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NIA GDPI Experience
April 19 2024
NIA provides dual expertise to the PGDM students; one in Insurance and the other in management. Being a National Institute the culture at National Insurance Academy is multifaceted. With a keen sense of responsibility to the needs of society and the nation, NIA’s hallmark lies in being bold to undertake untouched tasks of utmost importance and necessity. The environment reflects the history of NIA.
Curriculum: At NIA, the academic experience is unparalleled. Our students are given a comprehensive understanding of the Indian insurance industry with key inputs on instilling managerial ability. A balance in the infusion of core domain strength and managerial expertise is always maintained. Our course curriculum is constantly being revised according to industry needs and expectations and hence, reflects one of the most robust and dynamic of the learning experience. Every student has to complete six trimesters of intense academic work and 8-10 weeks of the Summer Internship Program to qualify for the diploma.
Following are some of the GDPI Experience
  • Interview Details:

    • Date: April 25th, 2019
    • Time: 11 am
    • Number of Panelists: 3
    • Interview Duration: 20 minutes
  • Group Discussion (GD) Topic:

    • Topic: Right to Information Act

Questions and answers:

  • Panelist: Tell me about yourself.
  • Student:  I am from Kochi, Kerala. My dad is working at BPCL Kochi refinery as a manager and my mom is a homemaker. I did my graduation from MACE, Kerala, in civil engineering. I did a diploma course in quantity survey for a period of 6 months. Apart from my academics, I am interested in modeling, sketching and singing. 
  • Panelist: What is common in civil engineering and insurance?
  • Student: The application of the survey in both.
  • Panelist: Is social media a boon or bane?
  • Student: It can be considered to be both and depends on how we perceive and use it. It can easily be misused and at the same time life has become so much easier after its arrival. Gave examples for the same.
  • Following are some of the questions I can recall  What are your views on gender equality? Why NIA? Why insurance after civil engineering?

GDPI Experience 2

Interview Details:

  • Date: 26th April 2019
  • Time: 10 AM
  • Number of Panelists: 3
  • Interview Duration (in mins): 8-10 Minutes

Group Discussion (GD) Topic:

  • Topic: IRDAI: Watchdog or Bloodhound?

Written Ability Test (WAT) Topic:

  • Topic: Is Agriculture necessary for India’s future?
PI Questions and Answers:

The following are some of the questions and answers from my recollection.

  • Panelist: Tell me about yourself
  • Answer: My name is _____________. I am a ____________ Graduate from_______________. I live in______________.
  • Panelist: Why insurance and why NIA?
  • Answer: Insurance is a booming sector and NIA is the only place that offers industrial training to people who are actually working in the field. Thus, I would get the chance to interact with them and make the best out of it.
  • Panelist: In your WAT(Writing Ability Test), you chose agriculture. Why?
  • Answer: Agriculture being the primary occupation of our country provides employability the most in rural areas. Although the service or the tertiary sector is also vital, keeping in mind the geographical features and history of India, agriculture must be paid attention to.
  • Panelist: How did your Group Discussion go? Is IRDAI a watchdog or a bloodhound?
  • Answer: I believe it is a watchdog as Regulations are very important to avoid misuse and to reap maximum benefits from the sector.
  • Panelist: Why do you want to shift to the insurance industry from engineering?
  • Answer: There are many things which I have learned in Engineering which are actually helpful in any other field.

PI Experience 1                        

Interview Details:

  • Date: 12th March 2019
  • Time: 10:30 AM
  • Number of Panelists: 3
  • Interview Duration (in mins): 10

Questions and Answers: 

  • Panelist: Tell me about yourself 
  • Student:  I am Rahul Kapadia, From Mumbai. I hold a bachelor in commerce degree from Mumbai University, I am also a fellow of the Insurance Institute of India. My father works in a national insurance company limited as a marketing officer and my mother is a home-maker. I have an elder sister who is married and works in ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company. My interests lie in competitive e-sport wherein I have participated semi-professionally in various e-sport (video games) titles.  
  • Panelist: Why did you choose NIA
  • Student: I had an interest in the field of Insurance since my graduation time. Since the interest was there, I sought out to give the III exams to learn more about insurance. As I finished the fellowship diploma, along with my B.com degree, I chose NIA because it offers PGDM in the field of insurance which was where I wanted to take my career. 
  • Panelist: Question-related to written ability test.
  • Student: Answered as per write up.

PI Experience 2

Interview Details:

  • Date: 12th March 2019
  • Location: NIA Campus
  • Interview Time: 12:00 PM
  • Number of Panelists: 3
  • Interview Duration (in minutes): 25-30

Questions and Answers:

  • Panelist: Tell me something about yourself.
  • Me: I am Tarun Vishwakarma, a fresher automobile engineer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I keenly follow sports and national and international news. Apart from academics, I am an avid reader and an aspiring writer; I have my own blog where I post articles frequently.
  • Panelist: Then Tarun how did you land up here?
  • Me: I briefly explained my career objectives and my future plans. I also explained why National Insurance Academy and subsequently answered, “Hence I made up my mind and appeared for CMAT 2019 and here I am today answering your questions!” (Made the environment light!)
  • Panelist: Tell us more about your family background and the city you live in..
  • Me: I explained to them about my family background. Then I mentioned all the points about Ahmedabad. They also asked me about my native place and I answered them confidently.
  • Panelist: Tell me something about the Indian Economy, do you think the current government has done a fair job?
  • Me: I answered the question calmly, meanwhile they countered me with various arguments, to which I replied diligently. The interviewer tried to confuse me with some facts but I rejected it and stood firm on my views. I think they were trying to assess my confidence.
  • Panelist: What do you know about Insurance? Can you explain to us what is the difference between life and non-life insurance?
  • Me: I prepared all relevant questions on Insurance beforehand and hence answered them.  #Tip: You are expected to know some basics of insurance in the interview, so prepare them accordingly.
  • Panelist: Okay Tarun, it was nice talking to you. All the best.
  • Me: Thank you, sir.

PI Experience 3

Interview Details:

  • Date: 12th March 2019
  • Interview Timings: 9:00 AM
  • Number of Panelists: 3
  • Interview Duration (in minutes): 10

Questions and Answers:

  • Panelists:- Hi good morning, Could u pls tell me something about Vasai? (Vasai is the place where I stay)
  • Student:- Vasai is a suburban city that forms part of both the Mumbai metropolitan region(MMR) and the Vasai Virar Municipal corporation (VVMC). It is a coastal town that lies very close to Daman Diu and has plenty of small scale industries. Vasai forms a very important part of history as it was inhabited by the Portuguese.
  • Panelists:- What is insurance?
  • Student:- explained to them the meaning of insurance by using an example
  • Panelists:- Why Insurance after Mechanical Engineering?
  • Student:- I come from a technical background and I have always wanted to work in a very niche segment. insurance is one such sector that provides me the opportunity to use my prior knowledge and also work in an exciting sector. Insurance is a booming sector with plenty of scope of growth in our nation in the coming days. Also due to the coming up of Insurtechs in the European Markets, technology has a lot of scope of growth in the sector. This provides for a chance to be innovative and hence there are plenty of opportunities for starting up a startup as well.
  • Panelists:- Why MBA without work experience?
  • Student:- I want to continue my education without a break. It would very difficult for me to continue my education after working because I would lose my link with studying. Also working at an organization puts you in a certain kind of framework that hampers creativity and innovation.
  • Panelist:- Why NIA?
  • Student:- NIA is the Apex institute in the insurance sector in our country. It is also one of the very few institutes that offer courses in insurance and management. It has people with experience from the industry to teach subjects to the PGDM students.

PI Experience 4

Interview Details:

  • Date: 12th March 2019
  • Interview Timing: 10:00 AM
  • Number of Panelists: 3
  • Interview Duration: 10-15 minutes

Questions and answers:

    • Panelist: why did you decide to make a career in insurance?
    • Student: Insurance is the need of the hour. The insurance sector in India has not reached its Potential but it is a sector that is on the rise. The Current Insurance Penetration in India is 3.69% which shows that there is lots of scope for improvement which also means lots of opportunities in this sector. Insurance is not only important for individuals but also for corporations which is nothing but a clear indication of the importance and need for a person who has deep technical knowledge of this field. Every company irrespective of the field and size needs guidance and counseling as far as Insurance is concerned and a Specialization offers me exactly that.
    • Panelist: Why MBA?
    • Student: Once I decided that Insurance is the sector where I want to make a career, it became very important for me to possess the necessary knowledge and skillset of that particular sector. Managerial, Communication, Marketing, Leadership, Decision-making skills, and Financial Knowledge- All form part of an MBA course that I can learn and develop by pursuing an MBA.
    • Panelist: Why NIA?
    • Student: As far as Insurance is concerned, NIA is the Premier Institute in terms of both the Quality of education & faculty as well as Career growth. An MBA in Insurance from a reputed institute like NIA will help me in achieving my ultimate goal of having a successful career in the Insurance sector.  Also, NIA will give the Brand name which will provide me creditability and reputation to get better opportunities in my future growth.
Anisha Mukhija

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