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XIMB PI Experiences
May 20 2024

Note: This page will be updated regularly as and when we receive XIMB PI Experiences directly from students and trusted sources

XIMB PI Experience 1:

Started off by introducing the panelists (one seemed like an alum. Female (P3). Rest were in their 40s or 50s. One male (P1) one female (P2). P1 grilled me majorly. Handled P2. P3 didn't say anything. P1: Your performance in academics seems to deteriorate constantly from 10th till graduation. Any reasons? Answered. Told them was involved in extra curriculars and part time and all that took a toll. P1: So you seem interested in music and theatre. So why not make a career in those fields. Told them they're just hobbies and not actual career plans. P1: Do you think it is qualified to be a manager. Answered that it was not and gave my reasons for it. P1: So basically you're saying that you can be a good manager without an MBA? Told them MBA is much more than a qualification. It is an experiential learning with a lot of corporate exposure and all. P1: Currently the country is being run by those who are 8th pass and those who have to report to them have to be highly qualified. Why is that. Didn't have an answer. Tried making up something but fudged it up. P1: So then if you think an 8th pass running the country is justified then why are you going for an MBA? Started my answer but was flustered so started repeating previous points. Panelists started laughing. P2: So if you were involved in a part time then why did you not focus and prioritise your studies? Answered that in an attempt to make my profile diversified I indulged in multiple activities but it took a toll and it is not a mistake I want to repeat during my masters. Was told to leave and they'll let me know about the updates through mail.

XIMB PI Experience 2:

CATKing GDPI Courses with SP Jain, NMIMS Alumni Background: Fashion Technology 1.Intro 2. Why mba after fashion Technology? 3. Asked me questions on hr 4. What is sensex? 5. Fashion is old age or new age concept? Asked about fashion evolution 6. Name a few fashion brands 7. What is fashion according to you? 8. Fashion capitals

XIMB PI Experience 3:

1) Explain your work at Deloitte 2) What kind of Control Systems have you studied 3) Difference between and Integrator and Differential Circuit 4) Instrumentation & Control got wasted as soon as you join Deoitte why Deloitte 5) What is Risk ? 6) What is a depository? 7) What are the type of risk management that your client does? 8) What is Credit Risk? (No Idea at all) Very Short Interview Only 10mins

XIMB PI Experience 4:

Mine was 15 min and they ended very abruptly by saying if their is anything, the admissions team will get in touch. 1. Asked about my acads 2. Why mba after biotech 3. Told them about my business so they asked about it a little bit. 4. Chandigarh is a city for retired people so my views on that 5. What are the roles and responsibilities of HR 6. AI powered tools in HR 7. Zoonotic diseases 8. Farm laws and my views

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