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Why MICA Ahmedabad over any B-School?
April 16 2024

The degree you get in any B-School is the final degree of your life. So instead of slogging and getting a degree from not so renowned B-School why not get into one of the best B-School because this degree you get is not just a degree but a brand..!! Mica Ahmedabad will not only give you a brand that would help you all your life but would also give you a life-changing experience. Mica Ahmedabad is unique in every way.

Some of Mica’s unique qualities or what gives an edge to Mica when compared to other colleges are:

  • The SyllabusMarketing and Communications are fields where all cannot do better. MICA Ahmedabad has proved that it has done not just better but excels in this field. This shows in their record of past few years in placement, the rank of their institute, etc.
  • The AssemblyThis type of auditorium is very unique and has one of a kind concept which is the pride of all the members of Mica Ahmedabad.
  • The Mican’sStudents of Mica Ahmedabad are from diverse backgrounds and they together form a remarkable formula that actually clinks.
  • The IndependenceIndependence or freedom is something which is craved by every individual especially students/youth etc. Mica Ahmedabad treats you like an adult and there is almost no moral policy. MICA allows the spirit of the students to run free.
  • The FacultyMICA has the exact mixture of sharp readers of the market as their teachers since no academic institute is complete without its teachers.

Some more features that make Mica Ahmedabad different from others:


  • If you want to escape into the peaceful world of academic and literature, The Knowledge Exchange and Information Centre or KEIC is the place for you.
  • A place always blazingly lit and welcomes everyone 24/7.
  • The walls of KEIC have spied on many projects, outstanding ideas, and discussions.


  • Even the trees of Mica Ahmedabad is special..!!
  • The campus gets greener every year with the guests or the faculty planting a tree in their names. It is a novel way of honoring the special guests Mica Ahmedabad receive on campus.
  • It is always wonderful for the Ex-Mican’s to see how their tree has grown on their subsequent visits. 

Red Bricks

  • The institute acquires a rustic charm which is attributed to the red brick walls.
  • These walls symbolize power and transparency, unmasked by external airs and staying true to what you believe in.
  • In places, they are canvasses for creativity but in others, they take on a serious and strong presence. 


  • Mica has students from every culture and background we can see that with every festival celebrated, every food prepared in the mess it is no difficult task to imagine the amount of diversity at Mica Ahmedabad.
  • We can prove the diversity of MICA Ahmedabad that it maintains 50-50 sex ratio among students admitted that too by default and not by design.
  • Mica has included the third gender in the admission process for the 2015 programs.


  • The Institute of Mica Ahmedabad is famous even for the various courses offered.
  • The innovative learning opportunities and the stability of hardcore management subjects will help the students at Mica know the people and the world around them better.
  • Courses like Imagining India, Film Studies and Science, Technology and Society, etc provides a cultural outlook which helps to reach a more integrated understanding which helps to all-round development.


  • The badminton or the baddie court in Mica is never empty however hectic schedule they have
  • The students at MICA Ahmedabad keep checking emails for “Footy under lights” or “Table Tennis at Community Centre, now!” because sports is an important aspect at MICA and is one passion that is evident in everyone on campus.

Hostel Spirit

  •  One will never find the hostel blocks of MICA silent they are always abuzz with activity all through the night.
  • The hostels at MICA are designated after different trees and flowers.
  • The inhabitants of each are severely protective of their living spaces.
  • Inter-hostel tasks and competition happen with a lot of pomp and honor and even intra-hostel wars are fought and won. They go with the slogan of, “Glory to the Mighty!”


  •  The greatest benefit of having red brick walls at MICA Ahmedabad is that they work as perfect canvasses for the diction of creativity.
  • The hostels are loaded with Graffiti that scale from handprints to quotes to entire wall-sized murals.
  • The graffiti at MICA Ahmedabad are not just stories, they tell the memories and experiences of the previous batches at MICA and are an important part of the MICA Culture.
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