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Rejected for MICAT 1 & got Spot offer ( Confirmed List) for MICAT 2
April 19 2024

We all recognize the success that the fortunate individuals come through in life however nobody talks concerning the role or the trail that they are going through to succeed in the height of success that they're on nowadays. What struggle the individuals see of fortunate individuals is simply 1% of the particular struggle they had been through to reach where they are today. Ammaar Golwala is an example that teaches us the most important lesson of life that is to stay glued and have faith. His journey from MICAT 1 rejection to MICAT 2 spot offer is something that each one of us would desire. But the path of this was not all sunshine and roses. Who else would describe this journey of MICAT 1 to MICAT 2 spot offer better than the guy himself. How will this benefit future Mica aspirants?

  • The secret of how this man got spot offer at Mica Ahmedabad
  • What gave an edge to his profile
  • The principles that he followed to get where he is right now
  • How to avoid the mistakes made by him at MICAT 1
  • What kept him motivated throughout the MICAT journey
  • Some tips and his guidance to crack MICAT

Profile of Ammaar Golwala

He pursued his degree in B.com for Burhani College of Commerce and Arts. Handled the Business Development front by heading the marketing and implementation of new technology which in return generated better revenue figures for his family business of Educational Publication House dealing mainly in the Urdu language. Did a 6 months internship at SOS (SOUNDS OF SILENCE), where he was the Corporate Funding Lead and played a major role in setting up SOS 2.0  first Indian chat-based BPO which employees only Hearing Impaired people. CLAP- Catking Leadership Acceleration Program that is the digital marketing course designed by Catking enrolled there to emerge a leader learned and worked on live projects for 4 months which gave him hands-on experience. All these things were done during his CAT examinations.

Why Mica Ahmedabad?

MICA is famously known as the  Mecca for marketing and being so passionate about marketing there was nowhere else this marketing genius would go other than MICA. The things that attracted him the most about MICA was the aura, their curriculum, the way they teach, the respect and love for the Alma-mater in the eyes of Micans. Mican’s call MICA the C-school instead of B-school. What he liked the most was that MICA believed in students' first policy and the fact that they upgrade their curriculum every year and the fact that they don’t follow the herd mentality and break the barriers.

What was his inspiration?

Nothing inspired him more than his own passion that played a major role in his success. There was more motivation than inspiration which was ingrained in him by his mentors Rahul Singh and Anisha Mukhija.

What was his whole journey from MICAT 1 rejection to MICAT 2 spot offer?

This marketing highbrow didn’t get everything easily and being an average student when it came to academics he made sure he highlighted his strengths. Ammaar didn’t want to keep both the ends of the rope loose since he was an average student in academics, he made sure his profile was exceptionally good which he is extremely proud of. Having screwed up all the examinations and also screwing up the only call he got was something that could have shattered anyone but being focused helped him to crack MICAT 2 and he got a spot offer after MICAT 2.

What does he think was the reason for the blunder at MICAT 1?

Ammaar couldn’t pinpoint one thing that went wrong but what definitely went wrong according to him was that he could not portray his ideas and vision clearly and could not make his purpose clear.

What gave him the MICAT 2 spot offer?

MICA Ahmedabad considers both academic performances as well as a candidate's profile. An exceptionally good profile is something that helped him get the spot offer. He is among the very few people who got rejected at MICAT 1 and spot offer at MICAT 2. There are students who were on the waiting list of MICAT 1 and MICAT 2 or waiting list of MICAT 1 but very few people get rejected and then a spot offer.

What are his future plans at Mica Ahmedabad?

Exploring opportunities, sessions at Chhota, the food, and making the most of this experience are something he is looking forward too.

When asked about the freshers' date night at Mica Ahmedabad this is what he had to say

"Looking forward to the freshers night and a bit scared I might not get a date. I think this would be the best platform to explore my marketing skills."

When asked to sum up the whole journey in one line he says-:

"It was a rollercoaster ride and I am glad that I survived. Those three hours when the result of MICAT 2 was declared until I was sure that it was not spam but reality check were not the best hours of my life."

Tips for Mica Ahmedabad aspirants

  • Stay focused
  • Let the mirror be your only competition
  • Consistency is the key
  • Be unique and do not follow the herd mentality


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