time during this interview and was able to make a good impression on the Professor. Then Sir asked me some managerial-related questions, like: What is a product? “Can you sell me a product if I am a rude customer? How will you convince me to buy your product” After that, he asked me about my hometown and some questions related to general knowledge. I answered every question so well that at the end, Prof was very happy and appreciated my efforts. I was very pleased with the interview and after a few days, I received notification from ISME that I had been selected. Being part of ISME, I learned a lot of good stuff from the day of the interview till today.   GDPI Experience 16 Ramanathan P L – PGDM 2021-23 Batch After completing many of the competitive exams I opted for ISME Bangalore. Then there are several procedures to get into ISME. First, they will call you for the interview. There is an interview panel for the interview. At the time of my interview, I was in my native town so the first interview didn’t go well because of my internet network issues. So, I got waitlisted then I got a telephonic interview by Prof. Sriram. The Interview started with my strengths and weaknesses. He asked about my UG then asked which subject I like the most. I said, I like accounts. Then questions were asked based on Financial reporting. In a group discussion, they asked about women’s empowerment. I spoke about current affairs. I am against women’s empowerment if everyone is equal then why would we need women’s empowerment. Click here to start your CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni   GDPI Experience 17 Shivam Gaur – PGDM 2021-23 Batch After the application process, an interview with ISME admission team was scheduled for me. The interview was conducted in online mode and it was a seamless experience. The interview panel were very warm and motivating. They asked questions regarding my UG domain and current affairs. In the course of interview, whenever I was unable to answer any question, they guided me and made me think of a possible solution. The interviewers encouraged honesty and right attitude for the selection process. The questions asked were ranged from easy to moderate and included few application-based questions as well. They also checked my industry knowledge. I was asked about my long-term goals and how the college and courses offered by the institute will help me to achieve them. As the interview progressed, the teachers made me comfortable and also introduced the college and their aspirations of a candidate to me.   ISME Bangalore - Apply Now Click here to start your CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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