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SDA Bocconi GDPI Experiences
May 18 2024

SDA Bocconi Asia Center is a pan-Asian hub in Mumbai that has been delivering Executive Education and Postgraduate Programs designed by SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy since 2012. SDA Bocconi School of Management has been a leading institution in management training for over 40 years.

The School’s mission is to help individuals, companies, and institutions grow by promoting managerial culture, knowledge, and innovation. SDA Bocconi is among the leading Business Schools in Europe and is among the few to have gained triple accreditation – EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB – which puts it in the élite of Business Schools worldwide. 

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive SDA Bocconi GDPI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

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SDA Bocconi GDPI Experiences

Interview Experience 1: Vidhi Bhalla Vidhi Bhalla – International Master in Business – 2022 -24 | B A (Honors) Business Economics | Gargi College, Delhi University | 2 years work experience, EY GDS | NMAT 231, CAT 85.79

Interviewer: Hi Vidhi, how are you?

Interviewee: Hi sir, I am good. How are you?

 Interviewer: I am good, thank you very much.

Interviewer: Okay, so can you walk me through your CV, start to end?

Interviewee: I am originally from Gurgaon and I have done my under-graduation from University of Delhi, which were the three most transformative years of my life. I joined EY GDS post that and I worked there as a Tax Analyst. I am now here to upskill myself and explore endless possibilities through this course.

 Interviewer: Can you expand more on your work profile as a Tax Analyst?

 Interviewee: Sure, I worked on tax return preparation for US-based clients. It was a complete “learning at the job” setup since I had a clean slate and my two years in tax helped me gain a lot of analytical knowledge. I got promoted in my second year and won several awards for my performance. It has been a great learning journey.

 Interviewer: Sounds interesting, what makes you leave all this and pursue IMB from Bocconi?

 Interviewee: I am at a stage in my career where I have some newer insights into the workings of a corporation, and I now want to explore other domains and functions before I map my long-term career goals. IMB being an immersive curriculum with international exposure seems the perfect fit for my career trajectory. Additionally, SDA is known for its Luxury and Brand Management niche and that is what appealed to me the most.

Interviewer: Tell me more about your interest in Luxury and Brand Management, and how you think SDA Bocconi can help you in this scope.

Interviewee: Luxury and Brand Management is an area that caught my attention very recently when a social media influencer started a series, gaining insights into the fashion weeks of the world. I realized the huge shift this space has witnessed and the immense potential that it carries in the future, and I want to be a part of this journey.

SDA Bocconi School of Management is known for being one of the top schools in this domain, thus my inclination. I also know that brands like Nykaa, Loreal, and H&M recruit from SDA Bocconi Asia Center, and I would love to be a part of any of these organizations.

Interviewer: What are your views on Nykaa and its growth over the past few years?

 Interviewee: Nykaa as a brand is doing everything right according to me. They have just launched an IPO with huge synergies and have been promoting the right kind of ethics and values in the beauty space. Falguni ma’am is a leader that I look up to and the growth trajectory she has paved for Nykaa is inspiring.

Interviewer: Have you applied to or interviewed for any other B-Schools?

Interviewee: Yes, I am in the selection process for NMIMS, IMI Delhi, and IMT.

Interviewer: How are you planning to finance the fee?

Interviewee: Partly loan. Partly self-financing

 Interviewer: Okay we are done with your interview; do you have any questions for me?

Interviewee: Yes sir, I wanted to understand more about the Milan semester and the career opportunities for us there.

Interviewer: The learning curve is splendid on campus in Milan as students would be able to have very insightful sessions from different professors as well as industry experts and the peer-to-peer learning would also be great. While we do not promise international placements, our students have successfully sourced internship and project opportunities while in Milan.

 Interviewee: Oh, okay sir, thank you.

Interviewer: Thank you. Goodbye. Good luck

Anupam Shrivastava – International Master in Business, 2022-24 | BBA LLB, New Law College BVDU, Pune | 3 years work experience, Global Insurance Brokers, Tata AIG | Bocconi Test Profile Introduction:

 Right after my stint at Tata AIG, I started preparing for CAT, NMAT, and other exams from April 2021 along with my day job. As a legal professional, preparation was a little tough in the beginning but I was motivated enough to bell the cat.

I researched about the best B-schools in India, talked to my friends and colleagues. I got really good reviews about SDA Bocconi Asia Center, I read more about the course curriculum, Italian faculty, and global exposure which helped me to make an informed decision.

I applied in the first round through Bocconi Test which was conducted online, and I was shortlisted for the interview. My Interview preparation revolved mostly around my work ex, why IMB, the domain I am interested in, and my extracurriculars.

My interview went something like this:

 Interviewer: Hi Anupam. How are you?

Interviewee: Hi Sir good morning, I am absolutely fine, thank you. How are you?

 Interviewer: I am good, Thank you very much

 Interviewer: So, tell me something about yourself.

Interviewee: Sure, My name is Anupam Shrivastava, I am from Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh which is known as the land of white tigers. I did my law from New Law College Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune and got my first job in Tata AIG through college placement. I worked in Tata AIG as a Liability Claims Specialist and then, I moved to Global Insurance Brokers to understand the other side of business and worked as a Product Specialist Liability Insurance.

 When I am not working, I play guitar and do live singing gigs. I am now planning to do my MBA to further sharpen my business knowledge and gain perspective about business operations.

Interviewer: So, you are a lawyer then why did you not practice law and worked on the corporate side?

 Interviewee: During my law course I had taken multiple internships and the initial internships were at the district courts, that’s when I realised that the application of law at the root level is completely different and not very 'ethical'. I was always interested in business laws like Competition Law, Mergers and Acquisition and thus I chose business laws as my specialisation in 3rd year, fortunately I got my first job at a very reputed company and since then, I am working towards becoming a better corporate professional.

Interviewer: Okay. So why MBA?

 Interviewee: I joined Global Insurance Brokers as Product Specialist, where I had to work in concurrence with Sales and Placement teams. I was meeting various clients and was helping the sales team in pitching business and the placement team in analyzing client risk matrix. I wanted to leverage these skills and my corporate knowledge and that's why, I planned to do MBA and work towards becoming a consultant. Also, I had kept B2B Sales as an option which I wanted to explore.

Interviewer: Tell me a challenging situation you faced at work and how you managed it?

 Interviewee: In Global Insurance Brokers, I worked on a ransomware attack claim for a major Life Insurance company wherein the claim amount was Rs. 48 Crores. Since I was the broker, I had to understand the technical side of their business which got affected due to the attack and explain the same to the insurance company and surveyors.

 Thus, I had hours of meetings with the client understanding their financial statements, business continuity plans, and mitigation efforts taken by them and then multiple meetings with the surveyors explaining the policy coverage and interpretation of the wordings. Finally, I was able to get a favourable outcome on the claim and my work was recognised by the senior management of the company.

Interviewer: You have been a professional singer for 5 years. Why did you not make it as a career?

 Interviewee: Singing is something I always enjoyed but I have been practical about it. I always did it for the stage thrill and self-enjoyment. I wanted to have a corporate life as I enjoy working in dynamic environments and I was always fascinated by white-collar jobs. That's why I chose law as my career.

 Interviewer: How are you planning to finance the fee?

 Interviewee: I plan on taking a loan and using my savings.

 Interviewer: Do you have any questions for me?

 Interviewee: Yes Sir. How can a lawyer outshine in an institute where there is such diversity in terms of personal as well as professional background?

 Interviewer: In an MBA class there are students from different backgrounds and therefore while discussing case studies, the ideas come from various perspectives. You always have something to learn from every student. As a lawyer you will share your thoughts from a legal point of view which will give a different perspective to the entire class. You grow by learning from your peers and faculty of course.

Interview: Okay, that helps a lot. Thank you so much!

Sanya Mahajan - International Master in Business, 2022-24   | Btech Biotechnology, Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala | Bocconi Test Interview Setting: Interview conducted online Interviewer: Hi Sanya! How are you?

Interviewee: Hello Sir! I’m good, thank you!

Interviewer: Okay, so tell me something about yourself.

 Interviewee: I am Sanya Mahajan. I studied BTech in Biotechnology at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala. I belong to a small hill station, Dalhousie. And being a mountain girl, I’m really fond of trekking. I am a meditator too. I’ve learnt ‘sudarshan kriya’ and ‘sahaj samadhi.’ This helps me in keeping myself at peace. Apart from that, I was the school Head Girl and have played various leadership roles since. In college, I was part of the core committee of an Inter-university Sports Fest ‘Urja’ where I played the role of Event Management Head.

 I was also an active member of ‘Har Hath Kalam Association’ where we provided holistic learning opportunities and created awareness about anti-begging. I’ve done a few internships too. The first one was with PepsiCo where I worked for the product Tropicana Orange Delight. Then I interned with IFF which is a B2B company. I also worked as a content creator for a travel agency named Byko Journeys, handling their Instagram account which has more than 10,000 followers.

 Interviewer: The internships that you mentioned were part of your academic curriculum?

 Interviewee: Two of them (PepsiCo and IFF) were part of my college curriculum. But the internship with Byko Journeys wasn’t.

Interviewer: Explain your role in these internships.

 Interviewee: In PepsiCo, I was in the Research and Development sector of Beverages. I formulated reduced calorie ‘Tropicana Orange Delight’ using natural sweeteners like Stevia and Reb-A which further went for Physico-chemical and sensory analysis by an expert panel. In IFF, I worked with the Bakery Department. I formulated reduced-calorie biscuits for adults and high protein-rich cookies for kids in different flavours. For Byko Journeys, I used to create content for their Instagram page. I also made memes and itinerary posts using Canva for their account.

Interviewer: Tell me something about your family.

 Interviewee: I come from a business family. My father owns a wholesale business of hardware and goods transporting business. My mother is a homemaker. My elder brother works with Amazon in Hyderabad.

 Interviewer: What are your hobbies?

Interviewee: I like painting. I love trekking. I’ve done a few – Triund trek, Dainkund trek and Jot Pass Trek. I also like reading. My favourite book is ‘My life in full: Work, Family and our Future’ by Indra Nooyi.

Interviewer: Tell me more about Indra Nooyi and her work?

Interviewee: Spoke a bit about her and the agendas that she works for currently.

 Interviewer: What can you give back to her vision in your capacity?

 Interviewee: I gave a very personal story that related to work situations for women and tried to establish that I believe in her vision although I will need more time to think through for something that will be a game changer at my level.

 Interviewer: What are your two strengths and two weaknesses?

 Interviewee: My people skills are one of my greatest strengths. I find it easy to connect with almost anyone and often know how to empathize with others. Second, I’m a detail-oriented person, as even during my internship, I was known for paying attention to minute details. Talking about weaknesses, I am a bit sensitive. At times, I take things personally. And I am a bit of a perfectionist. Sometimes, I focus so much on a certain detail that leads to stress for no reason.

Interviewer: Why MBA?

 Interviewee: I come from the technical field of Biotechnology. My academic background at TIET helped me to hone my technical knowledge and communication skills but then my internships, where I learned about the customer-to-business and business-to-business modeling frameworks, led to the development of my interest in an MBA. So, I wanted to pursue an MBA as it would act as a catalyst for my career change from core technology to Management.

 Interviewer: Sanya, you have gap years in your CV. Can you explain the reasons for the same?

 Interviewee: I’m from a biology background. I did simple schooling without any tuition and scored 89.4% in 12th standard. I wanted to pursue MBBS and hence, I took coaching for a year (2015) from Allen Coaching Centre, Chandigarh for NEET which is a highly competitive medical entrance exam.

 I didn’t get an MBBS but converted Himachal Institute of Dental Sciences, Paonta Sahib for BDS. But at the same time, I got shortlisted for BTech in Biotechnology from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala and decided to go forward with the same. After completing my undergrad (during the pandemic) I started preparing for MBA entrance exams in order to get admission to a reputed college. And side by side, I worked as a content creator in a travel agency. It was a crucial year for my personal growth as I spent most of my time exploring and sharpening my skills.

 Interviewer: How many entrance exams have you given?

Interviewee: Three – CAT, NMAT, SNAP.

 Interviewer: Why do you want to do IMB at SDA Bocconi Asia Center?

Interviewee: SDA Bocconi is ranked 13th worldwide according to the FT Global MBA rankings 2022. The pedagogy adopted by the world-class faculty from Milan is unique and will be of immense help in broadening the perspective with in-depth knowledge of concepts. I Also discussed how the scaling up of Indian companies makes it even more prudent to get a global perspective. Lastly I added that it has an edge over other B-schools in India as it provides an opportunity to network with students from other nationalities.

 Interviewer: How did you come to know about SDA Bocconi Asia Center?

Interviewee: While I was searching for colleges that accept NMAT scores, I came across SDA Bocconi Asia Center and then learned more about it from YouTube videos.

 Interviewer: And in which other MBA colleges have you applied?

Interviewee: I’m shortlisted for Symbiosis, NMIMS and XIMB Bhubaneshwar.

 Interviewer: Which stream do you want to specialize in?

 Interviewee: I’m interested in Sales and Marketing.

 Interviewer: How are you planning to pay your fees?

 Interviewee: I plan to take a partial loan and my family will support me too.

 Interviewer: Do you know what the STP model is?

 Interviewee: No, I don't think I know what that is. Sorry.

 Interviewer: Alright, do you have any questions?

Interviewee: Yes. What is the skill sets that we should equip ourselves with before joining a B-school? (He told me to do a few online courses in the domain I’m interested in).

 Interviewer: Okay, thank you. All the best for the future!

 Interviewee: Thank you so much, Sir!

Amogh Shetty– International Master in Business – 2022 -24 | BMM, Malini Kishor Sanghvi College | 3 months work experience, Chtrbox | NMAT 250 Profile Introduction: After my short stint as an influencer marketer at Chtrbox, I decided to start preparing for my MBA. Prior to deciding to join SDA Bocconi Asia Center, I attended the webinars to better understand the approach, the overall selection process, and the level of preparation I would need, as well as to estimate my chances of admission to the B-School. Here’s how my Interview went

 Interview Setting: Online Interviewer: Hello Amogh. How are you doing?

Interviewee: I’m doing well Ma’am, thank you for asking. How are you doing?

Interviewer: I’m doing well too. I can see your application and resume, could you please tell me about yourself?

 Interviewee: My name is Amogh Shetty, I’m from Mumbai and I’ve done my Bachelor in Mass Media. Since I’ve done my specialisation in Advertising, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in various film festivals and within those 3 years, I secured winning positions in events like Mono Acting, Advertising, Short Film, Drama and Dance.

 I’m most passionate about dance and I’ve been working with a dance company as an artist for 5 years now. I’ve performed in many theatre shows, corporate shows as well as award shows. I’ve also been selected in the top 10 performers team for international shows in Austria, Hungary, Greece and Switzerland. I firmly believe in community service. I’ve been part of the Rotaract Club of Bombay Airport for 2 years now and I’m currently serving as the HRD Officer. As a member, I was awarded the performer of the year and as a director, I was awarded the best director of the year.

In my leisure time, I play cricket or football on weekends, I shoot dance videos, a few of which have been uploaded on sare ga ma’s youtube music channel which has 30 M subscribers.

 Interviewer: So you’ve won an award for mono-acting. Could you enact a piece of any sketch of your choice for 30-60 secs?

 Interviewee: Sure Ma’am. Is it okay if I take 20 secs to think of a monologue? (Since I wasn’t prepared for this and was thrown completely off-guard, I requested the panel to allow me a few secs to come up with an act)

 Interviewee: Sure Amogh, take your time. (I took 20 secs but couldn’t come up with a monologue that I had rehearsed before. I decided to perform an act impromptu wherein I’m playing a character depicting myself and another character depicting a wise old man, discussing the importance of higher education and how SDA Bocconi is the perfect place for any MBA candidate by highlighting its curriculum, international faculty and exchange semester in Milan. The panel clapped at the end and I breathed a sigh of relief).

 Interviewer: Very well done Amogh. Since you’ve already performed professionally as an artist, why do you want to pursue an MBA, and why SDA?

 Interviewee: As far as my passion for dance is concerned, I plan to continue performing as an artist part-time while having a full-time job in the future. To further achieve my envisaged goals, I need to enhance my understanding of business fundamentals. I believe courses such as Market Research, Data Analysis for Business, Financial Reporting, Sales and Channel Management, Operation Strategy and Brand Management would help me understand the dynamics of the market and sharpen the skills I have developed over the years.

 One key motivation for me to apply to SDA Bocconi is its world-class pedagogy. The fact that most of the faculty imparting knowledge to us have experience and expertise in the subjects they teach by working in the real world and thus are extensively capable of providing useful insights about the real market and its workings makes it attractive for a student. Hence, I would like to pursue MBA in a reputed school like SDA Bocconi where I would get perspective on leadership, strategy, business planning, marketing and driving international business.

 Interviewer: Great! I see that you’ve worked full-time for just 3 months. Could you tell us your reason for such a short stint?

 Interviewee: Sure. I began my corporate career as an influencer marketer with Chtrbox shortly after graduating. While I was having a great learning experience working there, I knew I needed to pursue my MBA at a good institute, so I took a break and concentrated my time and effort on it.

 Interviewer: Okay. Which other colleges you have been interviewed for?

Interviewee: IMT & NMIMS

 Interviewer: How are you planning to finance the fee?

Interviewee: I am planning to take an education loan

 Interviewer: Okay we are done with your interview; do you have any questions for me?

Interviewee: Could you suggest if I should take up an internship or do certifications on topics like finance, and data analysis in which I have no prior knowledge?

 Interviewer: It would be great if you could do both. A good internship would add value to your C.V while doing courses on such topics will prepare you beforehand for your MBA.

 Interviewee: Thank you for the advice. Looking forward to being a part of this prestigious institution.

 Interviewer: Sure Amogh. Good luck with the same. Have a great day!

Interviewee: Thank you so much for having me, Ma’am. Have a great day!

Ridhi Seth– International Master in Business – 2022 -24 | BBA, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies | 3.8 Years work experience, ITC Hotels | NMAT 230 Profile Introduction:

I decided to pursue a Masters Degree after spending adequate time at my workplace in Sales. I was always inclined towards Marketing and wanted to pave a career path for myself in this field. I have always given importance to Global Education and my interest was also towards Luxury Management and SDA Bocconi was among the few colleges offering such a holistic course and hence I was extremely elated to have received a Personal Interview call for the college. 

Interviewee: Ridhi Seth Mode: Online (Zoom) Interviewer: Hello Ridhi, How are you doing today?

 Interviewee: I am very well Sir. How about you?

Interviewer: I am good too, thank you for asking! Okay, so Ridhi - I have your resume with me and I see you have some work experience. Can you please tell me about your work, your responsibilities and your achievements during your stint?

 Interviewee: I have been working with ITC Hotels for the past 3.5 years. I started my journey as a Sales Coordinator and climbed the ladder to be a Sales and M.C.E.W. Executive. My day-to-day responsibilities include end–to–end sales and relationship building, especially with the event and wedding planning agencies since I am responsible for the domain. It also includes developing sales strategies, setting budgets, and devising action plans in order to achieve the set targets.

 A very important part of my role is event planning and also execution for large scale events. When I was given the task of handling and executing events, it was a daunting task since they are once-in-a-lifetime events and there is a lot of scope for errors as well but I am proud to say today that I have handled about 30 events in 2021 itself and have generated a revenue of INR 1.5 Crore which is among the highest in the unit. In addition, I have also received numerous appreciation letters from clients. I was also among the few people who received a promotion in 2020 when the Hospitality Sector was struggling for survival.

Interviewer: Why are you inclined towards SDA Bocconi?

Interviewee: My reason to be inclined towards a Masters from SDA Bocconi is the global exposure provided by the college. 75% of the faculty comes from the main campus, making SDA truly global. The school also has courses like Entrepreneurship, Finance and Luxury in India which I am interested in. It remains among the only few that offer such courses in India.

 Interviewer: Why have you chosen to pursue an MBA at this point?

 Interviewee: I have spent the last 3 years working in the Sales and Marketing Department of ITC Hotels. My role is to maximise revenues by recognizing existing and new business prospects, maintaining and building strong relationships with potential clients and achieving set budgets and targets. Since I have gathered experience that has offered an overview of the Sales Function, I want to gain deeper knowledge in the field of Marketing and experience in the field. A Master’s Degree would prepare me for this role, remove entry barriers and further open new prospects.

 Interviewer: If not admitted to an MBA institute, what would you do?

 Interviewee: In case I am unable to do an MBA, my Plan would be to look for better opportunities within my existing job or look for new opportunities in other firms. I will also look at acquiring more skills and certifications that will help me fetch a better role. Interviewer: Is it safe to say that your domain of choice is Marketing? Interviewee: Yes absolutely, that is my domain of interest. Interviewer: In case you get a seat at Bocconi, what you would give to the class?


Interviewee: I am a hard-working individual who is keen to learn. I have high attention to detail and I am a people person which enables me to work much better in a team. I have the ability to think on my feet which is a vital skill required when managing events. Through this skillset, I can use my expertise and provide meaningful inputs to the class and provide a fresh perspective to the problems at hand.

 Interviewer: I can see that you are from Delhi and you moved to Bombay for your Graduation, how was the experience?

 Interview: It was a very enriching experience and helped me grow as a person. I am a single child and have been given all the resources required to live a comfortable life. This was the first time I was moving out of my comfort zone and stepping into uncharted territory. For someone who has not even travelled to another city alone, shifting and building my career was a challenge. It was extremely tough, I did not have the basic skills required as well. It took some time but I started to learn how to manage things. I understood the importance of taking responsibility and it has moulded me into the person that I am today. I am truly thankful for the experience.

Interviewer: In case you get a seat, how do you plan to fund yourself?

Interviewee: I plan to fund my education through a partial bank loan and the balance with the help of my family

Interviewer: Which other colleges have you applied to?

 Interviewee: I have applied to colleges like Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and K.J. Somaiya.

 Interviewer: Where did you learn about Bocconi?

 Interviewee: I learned about Bocconi during my research for colleges accepting NMAT Scores.

 Interviewer: Since you said you are inclined towards Marketing, tell me about a Marketing Campaign that you liked.

Interviewee: A marketing campaign that really stuck with me was ‘Dove’s – Break the Rules of Beauty’ Campaign. The advertisement starts with a woman who is not very traditionally good-looking and talks about how we are all unique and beautiful in our own ways. Beauty is not just defined as the standard provided by the society. The ad was very heart-warming and connected with the audience on a very emotional level. It left the viewers with a very strong message and showcased the product in a very discreet way, whilst ensuring that it had high recall rates. Hence, I must say this was one of my recent favourite campaigns.

Interviewer: How do you stay updated with the news?

 Interviewee: I am an avid investor in the stock market since financial independence is very important to me. Investing in the market requires you to monitor them on a daily basis including the international indices. This helps me get a broad idea about the happenings in the world. I also have some applications installed that help me stay updated with the news. I want to inculcate the habit of reading newspapers daily but that is still in process.

 Interviewer: Okay great, before I conclude, do you have any questions for me?

 Interviewee: In case I get chosen for the program what should I do in the last couple of months to increase my readiness for the program?

 Interviewer: Since you are inclined towards Marketing, I would suggest you to take an active role in the campaigns being implemented by your company and stay updated with the current trends in the domain.

 Interviewee: Understood, thank you so much. It was lovely talking to you, have a great day and I look forward to seeing you on campus.

Interviewer: Thank you Ridhi, have a great day too. All the Best!

Tips for the Interview

  • Be Confident
  • Be clear in your thoughts
  • Know your Curriculum Vitae inside out
  • Do not be nervous, the purpose of the Interview is to know you and if you as a person are a good candidate for SDA Bocconi.

Nischay Bansal – International Master in Business – 2022 -24 | B.Com | 2 Year Work experience | NMAT 246 Interviewer: Hi Nischay, how are you? Interviewee: Hello sir, good afternoon. I am good, thank you. How are you? Interviewer: I am good, thank you very much. Interviewer: Okay, tell me something about yourself. Interviewee: So I consider myself an unorthodox Mumbaikar because I’ve been in a boarding school in Shimla from the first grade to the twelfth and consider myself a proud resident of both sides. Having pursued my Bachelors in Commerce from SIES College of Commerce, Navi Mumbai, I am a pure commerce student with an affinity towards computers. I love programming and have also done a post graduate program in Data Science and Engineering from Great Lakes. I worked as a Strategy Analyst at Prosper, a Navi Mumbai based firm specialising in FMCG goods. So, this is me in a nutshell. Interviewer: That’s amazing. So, why did you choose Bocconi? Interviewee: I first heard about Bocconi through a mutual acquaintance of mine who had nothing but good words for the institution. The diverse curriculum and the international exposure offered through the faculty and the various opportunities was very unique and hard for me to pass up. Bocconi has a very different approach with their Masters program. The international exposure Bocconi provides is something that I personally felt would pave a way for me to have a successful future ahead. Interviewer: What are your interests? Interviewee: I am into writing and am currently working on my anthology which is due to be published soon, it is a three part series. Music is also something I live by, I play close to ten instruments and love writing, composing and singing. Interviewer: Since you've done a course in Data Science, explain data science in one line. Interviewee: According to me it is algorithms, tools, and data. Interviewer: Great! So apart from SDA Bocconi Asia Center, which colleges have you applied to? Interviewee: None, I applied with only SDA Bocconi Asia Center in mind. Interviewer: How are you planning to finance the fees? Interviewee: I would be applying for a loan. Interviewer: Okay, we are done with your interview; Do you have any questions for me? Interviewee: No, Sir. It was amazing talking to you. Interviewer: Thank you so much, goodbye and best of luck for your future. Interviewee: Thank you sir. Have a great day.

Isha Shah - International Master in Business – 2022 -24 | BMS, Finance | NK College, Mumbai University | Bocconi test The interview was more of a conversation between the professor and me. Here’s how it went: -

 Interviewer - Tell me about yourself

 Interviewee - I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in management studies. To talk more about my personality, I am a cheerful, optimistic and an amicable person. I like to read and write. In the first lockdown, I completed my very first novel “guilty” which is now published and available on Amazon as well as all the notion press stores. I am also a very emphatic person and like to volunteer in NGOs. I was an active member of an NGO called Leo’s club for over a year. Apart from this some of my hobbies are dancing and listening to slam poetry. I also am the co-founder at FFC India, where I have taught 100+ students over a period of 2 years.

 Interviewer - Are you still associated with FFC India? Are you planning to continue the same?

Interviewee - Yes, I am still associated with FFC India. I still teach on weekends and handle the overall running of the business. I’ll be continuing to do the same even during IMB. (Couple of technical and operational questions about FFC India)

 Interviewer - MBA is hectic, how do you plan on managing the same along with your studies?

Interviewee - I understand the efforts that’ll be required for the same sir, but teaching has always been my passion and I guess that’s the perk of owning the business. I am not answerable to anyone and can have time flexibility. I’ll manage teaching on weekends and day off.

Interviewer - You mentioned that you have a published novel, tell me how did you think of that and what is it about.

 Interviewee – I have always been fond of writing. During the lockdown, I started scribbling my story ideas in a book and decided to try to write one. In no time, I completed one. Later, I got it edited and proofread by a couple of friends and approached a publishing house. And the rest is history. (Also gave the synopsis of the Novel)

Interviewer - I see that you are fond of social work, I am assuming you also love travelling?

Interviewee - Ironically enough, no sir. I am not a travel person. I like to stay indoors more. Although, I am aware that this is not the best approach, and I should network more to help me spread my wings and broaden my horizons. To work towards the same, I have also started to visit more local shops, be it a café or bookstore.

 Interviewer - That is good. Why do you want to pursue an MBA now?

Interviewee - I am in the last semester of my bachelor's, and I think I am not industry ready. All I know is theory. I need a lot of practical exposure to be ready to step my foot in the corporate world and hence I believe an MBA is the best way forward for me.

Interviewer - Since you're doing your graduation in finance, can you tell me what WACC is?

Interviewee - Sure. It stands for Weighted Average Cost of Capital. It measures the cost of the company raising new capital and calculates the riskiness.

Interviewer - Okay, great.

Interviewer - Who has influenced you the most and why?

Interviewee - I am greatly influenced by my father. He has always been a role model for me. He belonged to a family where education was not given due diligence. He fought against all the odds and made sure to complete his masters and was able to be financially independent by the age of 25. He also has a very calm and practical approach to life, and I genuinely want to incorporate that too.

 Interviewer - What separates you from the rest of the candidates?

Interviewee - I am very good at self-management and self-discipline. I believe that the IMB program includes a lot of live projects and internship opportunities apart from academics and it’s very important to stay focused especially when we must manage a couple of things at the same time. I am positive that my management skills and organizational behaviour will set me apart from others and help me manage multiple things at once while maintaining the efficiency of the task.

Interviewer: How do you plan to fund your education?

 Interviewee: As I mentioned before, my dad is my role model and I want to follow in his footsteps and be financially independent. Hence, I will be taking an educational loan for my education.

 Interviewer: Why SDA Bocconi, specifically?

 Interviewee: Number one is the support you provide to your students. I thoroughly skimmed through your website and attended webinars conducted by your school alumnus, and all of them highlighted your commendable track record of achievement. As a student myself, it gives me a lot of comforts knowing that if I may need support or guidance at any point in my learning journey, your university will have my back. Number two is the degree and course you are offering. Many universities and colleges are offering PGDM and MBA degrees. However, having studied IMB content closely, I believe that the depth of knowledge I will gain in respect of the subject matter will be immense. Also, the level of experience and knowledge of your international lecturers will make my learning experiences even more interesting. Number three is the semester in Milan, Italy. I have always been the one to explore new opportunities and make new connections. I believe that it’s important to have good interpersonal skills, and a completely new culture and a different environment will help broaden my horizons. I believe that this opportunity will bring me out of my comfort zone and help me push my boundaries. All whilst giving me exposure to the best of both worlds.

Pleasantries Tips for your interview

  1. Stay calm and smile during the interview. Act grateful for his/her time.
  2. Be thorough with your CV and the technicalities of the work you have done (Internships/Full-time)
  3. It’s just a conversation between two people, don’t pressure yourself. The answer doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be YOUR answer.
  4. Do not copy answers, the interviewers have been doing this for over a decade. They can easily point it out if we are lying.
  5. It’s ok to take a pause to think of an answer. Just make sure it doesn’t take longer than 10 secs.

Samuel Ravella – International Master in Business – 2021 -23 | B.E Computer Science, PES Institute of Technology - Bangalore South Campus, 1 yr Work experience – Qalara NMAT 238 Profile introduction: I worked as a Marketing Consultant for 5 months at Qalara which was an e-commerce platform after which I dabbled in entrepreneurship with my start-up, EduScope where we worked on building an online one-stop solution for computer science students to get their course materials. As I come from a tech background, I decided to learn and understand business which is why I applied to SDA Bocconi Asia Center.

 Interview Setting: The interview conducted online Interviewer: Hi Samuel, how are you?

Interviewee: Hi sir and Hi Maam, I am good, thank you. How are you? I

nterviewer: I am good, Thank you very much

 Interviewer: Okay, so tell me something about yourself.

Interviewee: My name is Samuel Ravella, I am a 2020 CSE graduate from PES Institute of Technology in Bangalore. I have completed my Higher education at Sri Chaitanya PU College in Bangalore. I have worked as a Marketing Consultant for Qalara and post that I decided to start my own venture called EduScope which was an online one-stop solution for computer science students to get their course materials, unfortunately, I was put in a position where I had to pull the stops. This made me realize that I lack the business acumen to fulfil my dreams and I decided to take up an MBA.

Interviewer: Okay, Why Bocconi?

Interviewee: I was impressed by the college’s curriculum which can help me build a portfolio of business skills and gain industry knowledge. Unlike traditional schools, ~90% of the faculty here are international, and their teaching pedagogy is also very hands-on with a lot of the course material and they enable students to have corporate exposure along with the main course. The exchange semester at Milan will give me international exposure even before I graduate, and this will contribute to holistic growth.

Interviewer: That’s great! So you have mentioned working as a Marketing Consultant please share some details about it?

 Interviewee: I was working at Qalara which is a B2B global wholesale e-commerce platform that dealt with artisanal, organic, and eco-friendly products. For the first couple of months, I worked in sales where I was dealing with business owners across the globe. I helped increase the sales KPIs by 2X. I was offered a strategy role right after where I helped streamline the sales process for the American market to boost revenue. I worked on the database marketing plan for the company where I worked with an agency to bring in fresh leads. I led and managed a call centre software to make the process of cold sales smoother.

 Interviewer: What do you think of the Chinese communist party sinking their corporations?

Interviewee: Honestly, I haven’t really been following the news due to exams.

 Interviewer: Great! Now you have mentioned before that you started your own venture. Can you tell me why did you choose Entrepreneurship?

Interviewer: I have always been fascinated with technology, especially Web 3.0 and its applications in modern society. I have always wanted to leave an impact on the world and solving problems for people is something I have believed in.

Interviewer: Where do you look at yourself in 5 years?

Interviewee: I want to be working as a Product Manager in a big tech firm. I want to pursue such a career for a couple of years before I indulge in entrepreneurship.

Interviewer: Okay. Do you have any ideas for a start-up right now?

Interviewee: I believe personalization is the next big thing. I am not sure about the idea but if I had to start I would go ahead with it.

 Interviewer: What other colleges have you applied to?

 Interviewee: NMIMS, SP Jain, Symbiosis

 Interviewer: How are you planning to finance the fee?

 Interviewee: Through my parent’s support

 Interviewer: Thank you, Goodbye, Good luck

 Interviewee: Thank you

Abhinav Suresh - International Master in Business - 2022-24 | Bachelor of Engineering, CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore | 2.5 Years Work Experience - TCS | NMAT 235, CAT 86%ile Profile Introduction: I had grown up wanting to pursue a Master of Science, but a month into working at TATA Consultancy Services, I realized that my true calling was an MBA, and an MBA in Marketing to be specific. I began preparing for CAT, NMAT, and other exams in July of 2020, however, the pandemic convinced me to hold off for another year. After a great stint of nearly 3 years at TCS, I knew it was time to pursue an MBA. I took the competitive exams once again and bettered my scores. I received offers from multiple business schools, after which I decided to go with SDA Bocconi Asia Center for my International Master in Business for its pedagogy, student driven programs and global reputation. This is how my interview went:

Interview Setting: Online Interviewer: Hi Abhinav, how are you today?

Interviewee: Hi Ma’am, I’m doing great, thank you! I hope you are too

 Interviewer: I’m doing good too. Can you please tell me about yourself?

 Interviewee: Sure. My name is Abhinav Suresh and I’m from Bangalore. I have lived in Bangalore all my life and if things go well, maybe I'll be in Mumbai in the near future. I have always been passionate about the automotive world and pursued a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical, post which I joined TCS. I know, it sounds a bit off but my mentor at college told me about the great Defence contracts that TCS enjoys which convinced me. I thought I would be a fish out of water, but surprisingly, things started to go my way. I was assigned to a project that worked with PwC. I continue to enjoy every day of work but there’s always a thought at the back of my head saying that I’m destined to do something else, which brings me here.

Interviewer: Could you talk about your family?

 Interviewee: Oh yes. We are a family of 5. My sister and I currently live in Bangalore, while my parents live in Coimbatore. We lived together up until my undergraduation, after which my parents moved for a quiet peaceful life at Coimbatore. There was a new addition to our family a few years ago, a dog named Teddy.

 Interviewer: Do you read the news?

 Interviewee: Yes, I do.

Interviewer: Do you know how many medals Italy won in the Tokyo Olympics?

 Interviewee: About 30, I think.

 Interviewer: That’s really interesting. How do you two manage at home?

Interviewee: Working from home has made it really easy for both of us. My sister loves cooking and I enjoy cleaning; making it a perfect balance at home.

 Interviewer: What were your responsibilities at work?

Interviewee: I currently work on all functions that my team supports, it includes Automation, Directory Management and Infrastructure Management. In most cases, associates only get to work on one of them, I have been fortunate enough to get to work on the more critical aspects as well. I initially started out working on Infrastructure Management for the customer, however, my responsibilities quickly grew to all aspects currently being offered by my team. My effort has been crucial to many deliverables such as automated service requests that reduce manual intervention and produce quicker output. It gives me a sense of pride knowing that such products were introduced only with my contribution.

 Interviewer: Why did you apply to SDA Bocconi Asia Center?

 Interviewee: It is easy to look at the rankings and data about the International Master in Business program from SDA Bocconi to captivate any prospective student, however, it was the reviews from actual alumni that drew me to SDA Bocconi. It seems impossible to find a negative opinion about the institution, and the triple crown accreditation is another clear indication of the quality of the Institute. The international immersion program is a feature that sets it apart, proving that SDA Bocconi strives to create truly global management professionals. Being awarded a Diploma by SDA Bocconi School of Management in Italy opens new doors that I had not previously considered. Also, talking to seniors showed me how student-driven the program is. I like the fact that students must put in equal effort and there isn’t much spoon-feeding.

 Interviewer: Why did you decide to pursue IMB?

Interviewee: The biggest motivation for me to pursue a Master in Business is knowing that it would lead to a career with each day being unique and stimulating. Seeing my father work as a marketing professional and my sister work in strategic development has shown me how interesting and challenging their work can be, this has set a benchmark for me to look forward to. I hope to gain the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the real world and eventually be in a position to start my own entrepreneurial venture.

 Interviewer: Tell me about the entrepreneurial venture.

Interviewee: I have always loved animals. The pet care industry in the US was USD 232.3 Billion in 2020, having a pet at home, I know to what lengths I would go to give him a great life. My sister and I want to start a business that is built on the pet care industry. We want to do everything we can to help animals in need and will develop a business plan that uses most of the profits to fund shelters and build one of our own. We really want to make a difference in their lives.

Interviewer: That’s really nice. I do not have anything else to ask. Do you have any questions?

 Interviewee: Honestly, I don’t. Like I said earlier, I read multiple reviews and did my research before applying to SDA Bocconi Asia Center. I feel like all my questions have been answered, but if I ever have doubts about anything, I shall definitely reach out to you. Thank you. I hope you have a great day

 Interviewer: Thank you. Good day to you as well

Rusha Naik – International Master in Business – 2022 -24 | BA Media Studies & Psychology, Emory University | 2.5 Years work experience | NMAT 238 | CAT 87 Interviewee: Rusha Naik Mode: Online (Zoom)

Interviewer: Hello Rusha, How are you doing today?

Interviewee: I am very well, Ma’am. How about you?

Interviewer: I am good too, thank you for asking! Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Interviewee: I’m Rusha Naik, from Mumbai. I’m an alumni of CNMS, St. Xaviers and Emory University. I spent the last year preparing for competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, and NMAT. Alongside that, I worked with an education marketing company called IOS Ignite as a content writer and was responsible for the social media, ads, and other communication of a college called Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth. I also worked part-time as a content proof reader with an edutech company called The Designers Class.

The year before that, I worked as a Director’s Assistant to Mr. Anubhav Sinha on the film, Thappad. I was part of the film from its pre-production to post-production phase, working on different tasks. I also worked at Balancing Act Productions as a client servicing executive handling multiple accounts such as Nykaa, Nivea women, Asian Paints, Belvedere, etc. I am an avid reader and enjoy playing badminton and volleyball in my free time. 

Interviewer: Why are you inclined towards SDA Bocconi?

 Interviewee: Having pursued my undergraduate degree in the US, and knowing that I want to live in India, I was inclined towards getting an MBA with global exposure, faculty and a diverse student batch. SDA Bocconi Asia Center is one of the few colleges offering such a course, and I hence applied here.

Interviewer: Tell me about a project you worked on that you’re proud of.

Interviewee: While working for Mr. Anubhav Sinha at Benaras Media Works, my daily responsibilities involved a lot of managerial duties. However, being interested in marketing, I created a presentation for the Executive Producer to be a part of the film’s marketing campaign. He was impressed with my work and made me the first ever liaison between the production house and marketing agency. I was also given the opportunity to be a part of the promotions and traveled all over the country for the same.

Interviewer: Great, tell me something that is not mentioned on your resume.

 Interviewee: During the lockdown, I helped a couple of friends with their Instagram pages. With my help in content writing and videos, one of them (Sim Valecha), now has over a hundred thousand followers. Along with that, I also made an account for my pet, Pika, to stay up to date with the app’s trends and features.

 Interviewer: So, from your experience, give some tips to someone starting their own IG page as an influencer.

 Interviewee: It is important to create a sense of anticipation, and put out reminders to let people know about the profile and the content that will be shared. Use reels to get word out, and don’t use more than 5 hashtags on each post. Interviewer: In case you get a seat at Bocconi, what will you contribute to the class?

 Interviewee: I believe that my educational, as well as the professional background, will add diversity to the class, my enrolment will not only mean contributing my past experiences but I am a person who always strives for more and I believe that the value and motivation that I bring can help the class in various ways.

Interviewer: Share your favorite campaign and explain

 Interviewee: I shared Cadbury and its campaign Ideas, I had a lot of back and forth conversation on the same with the panelist, for a couple of questions I couldn't answer with clarity.

 Interviewer: In case you get a seat, how do you plan to fund yourself?

 Interviewee: I plan to fund my education through a partial bank loan and the balance with the help of my family.

Interviewer: Which other colleges have you applied to?

Interviewee: I have currently been shortlisted at NMIMS Bangalore, IIM Jammu and IIM Amritsar

Interviewer: Where did you learn about Bocconi?

 Interviewee: I learned about Bocconi during my research for colleges accepting NMAT Scores.

Interviewer: Okay great, before I conclude, do you have any questions for me?

Interviewee: Yes - While I was on the institute’s website, I read about the Centers of Excellence and was curious about the work they do. Could you please tell me more about them and the selection process?

 Interviewer: (The interviewer said I would have to check with Prof. Anjana Grewal for the same.)

Interviewee: Understood, thank you so much. It was lovely talking to you, have a great day!

Interviewer: Thank you Rusha. All the Best!

Shereen Bajaj - International Master in Business, 2022-24 | M.Sc Biochemistry, JMI | B.Sc Life Sciences, DU | 10 months work experience, GOC (Google Operations Center), Accenture | NMAT - 233 Profile introduction: SDA Bocconi Asia Center was my choice of B-School because of the international exposure, global reputation, and practical teaching pedagogy. I had known of the SDA Brand as it was a prominent name globally but I did my research about the college by talking to alumni and current students, and Quora reviews.

I applied in the second round with the NMAT test. Interviewer: Hi Shereen, how are you?

Interviewee: Hello sir, I am good, thank you. How are you?

 Interviewer: I am good, Thank you very much

 Interviewer: Okay, so tell me something about yourself.

Interviewee: I am Shereen Bajaj, I am from Gurgaon. I am currently working as Google Ads Specialist in Google Operation center for the past 4 months prior to which I was in the same role in Accenture for 5 months. The gTech process was lifted and shifted to GOC. Talking about my education background, I did my Masters in Science (M.Sc) in Biochemistry from Jamia Millia Islamia and my bachelors from Dyal Singh College, Delhi University. So that is about me.

Interviewer: Why do you wish to pursue your IMB from Bocconi?

 Interviewee: I wish to pursue IMB from Bocconi as Bocconi provides international exposure by staying in India which not a lot of schools provide, the opportunity to study by faculty teaching in the top business schools, smaller batch size. Additionally, the selection process is profile based which gives a diverse batch. Furthermore, after attending the seminars conducted by alumni and currently enrolled students I was sure about applying to Bocconi.

Interviewer: Which specialization do you wish to pursue here?

 Interviewee: Coming from a science background I do not have in-depth knowledge about all the fields. As of now, I am reading about all the specialization. But I am inclined towards Marketing and take up Luxury Management as an elective.

 Interviewer: How do you stay updated on news?

Interviewee: I read The Hindu, watch Cut the Clutter by print, and read news on Inshorts.

 Interviewer: what is the latest news in luxury?

Interviewee: The latest news that I remember related to luxury is Leena Nair, who recently became the CEO of Chanel. Spoke a bit about the same and there was cross questioning about the luxury sector and numbers. I didnt know all the numbers and I did accept that I am not aware of the same.

Interviewer: So apart from the SDA Bocconi Asia Center, what other colleges have you applied to?

 Interviewee: NMIMS Mumbai

Interviewer: How are you planning to finance the fee?

Interviewee: My parent will be supporting my education

Interviewer: Okay we are done with your interview; do you have any questions for me

Interviewee: That’s it from my end as well sir. It was great talking to you. Hoping to meet you soon.

 Interviewer: Thank you so much, Goodbye and hoping to see you soon as well

Interviewee: Thank you sir. Have a great day

Sruthi Sridhar– International Master in Business – 2022 -24 | B.D.S | 1 Year Work experience - Dentistry  Profile introduction: (SDA Bocconi Asia Center was my choice of B-school because of the curriculum, international faculty and exposure. I went on to further explore and found the admission process to be very refreshing in comparison to the regular score-based assessments. The focus on soft skills and profile-based evaluation gives a fair chance to students like me, based on the merit of both extracurriculars and academics. I have always strived to be an all-rounder which aligns beautifully with the kind of course they offer. Watching videos of current students and alumni was a feel-good factor. It gave me a coherent picture of the well-rounded nature of students, and I was delighted to learn about their illuminative journeys in this university.

Interview Setting: Interview conducted online Interviewer: Hi Sruthi, how are you?

Interviewee: Hello ma’am, I am good, thank you. How are you?

Interviewer: I am good, Thank you very much

Interviewer: Okay, so tell me something about yourself.

 Interviewee: Talking about my profile, I pursued my Bachelor’s in dental surgery and had the experience of interning as a house surgeon at Bapuji Dental College and Hospitals, Karnataka, for a period of 1 year. As a child, I would often be described as someone who would take part in everything, be it an Olympiad, a chess tournament, or a painting competition. I would indulge myself in anything that gave me an opportunity to challenge myself and learn something new. I have been trained in classical dance, Bharatanatyam, for a period of 12 years and have participated and won various dance festivals at the state level and eventually went on to receive a “Scholarship for dance” from the Central Government of India, in the year 2011.

Interviewer: So, you’re a trained dancer, tell me how it has impacted you as a person.

Interviewee: I would definitely say that it has played a pivotal role in shaping who I am today. Learning this form of art has instilled a great deal of mental strength, perseverance, and the ability to push my limits to the fullest in any given circumstance. The creative connotation attached to it has brought out the best form of self-expression and removed all my apprehensions about public presence over the years. The amount of religious practice and dedication that the art requires has made me a hardworking and patient individual.

Interviewer: Why MBA after BDS?

 Interviewee: To be very honest, I must admit that Dentistry has become a very saturated industry. After interning for a year, I realized that I didn’t want to be just another dentist with a degree and offer the same value as any other. That is when I started exploring my options and found MBA to be a good way to broaden my options. After a bit of self-reflection, I found that certain skills that I acquired during my undergrad could be leveraged and aligned to match this course and translate into something very different.

Interviewer: That sounds interesting, so why did you choose Bocconi?

 Interviewee: The course International Masters in Business (IMB) appealed to me as it is quite different from the regular Post Graduate management courses. On exploring further, I gathered insight that it was focused on learning Business in the context of global markets. This course delivers the perfect learning platform to complement my core knowledge in BDS and explore career opportunities on a multi-national level.

 The curriculum was something that interested me the most, as it gives a fair deal of practical experience and offers internships for us to discover and deal with the problems faced in real-world situations. Coming from a background of dentistry, I have grown to learn that practical knowledge benefited me more than mere textbook knowledge as it taught me how to swim when thrown in the deep end.

Interviewer: Can you explain to me what PESTLE analysis is?

Interviewee: I’m sorry, I don’t think I know what that is.

Interviewer: Hmm, alright. We are done with your interview; do you have any questions for me

 Interviewee: That’s it from my end, it was great talking to you. Hoping to hear from you soon.

 Interviewer: Thank you so much, Goodbye and hope to see you soon as well.

Interviewee: Thank you, ma’am, Have a great day!

Apoorva Singh | International Master in Business 2022-2024 | BCA | Guru Gobind Indraprastha University | 1.6 years of work ex, Deloitte | NMAT - 230 Personal Interviews are basic hygiene to see if you’re the right cultural fit for the institution/organization you wish to be associated with. It helps in facilitating your candidature better and helps you understand the organization better and vice versa. Pro-tip that always worked in my favor was to induce a talking point while giving my “Tell me about yourself” which becomes the entire conversation starter. Build up on that individual point and drive the conversation to reach the pivotal point of self-expression you wish to portray to the authority. Here’s how my interview went (A short 20-25 min crisp round):

 Interviewers: Hi Apoorva, how are you?

 Apoorva: Hi Interviewer 1, Hi Interviewer 2. I’m good; How are you?   {Key Takeaway here: Due to my corporate stint, I’ve run out of the habit of addressing people as “Sir”/” Madam”. They might have been taken aback.}

 Both Interviewers: We’re good too.

Interviewer 1: So, Apoorva, Tell us about yourself.

Apoorva: So, I was born and brought up in Delhi, did my schooling from there followed by my graduation in computer applications from IP university. Post which, I started my campus to corporate journey in Bengaluru as a Business Technology Analyst in the Strategy and Analytics Practice at Deloitte USI. During my stint at Deloitte, I got a chance to work in a multitude of projects ranging from BFSI to Life Sciences to Healthcare. I got the opportunity to work on the client site for a purely functional strategy consultant role which stepped up my learning dimensions and got me interested in consulting. Beyond this, I’m also an Open Mic Poet and I take the liberty to talk about anxiety and mental health actively.

Interviewer 1: Why MBA and Why Bocconi?

Apoorva: Plans of pursuing a higher education have been on my mind since my graduation days and I’ve been looking for a right fit which gives me a holistic standpoint of approaching any business problem and achieving a subject matter expertise. SDA Bocconi looked like an appropriate match for me and it will help me gain a South Asian as well as European exposure I wish to derive from my time at a management program.

Interviewer 2: Tell us more about your role at Deloitte?

 Apoorva: As an analyst at Deloitte, my role mostly entailed devising solutions for different problems using technology as a facilitator. For example, for building a strategic pricing solution, I developed an inbound outbound data modeling system on informatica cloud using relevant databases as the deliverables required.

 Interviewer 1: Tell us about an incident where you’ve shown leadership

Apoorva: I would quote recently about the time when I was in a pharmaceutical engagement at Deloitte during the recent covid situation. The demand and deliverables were at high stakes during this period and more so specifically for a Pharma client. At this unfortunate hour, both of my immediate managers were affected by COVID-19. I had to be the only Analyst taking the lead of the situation and driving the Quality Assurance team independently. It involved me supporting the team of 4 other analysts involved with me, managing appropriate sprint hours, and reporting everyday status to onsite team and clients.

Interviewer 1: So what’s your opinion on the Farmers protest that’s happening in India?

 Apoorva: I actively follow the news and I have been reading  about the farmers' protests that have been going on for months in India. When the government of India passed Farmers Bill 2020 a huge protest that started in villages of Punjab and Haryana heard till National capital Delhi and Farmers in huge numbers traveled towards Delhi and packed the capital’s boundaries. Farmers have put 6 demands in front of the government of which the government is still deciding and trying to come to a common ground. I personally believe the bill is a little harsh on farmers as they are not allowed to decide the prices for their own crop.

 Interviewer 2: I believe you did research about SDA Bocconi before applying, So do you know our school is famous for which specialization?

Apoorva: Yes, definitely. SDA Bocconi school of management is specialized in Luxury Brand management as Milan is the fashion capital of Europe and SDA Bocconi is knowledge capital of luxury brand management programs.

Interviewer 2: Deloitte is a recruiter at SDA Bocconi as well, do you think if given the chance you’d return back to Deloitte again?

 Apoorva: Yes! Absolutely. It will be like returning home.

Interviewer 1: Since you actively talk about Mental Health, what is more important for you; Money or Mental Peace?

 Apoorva: Peace of mind is more important for me as it will automatically help me improve my performance and attract money.


 Interviewer 1 and 2: Do you have any questions for us?

 Apoorva: What kind of potential challenges can I face during my stint at Bocconi, if selected?

 Interviewer 1: You’ve to develop a mental dexterity to ask for the help you need. And that can only happen after appropriate introspection of what you want out of your time at Bocconi and how well you wish to drive it.

 Apoorva: Thank you! I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks a lot for your time and have a great day.

Interviewer 1 and 2: Thank you.

Divya Singh Chouhan – International Master in Business – 2022 -24 | B.FTECH, NIFT Gandhinagar | Bocconi Test Profile introduction: After attaining my bachelors from NIFT, I looked forward to upskill and broaden my career by doing an MBA. What attracted me most to SDA Bocconi Asia Center was the International immersion in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. I looked forward to all the opportunities the institute can provide along with International exposure and world renowned faculties. My interaction with some of the alumni and seniors made me sure of my decision.

 My interview went something like this: Interview Setting: Online Interviewer: Hi Divya, how are you?

 Interviewee: A very good morning sir, I am good, grateful for a beautiful day, thank you.

 Interviewer: Okay, so tell me something about yourself.

 Interviewee: My name is Divya Singh Chouhan, and I belong to the beautiful city of lakes “Udaipur”. After completing my senior secondary education from Udaipur, I attained my bachelor's degree in Fashion Technology from NIFT, Gandhinagar. NIFT prepared me for diverse work profiles available in the apparel-manufacturing sector & also it served me a challenging atmosphere to evolve in.

 I also was able to build strong analytical and leadership skills along with a dynamic personality from my undergrad journey. I am a profound thinker and an individual who strongly believes in the power hard work and perseverance. I always carry that extra confidence and motivation to participate in different extracurricular activities from my school days. Playing Badminton, cooking Indian food and journaling are part of my everyday activities. I prefer to watch participatory documentaries and stand-up comedies in the era of binge watching Netflix. Collaborations and working on fashion and concept shoots made me passionate about Styling and Makeup. A statement I truly follow and worship every day is to “BELIEVE IN ONESELF AND NEVER GIVE UP “.

 Interviewer: Why a general MBA and not masters in fashion management?

Interviewee: While working for my graduation project for a fashion retail house, I realised that there is lot more to establishment of a brand. Just like fashion industry, it takes a team of strong leaders to run a venture or company. Different teams have to tackle various domains such as operations, HR, IT, Sales and marketing for smooth functioning. I wanted to broaden my career prospectus and upskill myself for a world beyond fashion which is competitive, therefore I opted for a general MBA.

 Interviewer: What companies / roles you look forward to after an MBA?

Interviewee: To be very honest at this point, I have not associated myself with a particular role or company. I would like to explore various domains and opportunities during my 2 year MBA journey with SDA Bocconi and then decide what’s the best fit for me. Also, I feel that one should not run behind a designation or role, rather work hard to create an impact at whichever company or role he/she gets.

 Interviewer: Differentiate between fashion and Haute Couture.

Interviewee: Fashion refers to a reoccurring style that is followed my masses. It not only applies to apparels but also to jewellery, technology and even food. Fashion is also about mass manufacturing. Haute Couture refers to high end fashion that is produced and sold only to a niche clientele at high prices. Haute Couture fashion is impeccable and hand crafted to offer a sense of exclusivity to the owner. I gave examples and made sure that I add some numbers to the conversation.

Interviewer: What do you think about CCTV cameras being installed?

Interviewee: It is, in my opinion, a positive step. However, it is only the second step in ensuring a safe city. It will aid in the capture of criminals. However, we cannot always wait for crimes to occur before apprehending a criminal. It should be supplemented with increased awareness and gender sensitization, as well as other similar initiatives.

 Interviewer: How can you add value to a batch with your diverse background?

Interviewee: My diverse background will help bring in perspectives. Being from a fashion school, I believe my perspectives and skills will bring a lot to the table. I also look forward to understanding and learning from others’ experiences and perspectives as well.

 Interviewer: Which other colleges have you been interviewed for?

Interviewee: IMT, Great Lakes, Bimtech.

 Interviewer: How are you planning to finance the fee?

Interviewee: Mostly loan.


 Interviewer: Okay we are done with your interview; do you have any questions for me?

 Interviewee: Yes, sir, is this the final round for the admission process?

 Interviewer: Yes, you will be contacted by the admission team via mail for the results next. All the very best!

 Interviewee: Got it! Thank you, sir.

Mansi Bareja - International Master in Business - 2022-24 |B.Com| Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University | 2 years experience, PwC India, Sai Enterprises Pvt Ltd (FMCG) | CFA Level – 1 |

NMAT - 227 Interview Setting: Online Interviewer: Hi Mansi, how are you?

Interviewee: Hi ma’am, I am good, thank you. How are you?

Interviewer: I am good, Thank you for asking

 Interviewer: Okay, so can you walk me through your CV

Interviewee: Sure, … I was born in Sonepat (a small town in Haryana) and was raised in Delhi NCR post grade 6 due to my father’s transfer to the Gurgaon office of PepsiCo back then. I developed an interest in commerce and business as I used to discuss my father’s work with him which led me to take up commerce in school and college. I decided to choose Delhi University over other colleges for my graduation as it was an opportunity to study with students from all over India. After my undergraduate, I decided to work in a consultancy to understand how things work in the practical world and get an exposure to different industries. This led me to join PwC. During my tenure at PwC, I worked on assignments of various types such as advisory, research, litigations, qualitative and quantitative analysis, etc. Eventually I realized I really enjoy the qualitative and quantitative analysis part of my job. Hence, I decided to enroll for the CFA program to learn more about finance and attain specialized knowledge. As CFA is a self study program, I also wanted to go for Masters in management in Europe for international exposure and personal development. In order to pursue my masters and CFA program, I left PwC in Feb 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit India in March and my CFA exam got postponed to December 2020. As things were uncertain and my father was struggling with his business in FMCG due to the lockdown, I ended up helping him out as any daughter would. I call that a happy accident because I ended up learning so much about management while working with my father in one of the toughest times humanity has seen lately. I feel the combined experience of employment and business broadened my perspective in more ways than I can imagine. Then, I cleared my CFA level 1 in August 2021 with one of the lowest pass rates this program has seen. Furthermore, I also gave IELTS in October and NMAT in December in order to pursue my masters.

 Interviewer: Okay, Why Bocconi?

 Interviewee: Like I mentioned before, I wanted to pursue my masters abroad. During my research for MBA colleges, I came across the IMB program at SDA Bocconi Asia Center. In fact, I even know a friend who completed her IMB program here and she had nothing but great things to say about her experience at Bocconi. From quality of education to diversity to learning opportunities to career advancement to international exposure, Bocconi proved to be a game changer in her life. Furthermore, I realized this program is exactly what I am looking for in my masters experience and I applied for it.

 Interviewer: Tell me a situation where you faced a challenge and how did you deal with it?

Interviewee: Back in PwC, owing to the unavailability of experienced associates in my team, my manager allotted me an assignment, which was considered to be beyond the level a fresher like me at that time could have handled. Needless to say, I was thrilled to get such an opportunity to show my potential and hopefully prove to be a valuable asset to the team. Unfortunately, soon after that I encountered a knee injury that required bed rest for a week. Committed to the assignment timeline, I decided to take a week of work from home instead of taking sick leaves. Furthermore, despite having no educational background in chemicals, I conducted a rigorous research on various speciality chemicals to understand the product profiles of various speciality chemicals companies in India.

Consequently, my qualitative and quantitative analysis of annual reports of more than 100 Indian companies became a cakewalk. Even though I had put my one hundred percent effort into this assignment, I was really nervous about the feedback as it was a step towards building credibility in the quality of my work in difficult assignments. That's why ultimately winning an 'above and beyond' award for this assignment comes to the top of my head to list this story as a work achievement. This incident not only helped me establish myself as a valuable resource to the team but also made me realize the importance of believing in myself even if odds are against me.

 Interviewer: Mansi do you know how IRR and Market Beta of a company is calculated and what’s its significance?

Interviewee: Yes, Internal rate of return is a discount rate that is used in project analysis or capital budgeting that makes the net present value (NPV) of future cash flows exactly zero. It is calculated by taking the difference between the current or expected future value and the original beginning value, divided by the original value, and multiplied by 100. Beta could be calculated by first dividing the security's standard deviation of returns by the benchmark's standard deviation of returns. The resulting value is multiplied by the correlation of the security's returns and the benchmark's returns.

 Interviewer: Did you read about India’s stand in the G20 Rome summit?

Interviewee: Yes, The G20 Rome summit was held in Late October this year and Shir.Piyush Goyal (Union Minister for Commerce & Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, and Textiles) participated in this year’s G20 Sherpas’ meeting. India has put across different developments and progress it has undertaken during the difficult Covid-19 pandemic situation including its vaccination plan, Going carbon neutral by 2050 and many geo-political issues with China and Pakistan.

Interviewer: What other colleges have you applied to?

 Interviewee: NMIMS, Fore, Symbiosis etc.

 Interviewer: How are you planning to finance the fee?

 Interviewee: Self-financing and loans

Interviewer: Okay we are done with your interview; do you have any questions for me?

Interviewee: No, I am clear about everything I need to know about the school. Thanks for asking.

 Interviewer: My Pleasure, Goodbye, Good luck.

Interviewee: Thank you, ma’am!

Abhishek Nagasamudra Math |  International Master in Business – 2022 - 24 | Bachelor of Engineering | 21 Months of Work experience in Operations – Godrej Agrovet Ltd. | Bocconi Test Profile Introduction: After a successful stint as an Executive in Production at Godrej Agrovet Ltd., I decided it was time to upskill, and MBA was always on the cards for me. I wanted to enrol in an MBA program that offered variety and I got to know about SDA Bocconi. I decided to take up the Bocconi Test and after clearing it I had a call for an interview, this is how my interview went.

Interview Setting:

 The interview was conducted online Interviewer: Hi Abhishek, how are you?

Interviewee: Hello Sir, I am good, thank you. How are you?

Interviewer: I am good, Thank you very much.

 Interviewer: Okay, so tell me something about yourself.

 Interviewee: After completing my Undergrad at Siddaganga Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, I began working for Godrej Agrovet Ltd., as a Production Executive. My role there was to handle all the production activities, it was purely an operation job. It was a good stint and post the pandemic I decided to take the leap and quit my job to pursue an MBA.

Interviewer: Why MBA?

 Interviewee: I like to keep challenging myself and being held accountable for my decisions. During my stint at Godrej, I also realized that I work well under pressure and can manage people. This encouraged me to opt for an MBA because it will help me understand the nuances of running a business as well as challenge myself. Also, I have plans to help my uncle in his private venture and an MBA would equip me with the right mindset.

Interviewer: Describe a difficult situation you were faced with at your workplace and how did you manage to overcome the same.

 Interviewee: Since I was working with the FMCG industry, we could not shut shop and move into hybrid mode with the onset of COVID. So, the operations of the plant had to continue. As the production in charge, the onus was on me to handle all the plant operations. I had a huge issue in terms of manpower since a majority of my workforce used to travel from different districts and in some places the lockdown was very strict and they were not allowed to cross the border.

This posed a huge concern for me as I had to ensure that the production activities were not affected. I spoke with my team, explained my grievances, and made them understand that we have to keep the plant running and the company will keep them safe. The company offered allowances to the people who were working and I was always a call away. Since the plant had to run 24x7 I had to strategize on how to distribute the workforce over the 3 shifts. I had a single person handling multiple operations and I started working on the shopfloor too apart from handling my job.

 I used to work for 14 hours and ensure that the morale of my team was high and this worked wonders. We managed to produce 8500 tonnes in April and this was the highest production quantity achieved in a month since the inception of the plant. This is one achievement I am proud of, it taught me how to handle the workforce as well as deliver results to the fullest. It made me and my organization realize my capabilities and post that I was taking up more responsibilities and growing more into my role.

 Interviewer: That was interesting Abhishek, it is so good to know that you have handled such situations, especially during such an uncertain phase. Congratulations on that. So, why MBA from SDA Bocconi, what made you select this institute for your MBA?

 Interviewee: This was a tricky decision for me but what floored me was the academic brilliance of the Professors. I attended a Masterclass conducted by Prof. David Bardolet and I decided this is where I want to do my master’s from. Also, International exposure is another aspect that I admire. I have taken this decision after weighing all my choices and I see myself in a better position once I graduate from this institute.

 Interviewer: It is pretty evident from your CV that you are also a theatre enthusiast, tell me about that.

Interviewee: Yes Sir, I always enjoyed performing in front of a crowd. Initially, I was interested in Music and I trained in Hindustani Classical, but I soon realized that my calling was theatre. I started doing skits and once I entered my UG, I auditioned for a theatre group, “Black Pearl”. I got selected and there began my journey. I started doing Street Play, Mime, and I enjoyed it so much that I devoted a lot of my time to it. 2 years down the line I was handed the responsibility of running the team, and we managed to win multiple inter-college competitions in Street Play, Mime and Skit. This experience also helped me understand how to lead a team and face the conflicts which arise when you hold a position of responsibility.

 Interviewer: How are oil companies a roadblock in sustainable development?

Interviewee: Oil and gas companies lobby against climate change policies and renewable energy research. We need more courageous people than these lobbyists to ensure that their misbehavior does not impede sustainable development. For example, Elon Musk has made all of Tesla's patents available for free in order to combat climate change.

 Interviewer: That’s nice Abhishek. I do not have any more questions for you, it was wonderful interacting with you, thank you.

 Interviewee: It was great interacting with you too, Sir. Thank you.

A brief background of my Candidature: I am an engineer from VIT, Vellore. My academics have been decent(More than 90% 10th, 12th CBSE; & 7 CGPA in Engineering); extracurriculars/co-curriculars – Techfest organizer, football team and a bunch of online certifications in marketing. I have been working in TCS for a couple of years now. The Personal Interview round was conducted online, with two panellists from the B-School. One was an Alumni(P1), and other from the management team(P2). Both were cheerful but had a few papers in front of them.

 P2- So, tell us about yourself?

  Me:  I had prepared for this and a few questions in advanced, gave them a well-rehearsed answer. I highlighted my consistent academics and interests in extracurriculars.

P1- You seem to have had great scores in 10th & 12th, more than 90% in both. Why has there been a fall in your graduation? Was there any reason in particular?

  Me – I wanted to steer my interview out off any technical questions about engineering but I didn’t want to make it obvious, so I had prepared an answer which took the middle ground. I spoke about how I worked hard during my board exams, about how I had planned and prepared my schedule before my exams. This was to highlight my diligence and motivation to do well. And for my engineering days, I spoke about how I wanted to pursue the subjects of my passion over just getting marks. Also, I highlighted how I was involved in campus events, organizing tech fest, participating in sports etc.

P2- Would it be safe to say that you were not as passionate about engineering? 

 Me- Although in my head I wanted to say yes I wasn’t too keen on engineering but I had spoken to enough seniors & mentors to again take a middle ground. That wouldn’t be true, I have always been passionate about science subjects. Understanding technology is especially relevant these times. In my undergrad years being away from my family, living in the hostels it gave me a sense of freedom. Sometimes, it also gave me an extra impetus to pursue things which were out of my comfort zone (I don’t know why I said this). At the end of the day marks are important, although I tried my best in balancing my passion and marks. Sometimes I fell short in some subjects like Microcontrollers and in some subjects like Control systems I did exceedingly well.

 P1 – So do you still consider theories around PID controller, Zeigler-Nichols method relevant for your current job role or your B-school? Do you remember any of it?

 Me- These were some of the topics that I brushed up in the days leading up to my interviews. My mentors had specifically advised me to brush on atleast a couple of engineering subjects. I gave the technical answer to their questions, as far I remember I didn’t fumble the co-efficient but the P1 looked suspiciously at me at one point but I kept my confidence intact and went ahead. I went about this answer in as detail as possible. Explaining control loop, feedback and industrial control through my engineering internship at ONGC.

 P1 – While you seem to have given the technical answer somewhat satisfactorily you still haven’t answered if you feel it is relevant to your current role at TCS or your B-School?

 Me- Although in my current role at TCS I do not have an opportunity to implement those learnings from technical engineering subjects. I believe it is still relevant since control theory can be related with management practices. In my current project, I work for one of the largest Indian technological and engineering institutions. Once you grow in your career, I believe interdisciplinary approach is highly appreciated, a senior in my project whom I highly respect has always pushed towards learning in depth about any subject that you undertake. (At this point I was impressed with myself and thinking I am doing well)

 P2- So did you learn about Microcontrollers in similar depth? (He remembered that I mentioned it was my weak area)

Me – Sheepish smile, I try to learn as much as possible in subjects of my liking. I can try answering any question but it was a subject that I was not very good at.

 P2- Alright, we will not trouble you any further by testing your engineering expertise. Tell us why do you want to switch to management.

Me- This was again a question I had prepared for. I mentioned about my interests in marketing, management etc. Linked it with my current role, aspirations and organizing committee experience in college.

 P1 – Why International Master in Business? And why SDA Bocconi Asia Center?

Me- I highlighted the International exposure, the fact that SDA Bocconi was among the few schools with triple crown accreditation, in India the batch size was relatively small. And this gave opportunities to interact with International Faculty and peers a lot better. Moreover, I had also interacted with few seniors and alumni. I mentioned how their work was inspiring and their career trajectory was something that I wanted to replicate.

P1- What is the specialization that interests you?

 Me – Without hesitation and being prompt – Marketing.

P1 – Traditionally, Marketing is a creative role, do you think Marketing would be a good fit for you? Why not operations? 

 Me-  I highlighted my interests through the various online certifications that I had completed on coursera, digital marketing certification etc. I spoke about how even during my college undergrad I was involved in creative aspects of techfest like sponsorships, design and content.

P2- So a complete NO for Operations, Finance, Human Resources specializations?

 Me- My passion is marketing. However, as I had mentioned before I would explore all the subjects. It is especially relevant in today’s age to be multi-faceted. Most of the CXOs in their webinars have highlighted the need of having a good understanding of different domains and verticals. (I felt I repeated this a few times- P1 gave an appreciative smile at this point.)

 More GD Topics and expected Interview questions

P1- Let’s assume you are working for a traditional company, a Control Sytems vendor. How do you propose on increasing the Customer lifetime value for your firm?

Me- Although I have heard the term often, I knew the basics of it in theory. So I bought a little time by  trying to ask few relevant questions like what were my products, which type of companies I trying to cater to, which region I operated in etc. Using which attempted an answer which revolved around – digital transformation, increased content marketing, changing in pricing structures(here P2 wasn’t convinced).

 P1- So what would be your aspirations after your program?

  Me- I would be seeking a role which aligns with my domain interests. My aspiration is to be part of an organization which allows me to explore different verticals and domains. Although a dream is  to understand how an effective ecommerce marketing campaign is launched and executed end to end. However, being an engineer technology is always going to part of my life. I would love it to be part of my marketing role in some capacity. Also, I want to eventually start something of my own which will be in social entrepreneurship.

P1- Oh awesome. Do you have any ideas that you are working on?

 Me- No, I have few ideas but this isn’t something that I wish to pursue without getting domain experience.

 P1- Maybe the on campus 180 degrees consulting club at SDA is something that you should explore.

 Me- Yes I had actually heard about their work during one of chats with the seniors. But surely I will ask him more about it now that you mentioned.

 P2 to P1– I think we have a few more candidates today. Shall we.. P2- It was a great interacting with you and knowing your background and aspirations. If you have any questions do let us know, we can extend for 5-10 minutes.

 Me- Thank you for the opportunity. I wanted to know which skills should I learn and equip myself with before the start of the program.

P1 – There will be bootcamp sessions before the start of program which will help you brush up the basics. Since you come from an engineering background, try and explore the finance subjects a little bit beforehand.  P2- Yes, apart from that I would suggest you to continue your marketing certifications as that is your area of interest. Also, analytics and data science is something which is closely linked with marketing. You may want to explore there too. P1 – It was great speaking with you today. Wishing you the best of luck with your admissions journey.

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